Will searches in Scotland and Northern Ireland

As well as searching for wills in England and Wales, you can now search law firms and will writers to see if a will exists in Scotland and Northern Ireland via Certainty the National Will Register.

You may be distributing an estate where the deceased lived in England or Wales, but had family roots, or had lived or worked during their lifetime in Scotland or Northern Ireland. You may therefore feel it’s important to establish if an unknown will or a later will exists in these areas.

To search locations in Scotland and Northern Ireland, a combined will search performs the following:

  • Checks the will register (7.7 million wills records).
  • Issues a will search notification in geographically targeted areas for wills that have not been registered (issued to law firms, both members of the will register and non-members) and will writers (IPW, ISPW, SWW, SSWW members) in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.
  • Issues a will search report that can be placed on file to demonstrate that adequate steps have been taken to prove the last will or that a will did not exist

The combined search is an allowable disbursement from the estate.

Find out more at Certainty the National Will Register.