Qualifying Decision Procedure

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In the High Court Birmingham (The Business and Property Courts)

Court Number: CASE NO. 2020-BHM-000354


Company Number: ( 03949975)

Registered office: C/O Rendle & Co, No 9 Hockley Court, Hockley Heath, Solihull, B94 6NW

Principal trading address: Barric Lane, Occold, Eye, IP23 7PX



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Administrator to the creditors of Plinth 2000 Limited that a decision procedure will be held by correspondence in accordance with Rules 15.3 and 15.13 of The Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 (as amended) and Paragraph 98 schedule B1 of the Insolvency Act 1986 (as amended).

The purpose of the decision procedure is to consider the following resolutions:

1. The Administrator be granted his discharge from liability with effect from 14 days after the date specified pursuant to Paragraph 83(6)(a).

2. For the appointment of a Committee if the creditors so wish and sufficient nominations for membership of the Committee are received.

The decision date has been set for:

Date: 18 May 2021 – The Decision Date

Time: 23:59

Venue: The decision will be hosted at the offices of Rendle & Co


In order to be entitled to vote, a creditor, including those whose debts are less than £1,000, must lodge a statement of claim in writing on or before the Decision Date, failing which the vote will be disregarded. Secured creditors (unless they surrender their security) must also give particulars of their security, the date on which it was granted and its estimated value if they wish to vote.

Nominations for the appointment of a Committee member must be delivered to the Convenor by the date specified for the lodgement of votes in the notice and can only be accepted if the Convenor is satisfied as to the nominee’s eligibility under Rule 17.4.

Creditors who have opted out of receiving information may vote by submitting a claim form in writing and a voting form on or before the Decision Date.

All claims and voting forms must be delivered to Rendle & Co, No 9 Hockley Court, Hockley Heath, Solihull, B94 6NW on or before the Decision Date.

Creditors may require a physical meeting to be convened to consider these Decisions provided that the request is made before the Decision Date and within 5 business days of the deemed delivery of this notice by delivering an authenticated and dated Notice of the objection to the Convener C/o Rendle & Co at the address provided below.

The threshold for a request to the use of this procedure and for the convening of a physical meeting is 10% of creditors by value, or 10% by number or 10 creditors. Creditors means all creditors.

If sufficient requests for a physical meeting are received the decision procedure will not be held and no decisions taken. The Convener will then write to creditors to give Notice of a physical meeting to enable creditors to consider these decisions.

Creditors also have the right to appeal the decision(s) made by the resolution(s) by applying to Court under Rule 15.35 of the Rules within 21 days of the Decision Date.

Contact details: Richard Paul Rendle(IP No. 5766) who was appointed as Administrator on 15 June 2020. You may also contact Joe Bentley (joe.bentley@rprendle.com) at Rendle & Co, No 9 Hockley Court, Hockley Heath, Solihull, B94 6NW or email info@rprendle.com. Telephone number: 01564 783777.

Dated: 23 April 2021

R P Rendle, Administrator (P98 NZKGQZ)