Place a coronavirus notice

The Gazette can accept all notices, directions and declarations, including revocations, that are required to be published under the following legislation:

What coronavirus notices can I place?

The following notice codes have been created for this purpose:

  • Coronavirus (Powers relating to potentially infectious persons) (notice 1703)
  • Coronavirus (Powers to issue directions relating to events, gatherings and premises) (notice 1704)
  • Coronavirus (Transportation, storage and disposal of dead bodies etc) (notice 1705)
  • Coronavirus (Emergency volunteer compensation) (notice 1706)
  • Coronavirus (Disapplication/modification of DBS provisions) (notice 1707)
  • Coronavirus (Review of medical certificates of cause of death and cremations: Scotland) (notice 1708)
  • Coronavirus (Information relating to food supply chains: financial penalties) (notice 1709)
  • Coronavirus (Temporary closure of educational institutions and childcare premises) (notice 1710)
  • Coronavirus (Temporary continuity directions etc: education, training and childcare) (notice 1711)
  • Coronavirus (Postponement of elections (Scotland)) (notice 1712)
  • Coronavirus (Failure to publish reports on the non-devolved provisions of Coronavirus Act 2020) (notice 1713)
  • Coronavirus (Temporary registration of social workers (Scotland)) (notice 1714)
  • Coronavirus (Freedom of Information extensions (Scotland)) (notice 1715)
  • Coronavirus (Reporting of statutory duties (Scotland)) (notice 1716)
  • Coronavirus (Serious and imminent threat declaration) (notice 1717)

How do I place other coronavirus notices?

Other coronavirus notices can be placed in The Gazette, please contact us.

How to publish coronavirus notices in The Gazette

The process for placing notices in The Gazette is quick and easy, with a special service in place to support authorities placing coronavirus related notices. Simply send the text you want published to the relevant Gazette email address (see below) and we will typeset the information for you to an agreed format. Please send your text to:

London Gazette (for England and Wales)

Edinburgh Gazette (for Scotland)

Belfast Gazette (for Northern Ireland)

Please ensure your notice text contains all applicable information, for example:

  • Date of direction
  • Date and time of commencement
  • Date and time of signature
  • Name of signatory
  • Title of signatory

Please put ‘Coronavirus notice - GAZCV’ into the subject of the email, so that we are alerted to the fact your notice relates to coronavirus. If you need your notice to be published on a specific day, you can specify this in your email, otherwise we will publish online as soon as possible.

Standard timescales for notice placement

  • The London Gazette: notices that are submitted by email should be received before 11:30am, at least two working days ahead of publication.
  • The Edinburgh Gazette: notices that are submitted by email should be received before 9:30am the working day ahead of publication.
  • The Belfast Gazette: notices that are submitted by email should be received before 3pm the working day ahead of publication.

Publishing and copy deadline dates may change during bank holidays. For a full list of amended dates for the current UK bank holidays, please see bank holiday publishing and copy deadline dates.

Publication of a notice

When a notice is published in The Gazette, it will be published on, and this is the official version. Hard copy printed and PDF editions are available:

  • The London Gazette is produced each working day, and will contain notices published online the day before.
  • The Edinburgh Gazette every Monday and Wednesday, and will contain notices published online in the preceding days.
  • The Belfast Gazette every Monday, which will contain all notices published online in the preceding week.

If you need any help, or if you have any questions, you can contact us by emailing, or by calling +44 (0)333 200 2434. You can also use our Live Chat facility.

Submission of a notice will be taken as acceptance of our terms and conditions.