Privy Council Office (1106)

What is this notice?

  • For matters pertaining to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, being unique civil corporations under the law, about their internal governance, which needs approval from the monarch.
  • Notice of an order restraining the opening of new burial grounds, and order discontinuance of burials in specified places. 
  • For companies/learned societies to petition the monarch to grant them Royal Chartered status.
  • Notices of nominations and appointments of high sheriffs (rather than elections, which differentiates it from code 1110).
  • Specifies the publishing of all royal proclamations: writs of summons and dissolution; commissions of the peace; letters patent and royal assents (various scenarios).
  • If the governing bodies of the following schools - Brighton College; Charterhouse; Eton College; Harrow School; Rugby School; Shrewsbury School; Westminster School and Winchester College - make any amendments to the statutes binding these particular schools, then they must advertise in The London Gazette so that the statutory period of two months can be given to allow time for any person or body corporate authorised by the said Act to petition Her Majesty in Council to withhold Her approval from the whole or any part of the said statute.

What legislation does it relate to?

  • Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923 (Sch., S.45)
  • Burial Act 1853 (S.1)
  • Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1993 (Sch. II, Pt. II, S.11)
  • Sheriffs Act 1887 (S.6 (2))
  • The Crown Office (Forms and Proclamations Rules) Order 1992 (Art. 3)
  • Public Schools Act 1868 (S.9) 

Who places this notice?

  • Privy Council
  • The parties applying (companies seeking chartered status)

Where can I find these notices on The Gazette website?

Notice code 1106

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