What supplements are published in The Gazette?

How is The Gazette published?

The Gazette contains official public record information in the form of notices which are published by authorised notice placers. Many of the notices placed in The Gazette are required by law, but some are published because it is deemed to be in the public’s interest that the information is in the public domain.

There are over 450 different types of notice that are advertised in The Gazette. When a notice is published in The Gazette, whether it relates to the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazette, it will be published on www.thegazette.co.uk, and this is the official version.

However, hard copy printed editions and pdf editions are also available:

  • The London Gazette is produced each working day and will contain notices published online the day before.
  • The Edinburgh Gazette is produced every Monday and Wednesday and will contain notices published online in the preceding days.
  • The Belfast Gazette is produced every Monday which will contain all notices published online in the preceding week.

Find out more about placing notices in The Gazette here.

What is a Gazette supplement?

A Gazette supplement gathers certain notices placed in The Gazette and publishes them all together in one special edition.

The first supplement to The Gazette was published on 13 March 1743 (Gazette issue 8309) and was a reproduction of Colonel Paterson’s letter to Mr Villettes detailing what happened to the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet during the War of the Austrian Succession.

Since then, Gazette supplements were produced more frequently. However, during World War 1 the format of military supplements changed; as so many men were being gazetted, there was a need for extra supplements to be produced. This meant, from June 1916 onwards, instead of there simply being a “Supplement to the London Gazette”, there were numerous supplements being attached to a single issue, numbered “First Supplement to the London Gazette”, “Second Supplement to the London Gazette”, etc. During World War 1 and World War 2, there could be as many as 10 supplements attached to an issue, and in the Cold War period, there could be as many as 16 supplements to a single edition produced.

What supplements are published in The Gazette today?

Today The Gazette produces the following supplements:



Ministry of Defence



Company Law Supplement

(London, Edinburgh and Belfast)



King's Awards for Enterprise



King's Awards for Voluntary Service



Honours and Awards – Operational Lists


March and November

Imperial Service Medal


Polar Medal


New Year’s Honours - UK and Commonwealth



Birthday Honours - UK and Commonwealth



Extraordinary – royal births, royal deaths etc

As required

Victoria Cross

As required

George Cross

As required

Dissolution Honours

As required

Prime Minister's Resignation Honours

As required

Order of Wear

As required

Civilian Gallantry List

As required

List of Statutory Publications


Annual List of Statutory Publications


Where can you find supplements in The Gazette?

  • Recent supplements of The Gazette, as well as London, Edinburgh and Belfast editions, can be found in the Publications section of The Gazette website. On the London Gazette, Edinburgh Gazette and Belfast Gazette dropdowns, supplements will be listed with the word ‘Supp’ preceding (see below). You can also see a list of certain supplements using the links in the table above.

Gazette Supplements Publications

  • Historic supplements can be found by searching All Notices and you can also find supplements through individual notice pages by clicking on the ‘Download PDF of this issue’ under the ‘Actions’ menu (see below).

Supplements Download PDF