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Removal from the roll

Since 1985 the Solicitors Act has required non-practising solicitors to confirm annually to the Law Society that they wish to keep their names on the roll (annual enrolment of solicitors.) Earlier this year all solicitors without a current practising certificate and who had been admitted for more than 12 months were sent a form enquiring whether or not they wished to remain on the roll. A reminder letter was sent explaining that the Society could take steps to remove a solicitor’s name from the roll if a reply had not been received by 6th July 1998. On 29th July 1998, in accordance with the Solicitors (Keeping of the Roll) Regulations 1989 (as amended), the Society gave 21 days notice of its intention to remove from the roll the names of those solicitors listed in its Gazette on 29th July and 12th August unless a form and fee had been received by 14th September. On 17th September the following solicitors’ names were removed from the roll:

Admitted Name and Address
01/11/95 Miss Yasmine Abed, London N.W.1
02/12/91 Miss Fiona Anne Abraham, Peterborough,   Cambridgeshire.
15/10/77 Mrs. Judith Veronica Acland, Kendal, Cumbria
01/05/86 Mrs. Deborah Jane Adams, Harland & Wolff   Holdings plc, Belfast, County Antrim.
01/11/60 Mr. Martin MacRitchie Adams, Northampton
15/11/94 Ms. Susan Carol Adams, London E.1
17/04/90 Mr. Emmanuel Tetteh Addy, London N.W.1
14/06/60 Mr. Joseph Kwesi Agyemang, Agyemang &   Associates, Accra, Ghana.
04/01/93 Mr. Mark Roy Ainsworth, London S.E.13
15/04/89 Mr. Ebrahim Mahomed Ali, Solicitors’ Office,   London WC2R.
17/01/94 Miss Kay Janice Allcock, Worcester
02/07/90 Mrs. Pushpa Ranjanie Amaratunga, Dissanayake   Amaratunga Assoc., Colombo, Sri Lanka.
12/10/25 Miss Anna Lloyd, Amphlett Lissimore, London   S.E.19.
11/01/65 Mr. Roger John Anders, Buxton, Derbyshire
01/04/77 Mr. Patrick Gordon Anderson, Frinton-on-Sea,   Essex.
01/12/95 Miss Lindsay Arpino, Bolton, Lancashire
01/03/96 Mr. Christophe Asselineau, Paris, France
03/08/43 Mr. Thomas Eric Atkinson, Mosman, Australia
16/10/95 Mr. David John Atkinson, Harrogate, North   Yorkshire.
02/10/95 Mr. Hang Cheong Au Yeung, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
01/11/94 Mrs. Michelle Emma Austin, Ware, Hertfordshire
15/10/91 Mrs. Olufemi Babayemi, London S.E.22
15/10/93 Ms. Sarah Jane Bailey, London E.11
16/10/95 Ms. Kirsty Louise Baker, Beaconsfield,   Buckinghamshire.
02/07/51 Mr. John Valentine Balfour, West Malling, Kent
01/04/80 Mr. Kevin Edward Ball, Hong Kong Government,   Central, Hong Kong.
15/11/93 Mrs. Gail Sophia Bancroft, Bradford-on-Avon,   Wiltshire.
17/12/90 Ms. Julie Rosemary Banks, Peterborough,   Cambridgeshire.
01/03/57 Mr. Stuart Garston Barber, Leisuresports   Consultancy, Sandwich, Kent.
01/11/94 Mrs. Nicole Christina Barker, Scunthorpe, South   Humberside.
01/07/77 Mr. John Andrew Barkus Barkus, Pearson Family   Lawyers, Sydney, Australia.
01/10/52 Mr. Roy Oxspring Barlow, Sheffield, South   Yorkshire.
01/04/77 Miss Leonora Barnes, Leatherhead, Surrey
15/10/93 Mr. David Joel Barry Barnett, Edgware, Middlesex
15/03/91 Miss Fenella Jane Barton, Wells, Somerset
16/01/84 Mr. Nicholas John Harden Bashall, Cala Mayor,   Mallorca, Spain.
01/07/65 Mr. David Baume, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
01/02/96 Mr. James Ross Baxter, Amersham,   Buckinghamshire.
15/06/79 Miss Angela Mary Beck, Twickenham, Middlesex
01/10/92 Miss Maj Bedey, Ramsey, Isle of Man
01/02/96 Miss Louise Jane Bell, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
01/12/94 Miss Elaine Anne Bembridge, Birmingham, West   Midlands.
01/07/76 Mrs. Ruth Jane Berger, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
01/02/66 Mr. Stephen Allen Berry, Lloyd Harper, Bristol
03/10/94 Mr. Nicholas Sutton Bess, Exeter, Devon
01/03/57 Mr. William Donald Bewsher, Keswick, Cumbria
01/11/93 Miss Claire Elizabeth Binns, Legal Opportunities,   London.
16/10/95 Miss Gillian Margaret Bird, Liverpool, Merseyside
17/12/90 Mrs. Ann Bissell, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
15/01/83 Miss Gabriel Anne Black, Lord Chancellor’s   Department, London WC2A.
01/02/82 Mr. Geoffrey Sinclair Blakey, Nottingham
01/11/79 Ms. Mary Sheila Blaxall, Chelmsford, Essex
11/01/39 Mr. Richard Walter Blott, Bristol
15/12/73 Mr. Paul Anthony Bond, Bangkok, Thailand
15/12/94 Mr. R.W. Bool, London W.6
18/10/29 Mr. Arthur Leslie Bostock, Damant Bostock Inc.,   Gauteng, South Africa.
15/11/95 Mr. Julian Owen Bostridge, London S.E.22
29/07/60 Mr. Timothy Boulton, London S.W.1
16/02/87 Mrs. Angela Mary Bowen, Sutton Coldfield, West   Midlands.
03/06/91 Mr. William John Bowen, Bristol
15/10/90 Miss Angela Penelope Bowens, Newcastle, NSW,   Australia.
02/07/56 Mr. William Bowey, Chichester, West Sussex
01/06/65 Mr. John Groves Bradley, Woolacombe, Devon
15/06/79 Mr. Nicholas James Braham, Citco Nederland B.V.,   Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
15/05/86 Mr. Gerard Thomas Breen, Abbot Tout, Sydney,   Australia.
15/04/75 Mr. Jonathan Brett, New York, New York, U.S.A.
01/07/76 Mrs. Heather Mary Brindley, Loughborough,   Leicestershire.
01/11/85 Miss Mary Elisabeth Briscoe, Stevenage,   Hertfordshire.
15/11/90 Miss Catherine Jane Broadbent, Manchester
17/08/92 Mr. Christopher Joseph Arthur Brogden, London   S.W.2.
01/05/68 Miss Della Margaret Brokenbrow, Bideford, Devon
01/11/95 Mr. Kevin Anthony Brooks, Barnet, Hertfordshire
15/06/78 Mr. Richard James Chilton Brooks, Melbourne,   Australia.
16/10/95 Ms. Samantha Clare Brooks, London W.6.
15/08/95 Mrs. Philippa Jane Broom, Wellington, New Zealand
02/03/92 Ms. Anne Maree Broomfield, London E.15.
01/02/92 Mr. David Archibald Hamilton Brown, Ottawa,   Ontario, Canada.
01/11/84 Mrs. Denise Brown, Kirkbie Kendal School, Kendal,   Cumbria.
01/03/52 Mr. George Thomas Brown, Cambridge
23/05/67 Mr. Michael Edward Brown, The Official Receivers   Office, Central, Hong Kong.
01/10/65 Mr. Nigel Sime Brown, Romsey, Hampshire
15/11/94 Mr. Michael James Brownbill, Sale, Cheshire
01/08/95 Mr. James Flannan Browne, London S.W.5
30/07/48 Mr. Thomas Gordon Buckeridge, London, S.W.7
01/12/95 Mr. Uri Dmitrievich Bugaichuk, London S.E.16
16/10/95 Miss Jane Bulmer, Department of the Environment,   London SW1P.
01/11/94 Ms. Anna Marie Bunn, Birmingham, West Midlands
03/01/95 Miss Wai Ching But, Central, Hong Kong
02/12/63 Mr. Thomas Michael Butterworth, Rochdale,   Lancashire.
16/05/83 Mr. Stephen Michael Xavier Caines Solihull, West   Midlands.
16/10/95 Mr. Jason Charles Cale, London N.W.6
16/10/95 Ms. Adele Callaghan, Leeds, West Yorkshire
15/10/88 Mr. Richard George Warburton Campbell,   Camberley, Surrey.
01/05/96 Mr. Timothy Gordon Campbell, Wickford, Essex
01/11/93 Miss Jayne Elizabeth Cantle, Chepstow, Gwent
01/11/94 Mr. Mark Gorvin Capon, Southampton, Hampshire
01/11/90 Miss Miranda Jane Carr, Guildford, Surrey
01/12/78 Mrs. Elizabeth Audrey Carrick, Richmond, North   Yorkshire.
15/03/96 Mrs. Claire Elizabeth Carroll, Sheffield, South   Yorkshire.
01/07/86 Mrs. Angela Caroline Carter, Cobham, Surrey
15/07/91 Mr. John Peter Carter, Hove, East Sussex
16/01/84 Mr. Allan John Carton, Practical Solutions for   Lawyers, Altrincham, Cheshire.
01/02/68 Mr. William Ronald Carver, W R Carver, Malvern,   Worcestershire.
01/07/93 Ms. Isobel St Clair Joyce Cassidy, London S.W.15
15/10/93 Miss Maxine Cassidy, Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton &   Garrison, Central, Hong Kong.
02/02/87 Miss Joanna Petrina Castle, London S.W.19
15/10/91 Mr. John Mark Catchpoole, Perth, Australia
15/07/91 Miss Lisa Caroline Samantha Cave, London S.W.11
15/07/91 Mrs. Pauline Catherine Cavell, Gateshead Law   Centre, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.
15/01/93 Mr. Richard Martin Cawood, Woodside, California,   U.S.A.
15/02/82 Mr. Graeme Antony Chambers, Chambers   Davidson, LLP, New York, New York, U.S.A.
01/06/70 Miss Christine Barbara So Han Chan, Central, Hong   Kong.
01/05/91 Ms. Grace Kam Wing Chan, Gallant Y T Ho & Co,   Central, Hong Kong.
15/04/92 Mr. Joseph Wang Kei Chan, Central, Hong Kong
01/03/96 Miss Lai Fun Anita Chan, Central, Hong Kong
15/02/96 Miss Mei Lee Joyce Chan, Hong Kong
01/03/94 Miss Pui Ling Helen Chan, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong
01/07/91 Miss Sok Chong Vivian Chan, Legal Advisory and   Conveyancing Office, Queensway, Hong Kong.
01/03/94 Miss Shum Yui Bonnie Chan, Kao Lee & Yip,   Central, Hong Kong.
16/07/79 Mr. Yiu Chong Chan, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
15/08/91 Mr. Barry Douglas Chappell, Brisbane, Queensland,   Australia.
01/11/85 Ms. Helen Anne Charlton, London S.W.15
15/10/88 Mr. Richard Stuart Chatterton, Derby
17/02/92 Miss Ming Wai Chau, Hong Kong Government,   Central, Hong Kong.
01/09/95 Ms. Eleanor Cheah, Hong Kong
15/02/96 Ms. Deh Chien Chen, Hong Kong
15/07/93 Miss Margaret Chen, Burnaby, British   Columbia,Canada.
15/06/95 Mr. Chung Hon Neville Cheng, Ford, Kwan &   Company, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
01/03/90 Mr. Steven John Cheng, Central, Hong Kong
01/09/92 Mr. Tze Man Edward Cheung, C C Lee & Co,   Central, Hong Kong.
03/07/95 Mr. Tat Shing Cheung, Wanchai, Hong Kong
15/11/91 Miss Su-Mei Chew, London S.W.6
15/01/96 Ms. Siang Hua Chin, Hong Kong
15/11/88 Miss Sandra Po Yee Chiu, Queensway, Hong Kong
18/04/95 Miss Sung Tak Jacqueline Chiu, Johnson Stokes &   Masters, Central, Hong Kong.
15/11/91 Mrs. Renate-Ann Chocr, London S.W.4
03/01/95 Miss Man Yi Chow, New Territories, Hong Kong
03/01/95 Mr. Kwong Ming Jeremiah Choy, 088642, Singapore
15/10/88 Mr. Albert Kuo Kang Chu, Chao and Chung,   Central, Hong Kong.
01/02/94 Mr. Hung Wai Frederick Chung, Hong Kong Special   Administrative Region, Central, Hong Kong.
03/07/95 Mr. Kam Man Peter Chung, Hill Taylor Dickinson,   Wanchai, Hong Kong.
02/01/90 Mr. Wai Ming Chung, Larry W M Chung & Co,   Central, Hong Kong.
15/12/93 Miss Michelle Churchward, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
15/10/93 Mr. Nicholas Ralph Clare, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
01/12/93 Mr. Andrew Clarke, A & L Goodbody, Dublin,   Ireland.
01/11/95 Mrs. Ann-Marie Clarke, London S.W.1
16/12/85 Mr. James Howard Clarke, Enniskillen, County   Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
16/01/95 Mr. Harry Charles Clayton, London N.7
15/10/85 Mrs. Deborah Elizabeth Clayton-Hatfield, London   S.W.2.
01/02/58 Mr. John Michael Coakley, Stockport, Cheshire
02/12/91 Mrs. Nicola Josephine Cobbold, Jacobson Rosin &   Wright, Houghton, South Africa.
04/05/93 Mr. William James Coffey, Banca Commeciale   Italiana, Milan, Italy.
15/12/95 Mr. Elliott Michael Cohen, Watford, Hertfordshire
01/03/50 Mr. Israel Isaac Cohen, Cardiff, South Glamorgan,   Wales.
01/03/93 Mr. Paul David Cohen, London S.E.5
01/02/69 Mr. Alan Jack Cole, Brentford, Middlesex
02/08/93 Ms. Margaret Anne Collins, 269263, Singapore
15/06/78 Mrs. Anne Conoley, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and   Wear.
01/03/40 Mr. William Dennis Conolly, Petersfield, Hampshire
15/02/93 Mr. Robert Bruce Conway, Sydney, NSW, Australia
01/03/96 Miss Jane Rose Alison Cooper, Bridgwater, Somerset
01/10/83 Mr. Paul Raymond Cooper, Farnborough,   Hampshire.
15/11/88 Mrs. Stephanie Jean Cooper, St Albans,   Hertfordshire.
02/09/69 Mr. Robin Anthony Shiel Corner, Ministry of   Forests, British Columbia, Canada.
02/04/90 Ms. Rachel Elizabeth Cornish, Levenshulme, Greater   Manchester.
02/03/92 Mr. David Harold Cornwell, Auckland, New Zealand
16/10/95 Mr. Dominic Corser, London S.W.9
15/11/86 Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Courtenay-Stamp, London   S.W.8.
01/07/59 Mr. John Richard Courtney, Hereford
07/06/66 Mrs. Margaret Cousins, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
01/11/93 Miss Trudy Maria Coutinho, Croydon, Surrey
01/02/80 Mr. Philip Maurice Raymond Cowen, Philip Cowen   & Co, London N.W.11.
15/04/83 Mr. John Anthony Cowling, Coopers & Lybrand,   Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear.
01/07/64 Mr. Simon Dixon Meadows Craven, Bristol
01/12/64 Mr. David John Crisp, Guildford, Surrey
15/06/81 Mrs. Elizabeth Kirwin Critchley, Nottingham Law   School, Nottingham.
01/09/81 Miss Lynn Alexandra Crompton, Preston,   Lancashire.
23/05/67 Mr. John Malcolm Crossman, P & O Group, London   SW1Y.
01/11/95 Mr. Howard Ashton Cruthers, London W.10
01/06/61 Mr. Raymond Carr Cryer, Blackpool, Lancashire
01/06/95 Mr. Samuel James Nicholas Cumming, Samuel   Cumming & Son, Ballymena, County Antrim,   Northern Ireland.
17/07/95 Ms. Jennifer Anne Cunningham, London N.1
01/09/87 Ms. Victoria Pamela Cuzens, London W.1
15/01/80 Mr. Thomas Oliver Cyriax, London W.6
15/11/93 Ms. Elin Margared Daniels, Price Waterhouse,   London S.E.1.
01/03/90 Mr. James Andrew Darcy, Oxfam UK/1 (Overseas   Division), Oxford.
01/11/89 Miss Joanne Pauline Davidson, Chung Hom Kok,   Hong Kong.
01/09/87 Miss Rosemary Scott Davidson, Chippenham,   Wiltshire.
02/10/78 Mr. David Madoc Davies, St Leonards-on-Sea, East   Sussex.
15/06/83 Miss Linda Wynne Davies, Kenley, Surrey
02/01/90 Mr. Clifford Derrick Wingate Davis, Tel Aviv, Israel
01/06/60 Mr. David John Dawson, Hassocks, West Sussex
01/05/79 Mrs. Monica Gerda Dawson, Sheffield Hallam   University, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
01/11/94 Miss Olivia Carmela De Caro, Sutton, Surrey
02/04/92 Mrs. Sandya Nimalakanthi De Silva, Victoria,   Australia.
15/04/83 Mr. Francois Gabriel De Zedtwitz, London W.14
01/03/65 Mr. Alastair Orr Deas, London W.2
15/05/91 Mr. Robert James Dechert, Gowling Strathy &   Henderson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
15/12/95 Miss Marianne Colette Evelyne Deconinck, London   N.W.3.
02/10/89 Ms. Dorothy Elizabeth Demerchant, Tory Tory   Deslauriers & Binnington, London EC1N.
01/03/95 Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Denny, Bristol
01/11/93 Ms. Shirin Diamond, London W.9
15/02/93 Mr. Findlay Robert Dickson, London E.3
01/10/86 Miss Caroline Anne Dilks, Bielefeld, Germany
01/11/67 Mr. John Alan Brabazon Disney, Lewes, East Sussex
01/03/94 Mr. Lionel Wybergh Docker, Hampton, NSW,   Australia.
01/07/69 Mr. William Peter George Double, Robertson   Double & Boase, California, U.S.A.
18/04/95 Mr. Matthew Robert Downey, Newcastle upon Tyne,   Tyne and Wear.
16/10/95 Mr. Geoff James Downing, Bristol
15/10/78 Mrs. Sheila Elizabeth Driver, Sheffield, South   Yorkshire.
02/04/90 Ms. Lorna Mae Elaine Duncan, Attorney General of   Barbados, St Michael, Barbados.
15/04/88 Mrs. Angela Catherine Dunmore, London S.E.24
01/11/88 Miss Penelope Jane Dyson, London S.W.11
15/06/72 Mr. John Sebastian Rossford Edge, Hong Kong   Government, North Point, Hong Kong.
15/11/93 Mr. Albert Brian Whittingham Edwards, London   S.E.6.
01/04/71 Mr. Richard Arthur Edwards, Moger & Sparrow,   Bath.
15/10/88 Miss Elizabeth Ann Elden, Bishops Stortford,   Hertfordshire.
16/01/89 Mrs. Linda Jane Ellery, Howden Group plc, Renfrew,   Renfrewshire, Scotland.
12/01/59 Mr. Charles Anthony Ellwood, Kendal, Cumbria
15/11/77 Miss Wendy Elmore-Jones, Brighton, East Sussex
03/08/92 Mr. Nelson Leslie Eshleman, Hong Kong Securities &   Futures Commission, Central, Hong Kong.
01/12/92 Mr. David Alan Evans, Mitcham, Surrey
15/04/91 Miss Margaret Hannah Evans, Wembley, Middlesex
15/07/91 Ms. Katherine Mary Fairclough, London S.W.4
15/01/93 Mr. Anthony Vincent Falzon-McNab, Miami,   Florida, U.S.A.
03/01/95 Miss Maria Wai Ling Fan, Stock Exchange of Hong   Kong Ltd., Central, Hong Kong.
01/12/79 Mr. Simon Jeremy Farmer, Hamilton, Bermuda
15/02/94 Ms. Jane Anne-Marie Faulkner, London W.4
02/04/96 Mr. Herve Etienne Favre, Geneva, Switzerland
16/10/95 Miss Isobel Jacqueline Few, Norwich, Norfolk
15/06/83 Mr. Christopher John Field, Teddington, Middlesex
01/11/91 Miss Carolyn Francine, Ruth Fink Belfast, County   Antrim, Northern Ireland.
15/12/92 Mrs. Tracey Victoria Fisher, University of Hong   Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.
15/09/95 Miss Joanne Fitzpatrick, London S.W.15
16/11/81 Miss Jennifer Fitzwalter-Gould, Usk, Gwent, Wales
01/12/82 Miss Sara Cynthia Eva Gonzalez Flavell, Washington   D.C., U.S.A.
15/11/91 Ms. Elizabeth Kathleen Fletcher, BPP Law School,   London WC1X.
01/08/91 Ms. Caroline Leigh Follas, London N.5
01/09/93 Mr. Kim-Fung Alan Fong, Hong Kong Government,   Central, Hong Kong.
01/02/90 Miss Joanna Caroline Fookes, Eagle Star Holdings   plc, London EC3R.
15/10/90 Mrs. Susan Elizabeth Ford, London S.W.5
01/07/59 Mrs. Jill Adrienne Foster, Haverfordwest, Dyfed
01/11/89 Mr. Max Christian Foster, Canadian Imperial Bank   of Commerce, Central, Hong Kong.
01/07/93 Mr. Richard Mark Edward Fowler, London E.14
03/10/94 Miss Jane Elizabeth Fox, Loughton, Essex
01/07/65 Mrs. Sheila Fox, Herzlia Pituach, Israel
02/03/64 Mr. Douglas Michael Franc, Sydney, NSW, Australia
15/09/94 Mr. Michael Roderick Francombe, London W1P
01/05/90 Mr. Anthony John Fraser, Auckland, New Zealand
01/10/53 Mr. Harvey Frieze, Leeds, West Yorkshire
11/06/63 Mr. Brian Aloysius Gallagher, Sydney, NSW,   Australia.
15/11/93 Mr. Craig William Templeton Gardiner, Penarth,   South Glamorgan, Wales.
02/09/91 Miss Sally Louise Gardner, Hong Kong
15/11/82 Mr. Anthony Frederick John Garner, Basle,   Switzerland.
16/10/95 Mr. Andrew Thomas Garrett, London E.4
15/01/81 Mrs. Sally Christine Garwood, Helensburgh,   Dunbartonshire, Scotland.
15/08/91 Mr. Conrad Elias George, Kingston, Jamaica
15/04/75 Mrs. Valerie Mary Lydele Gibbons, Oxford
15/11/93 Mrs. Emma Gabrielle Gibson, London S.W.17
01/11/95 Miss Emanuela-Chiara Gillard, Geneva, Switzerland
15/02/90 Ms. Jane Elizabeth Gillies, 259777, Singapore
01/11/94 Miss Claudia Julia Gizejewski, London S.W.8
01/11/95 Miss Jane Caroline Glassberg, London N.W.3
02/03/53 Mr. Roger John Godfrey, Castle Douglas,   Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.
17/07/95 Mr. Dominic Kian Swee Goh, Singapore
15/04/78 Mr. Jeffrey Joseph Goldberger, Freehill Hollingdale &   Page, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
01/03/85 Miss Alison Frances Golding, Department of the   Environment, London SW1P.
15/05/85 Mr. Maurice Charles Gonsalves, Mallesons Stephen   Jaques, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
02/07/79 Mr. David Bernard Gooch, London S.W.15
01/07/64 Mr. Peter Denis Good, Brentwood, Essex
01/12/92 Miss Victoria Emma Goode, KPMG Solicitors,   London EC4V.
02/04/93 Ms. Lorene Ann Goodin, Paget, Bermuda
15/04/92 Mr. James Henry Adam Goodman, Foreign &   Commonwealth Office, London SW1A.
02/12/63 Mrs. Indrani Damayanti Goonetilleke, Maharagama,   Sri Lanka.
12/10/37 Mr. Dennis Gordon, East Molesey, Surrey
01/07/71 Mr. John Bryan Gordon, Pickering, North Yorkshire
15/11/94 Ms. Joyce Marie Gordon, Nottingham
01/11/91 Ms. Leonie Ann Gordon, London W.2.
17/02/92 Mr. Mark Thomas Gordon, Williams Chaplin Service   Company Limited, London EC2M.
17/10/94 Mr. Eric Sadrudin Govani, London W.4
15/04/88 Mr. James Nicholas Grain, Hinckley, Leicestershire
16/11/92 Miss Joanne Nicola Grange, London S.W.18
01/03/57 Mr. James Broughton Greaves, Esher, Surrey
15/03/96 Miss Catherine Ann Green, Scunthorpe Magistrates   Court, Scunthorpe, South Humberside.
02/11/87 Ms. Deborah Louise Green, Goole, North   Humberside.
01/11/94 Mr. Jason Henry Green, London N.W.8
15/11/93 Mr. Michael George David Greene, Eamonn Greene   & Co, Dublin, Ireland.
11/01/65 Mr. Barry William Greengrass, Geneva, Switzerland
16/11/92 Ms. Jill Evonne Greenhalgh, Fisher Jefferies,   Adelaide, South Australia.
01/03/89 Mr. John Aloysius Greig, Brisbane, Queensland,   Australia.
15/10/92 Mr. James Ernan Fairchild Greig, London E.14
15/08/91 Mr. Henry Justin Greig, Merrill Lynch Europe plc,   New York, New York, U.S.A.
15/10/90 Miss Frances Majella Gribben, London N.W.9
02/04/96 Mr. John Duncan Grierson, London W1X
01/11/51 Mr. James Herbert Gunson, West Wickham, Kent
01/12/93 Mr. John Aaron Hagan, Biddle, London EC2V
01/07/58 Mr. Richard Weston Hall, Ilkeston, Derbyshire
02/12/91 Mr. Philip Charles Anthony Harbridge, St Albans,   Hertfordshire.
01/11/84 Miss Jane Lancaster Hardy, London N.W.6
01/07/53 Mr. John Davidson Hardy, Darlington, County   Durham.
11/06/68 Mr. Elmer Wynne Harries, Ammanford, Dyfed,   Wales.
01/05/96 Mr. Robert Best Harris, London N.W.1
16/10/95 Miss Alexandra Susan Harvey, Shifnal, Shropshire
01/12/94 Miss Sandra Jill Harvey, Solihull, West Midlands
02/12/91 Miss Sahar Hashemi, London W.8
15/12/78 Mrs. Vanessa Hawkes, Milton Keynes,   Buckinghamshire.
16/06/80 Miss Carolyn Ann Haworth, Carolyn Haworth,   Gloucester.
01/10/88 Mr. David Hay, Fredericton, New Brunswick,   Canada.
01/11/90 Mr. Andrew Giles Hazelton, Rudd Watts & Stone,   Auckland, New Zealand.
15/09/92 Ms. Fiona Mary Healy, William Fry, London EC1N
02/11/92 Miss Miranda Julia Heath, Ross-on-Wye,   Herefordshire.
01/11/71 Mr. Peter John Alan Hedworth, Doncaster, South   Yorkshire.
01/06/95 Miss Jane Anne Hegarty, Belfast, County Antrim,   Northern Ireland.
15/12/92 Mr. David Charles Heldsinger, Cambridge
01/11/95 Ms. Sylvia Marie Herman, Scarborough, Perth,   Australia.
15/02/88 Mr. Bradley Laurence Herrmann, London EC1R
15/06/93 Mr. Eric Andrew Hersant, London S.W.7
01/12/73 Mr. William Hesketh, St Helens, Merseyside
15/11/80 Mr. Philip Michael Hewitt, Leicester
15/12/87 Mr. Robert Anderson Hickling, St Helier, Jersey,   Channel Islands.
17/02/92 Mr. Fu Wah Ho, Central, Hong Kong
15/06/95 Miss Ka Chun Mary Ho, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong
01/05/90 Mr. Simon Kick Fai Ho, Central, Hong Kong
01/10/57 Mr. Benjamin John Hobbs, Lloyds & Cooper,   Leominster.
01/11/91 Miss Claire Frances Holiday, Cambridge
01/10/75 District Judge Keith Martin John Hollis, Lewes,   Brighton, East Sussex.
16/10/95 Mr. Stuart Graham Holman, London S.E.9
15/12/83 Mr. Andrew Nicholas Holt, Sevenoaks, Kent
01/12/93 Ms. Yasmin Anne Hones, London EC2M
15/06/89 Miss Anne Yoke Ling Hooi, Kuala Lumpar,   Malaysia.
16/06/80 Mr. Eifron Hopper, London W.C.1
01/03/56 Mr. Ralph Charles Hopton, Gerrards Cross,   Buckinghamshire.
01/12/81 Miss Victoria Philippa Caroline Hore, North & East   Surrey Magistrates Courts, Staines Middlesex.
01/12/95 Mr. Philip Edward Hoult, Richmond, Surrey
01/12/80 Mr. Ian Philip Howard, Siemens Group Services Ltd.,   Bracknell, Berkshire.
11/01/65 Mrs. Sheila Howard, King’s Lynn, Norfolk
15/06/93 Ms. Brenda Louise Howell, London S.W.4
15/06/74 Mrs. Helen Mary Hughes, Wolverhampton, West   Midlands.
15/12/94 Miss Margaret Magdalen Hughes, London S.E.10
15/12/88 Miss Linda Siu-Ling Hui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
01/10/85 Mr. Michael Tuen Ming Hui, Central, Hong Kong
01/02/94 Miss Yung Yung Janet Hui, Auckland, New Zealand
01/08/91 Ms. Ruth Patricia Hulston, Woodside, California, U.S.A.
15/03/88 Ms. Pak Chi Barbara Anne Hung, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
02/11/92 Miss Catherine Mary Hunter London N.5
16/12/74 Mr. David Michael Hunter, Fordingbridge, Hampshire.
15/04/93 Mrs. Dawn Hurton, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
15/02/89 Miss Marcia Ann Hutchinson, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
15/02/96 Mr. Ignatius Kin Soon Hwang, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
01/11/90 Miss Sarah Siu Hoong Inge, New York, New York, U.S.A.
15/01/80 Mrs. Anne Cathryn Ingram, Ulverston, Cumbria
17/06/91 Miss Nga Wan Risa Ip, Central, Hong Kong
01/08/95 Miss Natasha Ann Isbel, Sydney, NSW, Australia
15/10/92 Miss Brighid Susan Jackson, Shildon, County Durham.
15/04/92 Miss Jane Helen Elizabeth Jackson, London S.W.12
02/11/92 Mrs. Kathryn Margaret Jackson, Queens Town, Dunedin, New Zealand.
15/03/73 Mr. David William Jaggar, Isle of Wight Council, Newport, Isle of Wight.
17/10/94 Ms. Jagdip Jagpal, British Broadcasting Corporation, London W1A.
15/09/95 Mr. Christopher Peter James, Preston, Lancashire
01/11/94 Ms. Sharon Eunice James, London N.1
01/04/85 Mrs. Susan Jane Alexander James, Pencader, Dyfed, Wales.
01/03/84 Ms. Valerie Jay, Liverpool, Merseyside
15/12/70 Mr. Christopher Charles Johnson, Sevenoaks, Kent
15/12/72 Mr. Maurice Ronald Johnson, Chorley, Lancashire
15/10/90 Ms. Rachel Jane Johnson, 258472, Singapore
11/06/63 Mr. David Islwyn Jones, Christchurch, New Zealand
16/10/95 Miss Lynne Ann Jones, Bristol
02/07/90 Ms. Nicola Jones, Richmond, Surrey
16/06/75 Mr. Richard Meirion Jones, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales.
15/01/80 Mrs. Ruth Evelyn Jones, Stowmarket, Suffolk
02/03/53 Mr. Stephen Edward Jones, Bury, Lancashire
01/03/82 Ms. Vereena Anne Jones, London S.E.13
01/10/54 Mrs. Wanda Joseph, London S.W.19
15/01/92 Mrs. Kim Merline Joseph-Charles, Uxbridge, Middlesex.
01/06/95 Mr. Jeremy Marc Josse, London N.W.3
05/04/94 Mr. Costas Kalisperas, London W.11
16/03/81 Mrs. Dona Nalinie Manel Kannangara, Turramurra, NSW, Australia.
02/11/59 Mr. Cyril George Karger, London W1N
01/05/48 Mr. Philip Hardy Keall, Nottingham
01/07/77 Mr. Richard Ellis Keen, Perth, Western Australia
03/12/90 Mrs. Helen Louise Kelly, London S.W.7
15/12/94 Mr. John Joseph Kelly, London S.W.15
15/12/94 Miss Mary-Clare Kelly, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
16/10/95 Ms. Suzanne Jane Kelly, Isleworth, Middlesex
01/04/71 Mr. Bryan Lee Kelshall, J B Kelsall & Co, San Fernando, Trinidad.
15/02/88 Mr. Andrew Trevor Kennedy, Bury, Lancashire
15/05/95 Mr. Benjamin Richard Kent, London W.14
15/12/88 Miss Mary Gerard Kent, Northampton
01/10/83 Mr. Alan Kerfoot, London EC4Y
15/10/91 Miss Jacqueline Adele Kerr, Elliott Duffy Garrett, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
01/12/94 Mr. Balraj Singh Khak, Greenford, Middlesex
01/11/88 Mr. Guy Kinnings, International Management Group (UK) Inc., London W.4.
15/04/88 Mr. Simon Rhys Kirkham, Release, London EC1V
01/06/62 Mr. John Leonard Knight, Basildon District Council, Basildon, Essex.
01/07/64 Mr. Brian Knox, Ivybridge, Devon
01/10/53 Mr. Ashley Kossoff, London N.W.4
02/08/93 Ms. Nutan Kotecha, London N.13
15/02/95 Mr. Dimitri Kotzamanis, London W.2
15/09/94 Miss Efi Kremetis, 599376, Singapore
15/06/79 Mrs. Sandra Leonie Kurth, Bedale, North Yorkshire
02/09/91 Mr. Wing Lung Kwok, Hong Kong Government, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
15/02/93 Mr. Philip John Ladmore, Messier-Dowty, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
16/05/94 Miss Bernadine Daisy Mu-Ying Lai, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
16/01/95 Miss Chiu Fan Fanny Lai, Kenneth W Leung & Co, Central, Hong Kong.
15/07/93 Mr. Kwok-Ming Lai, Tommy Lai & Co, New Territories, Hong Kong.
01/11/89 Mr. Alfred Kwok Cheong Lam, Central, Hong Kong
15/01/92 Mr. Ching Wan William Lam, Central, Hong Kong
03/04/95 Mr. Daniel Tung Leung Lam, Kowloon, Hong Kong
01/03/96 Miss Kit Yi Kitty Lam, Kowloon, Hong Kong
15/01/91 Mr. Sek-Kong Lam, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
03/08/92 Mr. Yau Yee Lam, Y C Lee, Pang & Kwok, Central, Hong Kong.
02/10/95 Miss Pui Fun Jessica Lau, Central, Hong Kong
15/09/93 Miss Yin King Avis Lau, Kowloon, Hong Kong
15/01/91 Miss Ann Mary Lawler, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
15/10/76 Mr. Brian Keith Lawrence, Uxbridge, Middlesex
02/03/53 Mr. Donald Anthony Leader, Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.
15/02/88 Mrs. Jane Leaper, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
15/02/96 Mrs. Ching Sze Susana Lee, So Keung Yip & Sin, Central, Hong Kong.
01/05/85 Mr. Joseph Chung Yee Lee, Hong Kong
16/10/85 Mr. Kerry Andrew Lee, Cheung Tong & Rosa, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
02/10/95 Mr. Tit-Fai Lee, Kowloon, Hong Kong
15/09/95 Mr. Wai Cheong Lee, Hong Kong
15/11/93 Mr. James Andrew Lenny, Liverpool, Merseyside
15/04/93 Mr. Philip Sidney Leonard, London S.W.11
15/11/93 Mr. Koleman Maxim Louis Nicolas Leung, Worcester.
15/10/87 Ms. Man Wah Leung, Hong Kong Government, North Point. Hong Kong.
15/10/83 Mr. Justin Lawrence Lever, Manchester
02/10/78 Miss Christine Mary Lewis, Denbigh, Clwyd
01/11/88 Mr. Ian Keith Lewis, Lantao Island, Hong Kong
01/03/95 Mr. Kevin Alan Lewis, Sydney, NSW, Australia
01/09/89 Miss Andria Suk Ming Li, B N P International Financial Services (Hong Kong) Ltd, Central, Hong Kong.
01/03/84 Mr. Martin Charles Von Mengerhaus Lister, Hampton Winter and Glynn, Central, Hong Kong.
02/11/53 Mr. William Brian Collins Lister, Southport, Merseyside.
01/07/50 Miss Joan Littlewood, Ramsey, Isle of Man
01/02/51 Mr. Donald Munroe Livingstone, Carlisle, Cumbria
03/10/94 Mr. Senarath Devapriya Liyanage, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
15/01/82 Mr. Gerald Stephen Lloyd, London Borough of Haringey, London N.22.
01/07/67 Mr. Kenneth Lo, Stanley, Hong Kong
15/01/96 Mr. Kit Man Simon Lo, Central, Hong Kong
16/12/85 Mr. Ka Ying Lo, Lo & Yip, Central, Hong Kong
01/08/90 Mr. Finlay MacDonald Lockie, London N.W.3
15/08/91 Miss Lai Ping Phillis Loh, Evergo Holdings Company Ltd., Central, Hong Kong.
01/03/54 Mr. Denys Richard Meriton Long, Heathfield, East Sussex.
01/06/95 Mr. Richard Gary Lorrison, London E.1
15/01/91 Ms. Robyn Jane Loversidge, Young Hunter, Christchurch, New Zealand.
01/04/76 Mrs. Lorraine Lowe, Bolton, Greater Manchester
01/11/91 Miss Mary-Anne Katherine Lowe, London W.14
01/10/92 Mr. Victor Sai Hong Luk, Woo Kwan Lee & Lo, Central, Hong Kong.
01/10/51 Mr. Geoffrey Herbert Lyon, Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
16/10/95 Mr. Russell John Lyons, Chester
15/01/92 Miss Julia Ma, The Peak, Hong Kong
03/10/94 Miss Kit Man Corina Ma, Central, Hong Kong
01/12/83 Miss Thamar Edith MacIver, Pinner, Middlesex
15/05/91 Mrs. Mary Josephine Esther Macken, NSW Public Service Landcom, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
16/10/95 Ms. Kate Fitzgerald Mackintosh, Kigali, Rwanda
01/06/92 Mr. Oran Padraig MacLaverty, Eurotunnel, Coquelles, France.
01/07/91 Mr. Leslie William MacLeod-Miller, The Walt Disney Company Ltd., London W.6.
02/01/96 Mr. Angus James Campbell MacRae, London S.W.7
02/12/91 Miss Elizabeth Lorraine Madden, London N.W.10
01/03/96 Miss Philippa Maddicott, London N.W.2
02/11/92 Mr. Seamus Maguire, Seamus Maguire & Co, Blanchardstown, County Dublin, Ireland.
01/10/87 Mr. Harry Fai Man Mak, Central, Hong Kong
15/11/88 Miss Sunita Malani, Camberley, Surrey
15/12/95 Mr. Rohan Malhotra, Chatham, Kent
01/05/82 Mr. James Nicholas Malin, The Book Warehouse Limited, London WC1A.
01/06/90 Mr. Kwok Kuen Charles Man, Joseph S C Chan & Co, Central, Hong Kong.
15/06/83 Mr. Ubeysekara Mapa, Government of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
01/03/65 Miss Delysia Marks, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
01/02/93 Mr. Jonathan David Marsden, Quarry Dougall Recruitment Ltd, London WC1R.
01/02/86 Mr. Mark Christopher Marshall, Monument Exploration & Production, London WC2N.
15/11/91 Miss Neeta Mashru, London N.8
01/11/95 Miss Donna Diane Matchett, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
02/11/81 Miss Christine Margaret McAdam, Liverpool, Merseyside.
15/04/94 Miss Mhairi Theresa McAllister, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
15/06/78 Mr. Richard John McBratney, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland.
15/01/88 Miss Lucy Catherine McCall, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales.
16/10/95 Mr. Craig Stephen McCarthy, Perth, Scotland
01/08/90 Mr. Peter James McColgan, Performing Right Society Ltd., London W1P.
06/04/79 Dr. Hilaire McCoubrey, Hull University, Hull, North Humberside.
02/05/89 Mr. John Ross McDonough, Bruce Campbell & Co, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
15/10/93 Mrs. Iwona McElroy, London EC2M
01/11/63 Mr. James Albert McGhee, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
15/12/95 Ms. Clare Mary Smith McGlynn, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.
02/02/87 Miss Marion Anne Catherine McHale, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland.
01/09/95 Mr. Hamish Nairn McIntosh, Mid Levels, Hong Kong.
01/06/90 Ms. Janet Amanda McLean, London S.W.15
02/10/95 Ms. Yvonne Anne McNamara, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland.
03/06/91 Miss Patricia McNeill, London S.W.19
01/05/87 Mr. Andrew James McParland, Parlison Properties Ltd., London W1Y.
15/11/91 Mr. Dominic John Leo McParland, Wirral, Merseyside.
15/02/91 Miss Sally Jane Mead, Droitwich, Worcestershire
01/03/95 Ms. Gabrielle Anastasia Meech, Wellington, New Zealand.
01/11/57 Mr. Michael Meggeson, Petersfield, Hampshire
01/11/89 Miss Sally Mercer, London N.12
01/06/92 Mr. Dennis Hamilton Merchant, London S.E.5
15/06/77 Mr. Stephen Guy Merkley, Bracknell, Berkshire
01/11/91 Mrs. Julie Ann Middlemass, London N.W.1
03/01/95 Ms. Amelia Belinda Miller, London W.C.1
03/05/94 Mrs. Emma Caroline Miller, London SW1X
02/01/96 Mr. Steven George Miller, Victoria, Australia
01/02/38 Mr. Stanley William Millington, London N.W.11
01/06/60 Mr. Peter James Mills, Wirral, Merseyside
01/03/63 Mr. Jacob George Milman, J Milman & Sons Ltd., Southport, Merseyside.
01/11/86 Mrs. Fiona Elizabeth Mintz, Liverpool, Merseyside
01/11/89 Ms. Giselle Mir, London W.8
02/05/95 Miss Melanie Jane Mitchell-Baker, London S.W.11
15/03/96 Mr. Christopher Joseph Monsour, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
01/09/81 Mr. Edward Robin Moodie, Matthews International Capital Management, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
16/10/95 Mr. Richard Stephen Moody, Wellington, Somerset
02/11/92 Mr. Guy Patrick Moran, London S.E.1
01/02/80 Mr. Leslie James Moran, University of Lancaster, Lancaster.
11/06/63 Mr. David Roland Morgan, Richmond, Surrey
15/10/93 Ms. Ruth Elizabeth Morris, London S.W.18
15/11/72 Mr. Roger Vernon Morris, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales.
01/11/93 Miss Siobhan Majella Ann Morris, Liverpool, Merseyside.
15/11/95 Mrs. Emma Margarita Prieto Morrison, Exeter, Devon.
15/11/95 Miss Kimberley Morrison, Birmingham, West Midlands.
01/10/81 Miss Finola Margaret Helen Moss, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
01/03/65 Mr. David Thomas Moulds, Copeleys, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.
15/01/85 Mrs. Isobel Caroline Mary Mozley, York
02/10/67 Mrs. Patricia Helen Mulcock, Littlehampton, West Sussex.
16/05/94 Mr. Declan Paul Muldoon, Nottingham
15/04/96 Ms. Brid Ann Munnelly, Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland.
02/04/90 Miss Susan Mary Murphy, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire.
01/11/94 Mr. Alagappan Murugappan, Brentford, Middlesex
01/11/83 Miss Lindsay Mary Myatt, London S.E.13
01/05/96 Miss Diane Naggar, London EC2M
01/06/94 Ms. Amanda Nassar, London S.E.16
03/05/94 Ms. Barbara Michele Neary, Maidenhead, Berkshire
01/10/84 Mrs. Claire Nelson, Bristol
15/01/96 Mr. Paul Anthony Nembhard, London N.W.6
01/04/85 Mr. Anthony James Howard Newey, Brighton, East Sussex.
16/10/95 Mr. Matthew Paul Newman, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire.
01/06/90 Mr. Robert Keith Newton, Maroubra, NSW, Australia.
02/10/95 Mr. Chi Wai Alvin Ng, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
01/12/89 Mr. Simon Chi Yeung Ng, Simon Ng & Co, Central Hong Kong.
01/11/94 Ms. Elaine Cecilia Nicholls, Pinner, Middlesex
15/12/88 Mrs. Elsa Pik-Han Law Nichols, New Territories, Hong Kong.
01/11/95 Mr. Alastair David John Nicholson, Wokingham, Berkshire.
15/04/94 Mr. Andrew Frank Northrop, London S.W.6
15/02/86 Mr. Derek Anthony O’Brien, University of Westminster, London WC1R.
15/01/77 Mr. Edward Thomas O’Connell, Hong Kong Government Companies Registry, Central, Hong Kong.
02/08/93 Mr. Nicholas James O’Day, Sydney, NSW, Australia
01/11/85 Miss Aisling Marisa O’Hora, J P Morgan & Co Limited, London EC4Y.
18/04/95 Miss Justine Margaret O’Reilly, London S.W.3
01/01/01 Mr. Philip M. O’Riada, Dublin, Ireland
15/02/96 Mr. Cornelius P. O’Riordan, London N.16
01/10/87 Miss Elizabeth Jane Officer, London S.E.10
16/07/90 Mr. Brent Anthony Ogilvie, Paris, France
15/06/72 Mrs. Alison Annan Olding, Exeter, Devon
12/01/70 Mr. Dudley Martin Oliver, Dudley M Oliver, Brockenhurst, Hampshire.
01/07/76 Mr. Peter John Philip Olofson, Bechtel Corporation, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
01/11/85 Mr. Lawrence Tong-Sing Ong, Central, Hong Kong
01/11/83 Miss Jane Osborne, Crewe, Cheshire
01/11/67 Mr. Theophilus Owen, Calne, Wiltshire
13/10/47 Mr. Robert Penrhyn Owen, Reading, Berkshire
01/10/86 Miss Jane Caroline Oyler, Bristol
04/01/93 Mrs. Alison Jane Paci, Oppenhoff & Raedler, Munich, Germany.
01/10/55 Mr. Patrick Henry Samuel Page, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.
15/06/84 Mr. Roland Thomas Painter, Bewdley, Worcestershire
17/10/94 Miss Rachel Victoria Pairman, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
01/11/94 Mr. Kevin Wayne Pamensky, London N.W.6
01/11/54 Mr. Michael Frederick Kaye Parsons, Taunton, Somerset.
02/05/95 Mr. Adil Kaikubad Patel, Colaba, Bombay, India
15/11/95 Miss Hilary Jane Paterson, BMG Records (UK) Limited, London S.W.6.
02/04/96 Mr. Toby Sebastian Pearce, London S.W.6
01/11/95 Miss Jackie Pearson, Coopers & Lybrand, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
01/05/96 Mr. Stuart James Peck, Rayleigh, Essex
02/05/95 Mr. Peter Damian Pender-Cudlip, London S.W.6
01/11/94 Mr. David Percival, Liverpool, Merseyside
01/11/95 Mrs. Amanda Jane Phillips, London S.E.13
01/08/89 Mr. Dinal Mario Rex Phillips, Colombo, Sri Lanka
15/11/95 Ms. Joanna Michelle Phillips, Ilkley, West Yorkshire
15/12/95 Mr. Gavin Peter Phillipson, Brighton, East Sussex
01/11/77 Mr. Christopher Pierce-Cooke, Artarmon, NSW, Australia.
01/11/83 Mr. Jeremy Pinchin, Sedgwick Group plc, London EC3M.
23/05/67 Mr. Michael Andrew Pither, Bridport, Dorset
15/06/95 Ms. Deborah Wei Ching Png, Landridge, Singapore
01/05/56 Mr. Anthony David Egerton Pollitt, Stockport, Cheshire.
15/10/90 Mr. Matthew Saul Pollock, London W.11
01/09/77 Mr. James Dennis Pond, The European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.
01/06/94 Mrs. Alison Rosalind Poole, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
01/12/76 Mrs. Glenys Kathleen Pople, Manchester
01/11/91 Mrs. Fiona Porfiri, Sydney, NSW, Australia
15/12/95 Miss Alison Jane Port, London S.W.14
15/10/87 Mrs. Dorothy Margaret Porter, London S.E.3
02/05/95 Mr. Jonathan Cussons Lindsay Potts, London W.11
15/12/79 Mrs. Sheila Mary Pound, Dover, Kent
17/10/94 Mrs. Jane Louise Prendergast, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.
16/10/95 Miss Sarah Louise Prew, Richmond, Surrey
01/11/95 Mr. Andrew John Price, Nottingham
01/03/88 Mrs. Sarah Jane Pritchard, Portsmouth, Hampshire
11/01/64 Mr. William John Proctor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
02/12/74 Mrs. Hilary Joy Prout, Yelverton, Devon
01/11/95 Miss Sarah Jane Pryce, London N.1
15/10/86 Miss Giselle Margaret Pyfrom, Harry B Sands & Company, Nassau, Bahamas.
02/12/91 Mr. Brian Rabinowitz, London N.W.4
15/10/87 Miss Fiona Radford-Smith, Winchester, Hampshire
02/01/91 Mr. Jiten Mansukh Radia, Irving Solicitors Property Centre, Wembley, Middlesex.
16/10/95 Mr. Christopher Neil Randall, London S.W.11
01/06/66 Mr. Richard Fenton Ratcliffe, Keith Flower & Co, Pinner, Middlesex.
01/08/95 Ms. Katrina Lee Ratcliffe, Hunters Hill, NSW, Australia.
01/11/94 Miss Fiona Jennie Rawes, London S.W.5
16/10/95 Miss Karen Gail Rawsthorne, London N.W.11
01/10/87 Mr. Christopher Andrew Read, Wirral, Merseyside
02/10/39 Mr. John Morley Reay-Smith, Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
01/11/90 Miss Lesley Jane Reid, Kenley, Surrey
15/04/96 Mr. Anthony Patrick Reynolds, London S.W.11
03/08/92 Miss Joy Annette Rhoades, Jardine Fleming & Co, 048619, Singapore.
12/11/53 Mr. Alun Thomas Richards, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales.
15/12/76 Mr. John Robert Richardson, Bristol
01/09/94 Miss Elizabeth Anne Rimmer, London N.W.6
15/08/94 Mr. Shane Bruce Roberts, London Borough of Camden, London WC1H.
01/07/78 Mr. David Nigel Robinson, Harper Grey Easton, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
01/07/49 Mr. Eric Robinson, Southsea, Hampshire
01/12/95 Ms. Emily Elizabeth Roe, London S.E.1
15/01/93 Ms. Ferhana Roked, Pinner, Middlesex
15/06/81 Mr. Harvey Emanuel Rollinson, London W.9
02/04/96 Mrs. Deborah Jane Rook, London N.16
01/09/95 Mrs. Susannah Rooney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
01/11/93 Mrs. Kim Ross, Epping, Essex
15/08/91 Ms. Deborah Leigh Rowland, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.
15/11/84 Mr. Timothy Nicholas Rowntree, HSBC Investment Bank plc, London EC4R.
15/10/90 Mrs. Sally Ann Rushworth, London N.W.9
15/02/96 Ms. Frances Elizabeth Russell, London S.W.2
02/10/50 Mr. Peter Basil Rustom, Lyndhurst, Hampshire
01/06/57 Mr. John Neil Sandiford, Caterham, Surrey
02/11/92 Mrs. Rachel Anne Sands, Basingstoke, Hampshire
15/10/93 Ms. Antonia Sara-Kelly, Liverpool, Merseyside
17/09/90 Mr. Jeffrey Richard Schone, 127140, Singapore
15/12/88 Mrs. Juliet Marie Schusman, Radlett, Hertfordshire
15/04/92 Miss Catherine Mary Scott, London S.W.19
02/11/87 Mrs. Karen Suzanne Maria Scott, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
15/05/95 Mr. Simon Scott, Manchester
15/11/85 Mrs. Susanne Elsie Sexton, Central, Hong Kong
15/05/95 Mr. Shashank Shah, Bombay, India
01/12/80 Miss Rosemary Helen Sharpe, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London SW1A.
15/11/95 Mr. Jeremy Edward Shaw, London N.6
01/10/84 Mrs. Gracia Khileswari Sherman, Kaye Fialkow Richmond & Rothstein, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
17/10/94 Mr. Jin-Jing Shi, London N.W.3
15/0592 Mr. Christopher Brian Shine, Deacons Graham & James, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
01/02/85 Mr. Parimal Kantilal Shroff, Bombay, India
01/12/78 Mr. Kevin Seen-Hoi Shuen, Tsang Chau & Shuen, Hong Kong.
15/11/90 Miss Louise Clare Simmonds, Didcot, Oxfordshire
15/08/95 Mrs. Shushma Raina Singla, Leicester
01/11/94 Miss Charlotte Melanie Feadore Singleton, London N.W.2.
16/06/80 Mr. Antony Nicholas Siopis, Perth, Australia
12/01/70 Mr. Neil Sirkett, Ryde, Isle of Wight
01/09/71 Miss Avril Skipper, Derby
15/10/93 Mr. James Slater, Nottingham
15/01/73 Mr. Edward Small, Stamford, Lincolnshire
16/11/92 Mr. Michael Peter Smethurst, Salisbury, Wiltshire
01/10/90 Miss Jennifer Deana Smith, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham.
01/09/94 Ms. Yvonne Kathleen Smyth, London EC2M
02/01/90 Mr. Vethanayagam Vanniyasingam Somasegeram, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
16/09/91 Mr. Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah, National University of Singapore, 119260, Singapore.
15/09/95 Ms. Rosemary Barbara Southgate, Croydon, Surrey
02/04/91 Mr. Richard George Spark, London S.W.7
02/09/91 Mr. Eduard Huibert Spruit, Mr E H Spruit, Rochester, Kent.
15/01/96 Ms. Diane Elizabeth Staats, London N.W.3
15/10/90 Mrs. Alison Claire Stables, Chester
01/05/87 Mrs. Carol Ann Steel, Hove, East Sussex
03/08/92 Mr. Andrew James Steele, London S.W.8
17/12/90 Mrs. Jocelyn Helen Stell, Oxford
01/05/74 Mr. Ross William Erasmus Stevens, Glasgow, Scotland.
15/06/95 Mr. Christian George Gordon Stewart, Mid Levels, Hong Kong.
01/12/95 Miss Sallyann Rebecca Stokes, Godalming, Surrey
01/10/81 Miss Roberta Wendy Stone, London N.6
15/03/85 Mr. Philip William Swainston, Middlesbrough, Cleveland.
01/11/94 Miss Deborah Swanwick, London W.9
16/10/95 Mr. Andrew Alistair Anthony Tait, Bath
15/05/92 Mr. Huey Sze Tan, Central, Hong Kong
02/07/79 Mr. Matthew Howard Tasker, Lawgroup UK plc, Caterham, Surrey.
01/03/49 Mr. Andrew Robert Tate, Northallerton, North Yorkshire.
01/09/95 Ms. Dawn Cheng Imm Tay, Singapore
01/02/54 Mr. Leslie Taylor, Sale, Cheshire
01/07/77 Mrs. Nina Alexandra Taylor, Barnet, Hertfordshire
15/11/88 Ms. Lesley Jane Taylor-Rushworth, London N.5
02/03/59 Ms. Jane French Teebay, Geneva, Switzerland
15/11/91 Mrs. Alison Lesley Telling, Towcester, Northamptonshire.
15/10/93 Miss Susan Jacqueline Teodoro, Wellington, New Zealand.
15/12/86 Mr. Gregory James Terry, Jardine Matheson Ltd., Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
11/01/50 Mr. Gerald Vincent Tew, G V Tew, London S.W.15
04/01/94 Miss Valerie Ann Thomas, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.
15/11/94 Mr. Gareth Thomas, London E.C.2
01/11/91 Miss Joanne Thornley, Bolton, Lancashire
15/08/91 Mr. Malcolm James Thorpe, International Management Group (UK) Inc., London W.4.
15/10/93 Ms. Janny Hau Ling Tin, Central, Hong Kong
01/11/93 Miss Samantha Joan Towle, The Body Shop International plc, Littlehampton, West Sussex.
01/11/94 Mr. Stephen William Trevis, London W.14
15/10/92 Mr. Jonathan Trimby, Devizes, Wiltshire
01/10/93 Ms. Clara Yuan Kay Tsang, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
15/01/87 Mr. Samuel Yuen Wai Tsang, North Point, Hong Kong.
02/01/90 Ms. Teresa Chow Lai Kuen Tsang, Central, Hong Kong.
15/04/91 Miss Pui Man Tsui, Woo Kwan Lee & Lo, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
01/11/94 Miss Wan Fung Tsui, Central, Hong Kong
15/06/95 Mr. Christopher Tung, Central, Hong Kong
01/12/64 Mr. John Bryan Turner, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.
01/06/95 Mr. David Michael Tyler, London N.W.6
12/01/70 Mr. John Edward Tylor, HSBC Samuel Montague, London EC4V.
15/10/90 Mrs. Melissa Ann Umbers, College of Law, London WC1E.
15/10/93 Ms. Joscelyn Upendran, Darlington, County Durham
15/06/95 Ms. Sheila Jeya Vaithilingam, Singapore
01/02/78 Mr. Michael Julian Van Brugen, ADAS, Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
16/11/92 Mrs. Sara Anne Varty, Kidlington, Oxfordshire
15/06/74 Mr. Vasu Dev Vohora, Isleworth, Middlesex
02/05/95 Mrs. Usha Volikas, Singapore
01/03/93 Mrs. Gillian Anne Wade, Bannaryne Kirkwood France & Co., Glasgow, Scotland.
03/08/92 Ms. Jeanette Maree Waite, Crump & Co, Hong Kong
15/03/84 Mrs. Susan Marian Walsh, Ilkley, West Yorkshire
02/07/73 Mr. Howard Roger Walton, Nottingham
15/05/91 Miss Cathy Wan, Central, Hong Kong
15/04/92 Ms. Jessica Lee Wanamaker, London
01/11/86 Mr. John Richard Ward, Pullman & Comley LLC, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.
01/07/52 Mr. Henry Waring, Much Wenlock, Shropshire
03/06/91 Mr. Laurence Michael Warnell, Erhardt & Warnell, Windsor, Berkshire.
01/11/93 Ms. Lucy Jane Warrington, Central, Hong Kong
15/06/79 Mr. John Victor Watson, London Records Ltd., London W.6.
02/02/81 Mr. Anthony Noel Watson-Brown, Central, Hong Kong.
15/03/94 Mrs. Sara Therese Watson, Hartfield, East Sussex
15/12/80 Mr. David John Watts, Liskeard, Cornwall
15/11/95 Miss Tracey Jane Wearing, London S.E.19
31/07/58 Mr. Charles Paton Webb, Morpeth, Northumberland
15/04/93 Mr. Robert Edward Webb, Oxford
15/12/94 Miss Selina Lucy Weld Forester, London W.14
15/11/93 Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weltzien, Birmingham, West Midlands.
03/10/94 Mr. Clive Andrew West, Paris, France
01/06/70 Mr. William Henry Westmacott, London W.4
01/11/93 Miss Carolyn Wendy White, London SW1X
15/03/96 Mr. Matthew John White, Camberley, Surrey
01/11/94 Ms. Joanna Whiteford, London E.18
01/10/54 Mr. David Howard Trevor Whitting, Exeter, Devon
01/09/95 Ms. Christine Anne Whittle, Ankara, Turkey
01/05/91 Mr. Derek Gordon Wicks, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
15/10/80 Mr. Peter Francis Wickwar, Aldershot, Hampshire
15/11/93 Ms. Tracey Wilkinson, Tracey Wilkinson, Epsom, Surrey.
15/04/88 Mrs. Bethan Mair Williams, Tycroes, Gwynedd, Wales.
15/01/88 Mr. Christopher Miles Williams, Bournemouth, Dorset.
01/12/95 Ms. Clare Wilshaw, London S.W.5
01/10/54 Mr. Robert Crompton Wilson, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
15/02/96 Mrs. Jennifer Anne Wiltsher, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.
02/07/73 Mr. George William Angelo Winspur, Rochester, Kent.
17/12/90 Mrs. Frances Jean Witana, Reading, Berkshire
01/02/95 Mr. Chi Ming Allan Wong, Central, Hong Kong
15/09/95 Miss Natalie Mei Sin Wong, Central, Hong Kong
01/09/92 Mr. Pui Fai Wong, Central, Hong Kong
18/04/95 Mr. Wing Cheong Philip Wong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.
01/07/65 Mr. Peter Anthony James Wooderson, West Wickham, Kent.
01/10/51 Mr. Owen Ralph William Woodfield, Rochester, Kent
01/06/90 Ms. Elizabeth Mona Woodforde, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
01/12/89 Miss Frances Louise Woods, Olney, Buckinghamshire
15/10/93 Mrs. Manjit Kaur Woolf, London S.E.13
22/10/38 Mr. Douglas Leslie Wright, Oxted, Surrey
15/06/79 Mrs. Hilary Anna Wright, Reading, Berkshire
14/02/96 Miss Viven Lian Hiang Yap, 068808, Singapore
15/06/90 Mr. John Teong Kiat Yeap, Mid Levels, Hong Kong
11/01/66 Mr. Nigel Robin Edward Yeoman, McQueen Yeoman, Broadstone, Dorset.
01/12/92 Mr. Sai Yuen Yeung, Wanchai, Hong Kong
01/11/94 Miss Suzanne Yi Leng Ying, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
03/01/95 Mr. Nim Chor Yoong, 1543, Singapore
15/08/94 Ms. Cherry Tak-Ngan Yuen, Central, Hong Kong
17/07/95 Miss Suk Ming Yuen, North Point, Hong Kong