Deceased estates newspaper notice placement online

Newspaper pileThe Gazette now offers a complete deceased estates notice placement service, so you can place a notice in both a local newspaper and online in The Gazette in one easy step.

This service has been developed as a result of feedback from probate professionals, who expressed an interest in placing notices in both a local newspaper and The Gazette simultaneously. However, it is a useful service for anyone managing a deceased’s estate.

To place a notice in a local newspaper as part of your Gazette deceased estates notice submission, simply register or log in to your Gazette account and complete the online notice placement form.

Then, all you need to do is tick the box at the bottom of the page and select the area in which you wish to place your newspaper notice, or select ‘Yes’ on the newspaper placement column within the Excel template, if submitting by this method. Please note that the newspaper notice will publish in the next available edition, following the publication of your notice in The Gazette. This will result in a later claims date within the newspaper notice.

For online deceased estates notices, if you want your address to remain private, The Gazette also offers a forwarding service which replaces your address (which would otherwise be publicly and permanently available on the notice) with The Gazette's postal box, so we can forward all correspondence to you while your address stays private.

The fee to place a notice in a local newspaper via The Gazette will be added to the price of your Gazette notice at the checkout (see the price list).

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