The Gazette’s Data Service

Access to accurate and reliable data is vital to the stability and success of your business.

The Gazette’s Data Service provides timely official company, insolvency and deceased estates information to aid data driven decision-making. As the UK’s official public record, our authorised data can help your business with:

KYC / Due Diligence

Check and verify the status of suppliers, customers and affiliates at the point of onboarding and throughout working relationships.

  • Support financial crime compliance (FCC), anti-moneylaundering (AML) checks, counter terrorist financing (CTF) screening, and anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC) checks
  • Use our striking off and company insolvency data sets to search for the earliest indicator of business distress
  • Receive personal insolvency information to inform responsible lending decisions
  • Strengthen your organisation’s FCC and AML products with deceased estates data

Risk Management

Manage financial risk and make better decisions on capital investment associated with your suppliers and customers by using our official data.

  • Provide assurance and aid risk management/assessment with corporate and personal insolvency data
  • Monitor market trends and support credit, investment and fraud checks
  • Vital early access to company strike off information

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure regulatory requirements are met by robust monitoring of suppliers, customers and affiliates.

  • Support financial crime compliance (FCC), anti-moneylaundering (AML) checks, counter terrorist financing (CTF) checks, and anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC) checks
  • Make active account management easier by using company insolvency and striking off data to identify and flag any business customers in financial difficulty
  • Receive bankruptcy, protected trust deed and sequestration information to inform responsible lending decisions
  • Provide compliance assurance for audits with appointment of liquidator/administrator data

Business Development

Explore business opportunities and facilitate lead generation with official data.

  • Identify distressed businesses for potential mergers and loans with winding up petitions and appointments of insolvency practitioner (IP) data sets
  • Find distressed and deceased assets for potential asset acquisitions with deceased estates notice and corporate insolvency data
  • Receive timely information about company incorporations with Gazette company law supplement data

Business Intelligence and Strategy

Enhance decision making by identifying market trends and utilising business and historic data sets.

  • Use corporate insolvency data to monitor competitors, market movements and identify opportunities
  • Search personal insolvency information to mitigate risk and support lead generation
  • Search for company incorporation information with Gazette company law data
  • Utilise deceased estates to manage suppression lists, marketing ancillary services to executors and chasing debts from the estate

Our clients include leading banks and financial institutions, fintech companies, government departments, credit reference agencies, large corporations and SMEs, accountancy firms, lawyers, and many more.

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