Notice codes for all Gazette notices

Many notices that are placed in The Gazette are required by law (statutory), and many others are published because it is deemed to be in the public interest that the information they contain be made available in the public domain. 

As the official public record, The Gazette is often cited in legislation and is considered by the courts and other legal organisations to be the most effective portal to achieve this.

As a researcher, you can use these notice codes to filter your search results if you are looking for a specific type of notice.

As an organisational notice placer, you will need to identify which code applies to your notice when submitting for publication. When registering for a submission account you will be asked to select a business type which dictates which notice codes you are authorised to place. A list of business types an associated notice codes can be found here

Below are all the notice codes relating to different notice types that can be published in The Gazette. Company Law Supplement codes can be found at the end of this list.

State notices

This category type relates to state and parliament notices placed by various Crown and government organisations, such as the Central Chancery and the Prime Minister’s Office. It includes notices such as the King’s New Year and Birthday honours and state proclamations regarding bank holidays.

11 State

1101 Proclamations

1102 Royal family (notice code no longer in service)

1103 Appointments to the royal household (notice code no longer in service)

1104 Loyal addresses

1105 Honours and awards

1106 Privy Council Office

1107 Change of name/and or arms

1108 Crown Office

1109 Duchy of Cornwall or Duchy of Lancaster

1110 Appointment of sheriffs

1111 Deputy lieutenant commissions

1112 Appointment of royal commissions (notice code no longer in service)

1113 Lord chancellor's office (notice code no longer in service)

1114 (Heading as appropriate)

1115 Lord Lieutenants

1116 Home Office

1117 The Scottish Executive

1118 Chancellor of the exchequer

1119 Warrants under the royal sign manual

1120 Order of St John

1121 Immigration and asylum

1122 Knights Bachelor

1123 Order of the Bath

1124 Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

1125 The Royal Victorian Order

1126 Bar to the Royal Victorian Medal

1127 Royal Victorian Medal

1128 Order of the Companions of Honour

1129 Order of the British Empire

1130 British Empire Medal

1131 Royal Red Cross

1132 King's Police Medal

1133 King's Fire Service Medal

1134 King's Ambulance Service Medal

1135 King's Volunteer Reserves Medal

1136 Overseas Territories Police and Fire Service Medal

12 Parliament

1201 UK Parliament

1203 House of Lords

1204 Speaker’s notice

1205 Lord Chancellor’s Office (notice code no longer in service)

1207 House of Commons              

1208 The Scottish Parliament         

1209 Northern Ireland Assembly     

1210 National Assembly for Wales 

1211 Statutory rule (NI)

Other public sector notices

This category type relates to any other notices published by the public sector, but which do not fall into the state or parliament categories. These include awards given by the Prime Minister’s Office, unclaimed estates notices and notices relating to the church and public finance.

13 Ecclesiastical

1301 Church commissioners (notice code no longer in service)     

1302 Marriage acts        

1303 Church of Scotland (notice code no longer in service)

1304 Church use and fabric     

14 Public finance

1401 Treasury                             

1402 National Savings

1403 Bank of England

1404 Banks of issue in Scotland 

1405 Customs & Excise

1406 Bankers (NI) acts

1407 Insolvency Service (notice code no longer in service)

33 Individual awards

3301 Points of Light 

29 Personal legal

2904 Unclaimed estates  

Public notices

This category type relates to notices placed by local authorities such as county, district and borough councils, and government agencies or public bodies. These are usually notices that need to be placed because they are in the public interest or because there is a legislative requirement to do so. These include, but are not limited to, transport and highways notices, planning applications, and notices relating to health, agriculture, environment and infrastructure, including public services.

15 Transport

1501 Road traffic acts

1502 New roads and street works

1503 Highways

1504 London Hackney Carriages

1505 Railways

1506 Transport acts

1507 Ports

1508 Civil aviation

1509 Cycle tracks

1510 Roads (NI) order

16 Planning

1601 Town and country planning

1602 New towns (notice code no longer in service)

1603 Acquisition and disposal of land

1604 Local government and housing (notice code no longer in service)

1605 Commons registration (notice code no longer in service)

1606 Open spaces (notice code no longer in service)

1607 Inner urban areas (notice code no longer in service)

1608 Pipe-lines

1609 Zoo licensing

17 Health

1701 Medicines

1702 Other notices

1703 Coronavirus (Powers relating to potentially infectious persons)

1704 Coronavirus (Powers to issue directions relating to events, gatherings and premises)

1705 Coronavirus (Transportation, storage and disposal of dead bodies etc)

1706 Coronavirus (Emergency volunteer compensation)

1707 Coronavirus (Disapplication/modification of DBS provisions)

1708 Coronavirus (Review of medical certificates of cause of death and cremations: Scotland)

1709 Coronavirus (Information relating to food supply chains: financial penalties)

1710 Coronavirus (Temporary closure of educational institutions and childcare premises)

1711 Coronavirus (Temporary continuity directions etc: education, training and childcare)

1712 Coronavirus (Postponement of elections (Scotland))

1713 Coronavirus (Failure to publish reports on the non-devolved provisions of Coronavirus Act 2020)

1714 Coronavirus (Temporary registration of social workers (Scotland))

1715 Coronavirus (Freedom of Information extensions (Scotland))

1716 Coronavirus (Reporting of statutory duties (Scotland))

1717 Coronavirus (Serious and imminent threat declaration)

18 Environment

1801 Clean air

1802 Control of pollution

1803 Environmental protection

1804 Coast protection

1805 National parks and access to the countryside 

1806 Wildlife and countryside

1807 Harbours

1808 Flood prevention

19 Water

1901 Water resources

1902 Water industry

1903 Land drainage

1904 Natural mineral waters  

20 Agriculture and fisheries

2001 Fisheries

2002 Veterinary medicines

2003 Corn returns (notice code no longer in service)

2004 Animal health

2005 Forestry and plant health

2006 Dairy produce quotas regulations (notice code no longer in service)

21 Energy

2101 Gas

2102 Coal

2103 Electricity 

22  Post and telecommunications

2201 Post Office

2202 Telecommunications

2203 Electronic communications 

Other notices

This category type is for all other notices that do not fall into the state, public sector or public notice sections, or insolvency or personal legal sections. 

These include notices about company regulations and competition, notices from clubs, societies and charities, and any other notices deemed in the public interest to be made available in the public domain. These can also include the publishing of manorial titles.

23 Other notices

2301 Other notices

31 Competition

3101 Competition 

3102 Competition

26 Companies regulation

2600 Companies restored to the register

2601 Pre-emption offers to shareholders

2602 Redemption or purchase of own shares out of capital

2603 Notice of disclaimer

2604 Notices under the Trustee Act 1925

2605 Insurance companies

2606 Employment agencies (notice code no longer in service)

2607 Insolvency practitioner applications

2608 Company director disqualification order

2609 Companies removed from the register

2610 Reduction of capital

2611 Company documents

2612 European Economic Interest Grouping

2613 Meeting of creditors

2614 Petitions to transfer business

2615 Takeover offers

27 Partnerships

2701 Change in the members of a partnership  

2702 Dissolution of partnership

2703 Statement by general partner

28 Societies regulation

2801 Friendly societies

2802 Industrial and provident Societies

2803 Building societies

2804 Co-operative and community benefit societies

Insolvency notices

This category type deals exclusively with insolvency notices, both corporate and personal.Many of the notices regarding insolvency are statutory and therefore have legislation underpinning publication in The Gazette. As a researcher, you can also discover more about the insolvency process here.

24 Corporate insolvency


2401 Moratorium – coming into force

2402 Moratorium – coming to an end

2403 Re-use of a prohibited name

2404 Cross-border insolvencies

2405 Overseas territories and dependencies

2406 Notice of intended dividend      

2407 Notice of dividend

2408 Other corporate insolvency notices

2409 Qualifying decision procedure


2410 Appointment of administrators

2411 Administration orders

2412 Meetings of creditors

2413 Notices to members

2414  Deemed consent (administration)


2421 Appointment of administrative receivers

2422 Meetings of creditors

2423 Appointment of receivers

2424 Deemed consent (administrative receivership)

Members' voluntary winding up

2431 Resolution for winding up

2432 Appointment of liquidators

2433 Notices to creditors

2434 Annual liquidation meetings

2435 Final meetings (underlying legislation repealed for England and Wales in 2017, and Scotland in 2019)

Creditors' voluntary winding up 

2441 Resolution for winding up

2442 Meetings of creditors

2443 Appointment of liquidators

2444 Annual liquidation meetings

2445 Final meetings (underlying legislation repealed for England and Wales in 2017, and Scotland in 2019)

2446 Notice to creditors

2447 Deemed consent (CVL)

245 Winding up by the court

2450 Petitions to wind up (Companies)

2461 Dismissal of winding up petition

2451 Petitions to wind up (partnerships)

2452 Winding up order (companies)

2453 Winding up order (partnerships)

2454 Appointment of liquidators

2455 Meetings of creditors

2456 Notice of intended dividend

2457 Notice of dividend

2458 Final meetings (underlying legislation repealed for England and Wales in 2017, and Scotland in 2019)

2459 Release of liquidator

2460 Notice to creditors

2462 Service of petition

2463 Annual meeting

2464 Public examinations

2465 Deemed consent (winding up by the court)

25 Personal insolvency

2501 Statutory demands

2502 Substituted service of petition

2503 Bankruptcy orders

2504 Bankruptcy orders (partnerships)

2505 Administration orders

2506 Amendment of title of proceedings

2526 Meeting of creditors

2507 Appointment of trustees

2508 Notices to creditors

2509 Notice of intended dividend

2510 Notice of dividend

2511 Final meetings (underlying legislation repealed for England and Wales in 2017, and Scotland in 2019)

2512 Annulment of proceedings

2513 Applications for discharge

2514 Release of trustees

2515 Discharge orders

2516 Orders annulling, revoking, or rescinding orders

2520 Deemed consent (bankruptcy)

2517 Sequestration (Scottish bankruptcy)

2525 Section 5(2B)(c) sequestrations (underlying legislation repealed in 2014) (notice code no longer in service)

2524 Recall of sequestration

2518 Trust deeds

2519 Satisfaction of trust deed (notice code no longer in service)

2527 Public examinations

2528 Qualifying decision procedure

Personal legal

This category type relates to notices that individuals or legal professionals may need to make available on the public domain. These include the publishing of deceased estates notices and changes of name.

29 Personal legal

2901 Changes of name

2902 Next of kin

2903 Deceased estates

Deceased estates notices can be placed online at any time by visiting our place a notice page, whether you are registered as an organisation or individual notice placer.

For further information on publishing notices in The Gazette, and the notice codes available, contact us and our customer services team will be happy to help you.

Company Law notice codes

The Company Law Supplement is published every Tuesday in all three editions of The Gazette, and details information notified to, or by, the Registrar of Companies. 

Organisation or individual notice placers cannot place notices against these codes, and are listed here for the purposes of research information only. Below is an explanation of Companies House codes which appear within the weekly published Company Law Supplement. 

A1 Certificates of incorporation - new companies

A2 Certificates of Incorporation - change of name

A3 Certificates of Incorporation - re-registration

B1 The company's memorandum and articles

B2 Any amendment to company's articles (including every resolution or agreement required to be embodied In or annexed to copies of the company's articles issued by the company)

B3 After any amendment of the company's articles, the text of the articles as amended

B4 Any notice of a change of company name

C1 The statement of proposed officers required on formation of the company

C2 Notification of any change among the company's directors

C3 Notification of any change in the particulars of directors required to be delivered to the Registrar

D1 All documents required to be delivered to the Registrar under Section 441 (annual accounts and reports)

D2 The company's annual return

D3 All documents delivered to the Registrar under sections 394A(2)(E), 448A(2)(E) And 479A(2)(E) (qualifying  subsidiary companies: conditions for exemption from the preparation, filing and audit of accounts)

D4 The Company’s Confirmation Statement

E1 Notification of any change of the company's registered office

F1 Copy of any winding up order in respect of the company

F2 Notice of the appointment of liquidators 

F3 Order for the dissolution of a company on a winding up

F4 Return by liquidator of the final meeting of a company on a winding up

G1 Any statement of capital and initial shareholdings

G2 Any return of allotment and the statement of capital accompanying It

G3 Copy of any resolution under section 570 or 571 (dis-application of pre-emption rights)

G4 Copy of any report under section 593 or 599 as to the value of a non-cash asset 

G5 Statement of capital accompanying notice given under section 625 (notice by company of redenomination of shares)

G6 Statement of capital accompanying notice given under section 627 (notice by company of reduction of capital in connection with redenomination of shares)

G7 Notice delivered under section 636 (notice of new name of class of shares) or 637 (notice of variation of rights attached to shares)

G8 Statement of capital accompanying order delivered under section 649 (order of court confirming reduction of capital)

G9 Notification (under section 689) of the redemption of shares and the statement of capital accompanying it

G10 Statement of capital accompanying return delivered under section 708 (notice of cancellation of shares on purchase of own shares) or 730 (notice of cancellation of shares held as treasury shares)

G11 Any statement of compliance delivered under section 762 (statement that company meets conditions for issue of trading certificate)

H1 Copy of any draft of the terms of a scheme required to be delivered to the Registrar under section 906 or 921

H2 Copy of any order under section 899 or 900 in respect of a compromise or arrangement to which part 27 (mergers and divisions of public companies) applies

J1 The Last Statement Of Capital Relating To The Company Received By The Registrar Under Any Provision Of The Companies Acts

K1 Any return delivered under regulation 4 (duty to register particulars), regulation 12 (duty to register alterations) and regulation 14 (statement as to certified copy of company's constitution)

K2 Any document delivered under regulation 8, 12 or 14

K3 Any documents delivered under part 4 (delivery of accounts and reports by companies that are not relevant credit or financial institutions) or any documents delivered under part 5 (delivery of accounts  and reports by relevant credit or financial institutions)

K4 Any return delivered under regulation 56 (particulars to be delivered to the registrar on a winding up)

K5 Any notice under regulation 75 (duty to give notice of closure of UK establishment)

L1 Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 1031 of the Companies Act 2006, that the companies listed hereunder have been restored by court order to the register of companies

L2 Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 1027 of the Companies Act 2006, that the companies listed hereunder have been administratively restored to the register of companies