Data service request

The Gazette has a selection of data sets available as a subscription or as a one-off service.

Once you’ve received the verified data, you can ingest the information into your own system and use the data to its best effect.

To request a data service, complete the fields below.

For bespoke or historical data, contact us direct on 01603 985949 or email

Find out more about the Gazette data service.

Step 1: Choose the data

You can select multiple categories by holding down the Ctrl key and making a series of selections.

You can tell us which notices you are interested in by telling us the notice codes. Each notice type published in The Gazette has a unique code, for example 2450. Notice codes are published on each notice page under 'Notice details'

You can tell us you are interested in more than one notice code by using a semicolon, for example: '2540; 2451; 2442'

Step 2: Select the frequency
Select the frequency
Step 3: Select the format and delivery
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Step 4: Additional requirements or questions
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