Free will registration in May

will and testament and penIn May, law firms will be able to register will banks for free.

Certainty the National Will Register holds over 8 million wills, and has more than 5,500 solicitors on board – and in May, they're making registration of archived wills written and dated prior to 1 May 2019 free of charge. 

Registering wills protects against incorrect distribution of an estate, and the issues that surround an unknown will coming to light. It also guards against the potential loss of probate work, due to the will and the law firm that wrote and stored it being unknown to executors and beneficiaries.

In 45 per cent of the searches carried out directly by members of the public (as opposed to through their solicitor), a will was found through a search.

Reasons to search and to safeguard the position of executor include:

  • to prove that there is no will
  • to find a possible or known-of later will
  • to find a will that is known to exist but who drafted it, and its location, is unknown

When someone writes a will, they understand the importance of documenting their wishes and protecting their assets for their beneficiaries. Registering wills ensures that in the future, executors and beneficiaries can find the will, and the law firm that writes and stores the original can make contact with them.

To register a will bank, and to find out more, visit the website.

Image: Getty Images