About The Gazette company profiles

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The Gazette publishes online profiles of every UK business registered with Companies House.

Each company has its own profile page showing Gazette notices and information from Companies House, providing a complete and unbiased picture on an official platform.

You’ll find information such as when a company was incorporated, director names, the nature of the business, previous company names, a timeline of activity and filings with Companies House.

You can search for a company by name, company number, location, SIC code or date of incorporation. Gazette company profiles can also be used to conduct due diligence checks, competitor analysis and review market trends.

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Customise your company profile

Having registered, you can begin to customise your company profile to:

  • demonstrate corporate compliance
  • create a unique URL for bids, tenders and work quotations
  • demonstrate legitimacy as a business to current and prospective customers
  • help you to stand out from competitors

 Customise your profile with:

  • website URL
  • logo
  • social media links
  • phone number
  • an introduction to your company

 As part of the customisation package, you can download The Gazette digital badge to add to your website and email communications, with a link back to your profile.

Membership options

  • Annual membership: £175 + VAT
  • 30-day rolling membership: £19.99 + VAT

Just find your company via the search and then register. Once your registration has been approved, you can customise your profile.

For more information you can email or call customer services on +44 (0)1603 696981.

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