Meetings of Creditors

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(Company Number 09508867)

Registered office: 18-22 Stoney Lane, Yardley, Birmingham, B25 8YP

Principal trading address: 72 Alfred Street, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B12 8JP

Notice is hereby given that a Virtual meeting of La Favorita Birmingham Ltd's creditors has been summoned by the Liquidator nominated by the Company. The meeting will be held on 17 January 2018 at 10.30 am.

The purpose of the virtual meeting is to: Seek agreement from the creditors of the appointment of the members Liquidator; Invite creditors to appoint a creditors' committee and if no committee is appointed; To consider a resolution fixing the basis of the Liquidator's remuneration and authorising payment of Category 2 disbursements to be charged in accordance with the firm's policy; The attendees of the virtual meeting may also receive information about, and be called upon to approve, the costs of preparing the Statement of Affairs and convening the meeting.

A completed proxy form must be lodged with the Liquidator nominated by the Company (together with a completed proof of debt form if a creditor has not already lodged one) no later than 4pm on 16 January 2018 to entitle a creditor to vote by proxy at the meeting.

Matthew Thomas Colbourne Frayne of Fraser Frayne Insolvency Practitioners Ltd, Old Canal Cottage, Dunkerton, Bath, NE Somerset, BA2 8BS, being a person qualified to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in relation to the Company, will furnish creditors, free of charge, such information concerning the Company's affairs as they may reasonably require during the period prior to 17 January 2018.

Name and address of nominated Liquidator: Matthew Thomas Colbourne Frayne (IP No. 9158) of Fraser Frayne Insolvency Practitioners Ltd, Old Canal Cottage, Dunkerton, Bath, Somerset, BA2 8BS

Further details contact: Fraser Frayne-Watt, Tel: 01761 437754, Email:

Matthew Thomas Colbourne Frayne, Nominated Liquidator

5 January 2018

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