Using the website

Features of The Gazette website include:

  • enhanced search functions
  • save notices feature
  • save search criteria
  • notice display, making it easier to read key notice information
  • mobile website
  • location searching and map displays
  • market-specific editions, including insolvency and wills and probate editions
  • bespoke editions which allow you to save notices of interest and create your own edition
  • ability to access and download complete editions of The Gazette in PDF format
  • longitudinal datasets and access to Gazette data in multiple different data formats supporting reuse

What's changed?

We have refreshed the brand and brought each Gazette edition (London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes) under one overarching brand, ‘The Gazette’. So you can search and access information from across each of the editions via one website. You can still place notices in the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazette, and you can filter your search results by geographical edition.

We have migrated all notices, going all the way back to our very first edition in November 1665, so you can access them online.

Searching made easier

We have improved our search function and changed the way notices are grouped in The Gazette so you can find the information you are looking for. We haven’t changed the notice codes, or notice titles, just the categories they sit within.

With our enhanced function, you can search The Gazette in a number of ways:

  • by name
  • by free text
  • by postcode or place
  • by date, or date range
  • by notice type
  • by edition

You can also prioritise your search results by the most recent or oldest, and save your searches and criteria to your personalised ‘MyGazette’ account. You can also generate an RSS feed from your search criteria.

Using the free text search box, you can create specific searches by using commonly used connectors, such as “OR”, “AND” or “NOT”.

You can find further information and guidance by reading our guide to searching, or by watching our video on searching The Gazette,

The Gazette is free to search

You don’t have to register to use The Gazette website; it is free to access and use.

However, if you would like to save your searches, specific notices, or create bespoke editions, you will need to register. It is free to register with The Gazette and we will keep you up to date with changes and new features. 

How do I place a notice in The Gazette?

See our guide to placing a notice

Are there any new features for notice placers?

Yes. We have created new and improved submission routes, including new webforms, XML and Excel template submission. You will also be able to save notices during production and view your pending notices. In addition, we have also added a new provenance trail that is published alongside notices to show you how your notice has been handled during the submission process.

All notices in The Gazette have a digital signature, providing assurances about the validity and authenticity of these digital records. Find out more about digital signatures.

See our latest publishing and deadlines dates for submission during bank holidays.

Is the information in The Gazette available in other formats?

You can access Gazette data in a wider range of formats, including longitudinal datasets.