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Crown Office

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

Queen’s & Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer


The estates of the late persons listed below have fallen to the Crown as Ultimus Haeres.

Any blood relative of a person listed below who wishes to claim that person’s estate should apply to the Commissary Department of the Sheriff Court in the area to which the person lived, for appointment as Executor Dative on the basis that he or she is a specified blood relative of the person and for the Confirmation of the estate.

The Commissary Department or a solicitor will advise on how to obtain Confirmation and the legal duties of an Executor Dative.

If Confirmation is obtained, that document should be forwarded to The QLTR Department, Crown Office, 25 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LA, which will pay out the estate funds to the Executor named in the Confirmation issued for that estate. Please quote the relevant QLTR reference number when forwarding the Confirmation document.

NEIL SMITH, D.O.B. 10/02/1943, who resided at Marchhall House, Marchhall Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 5HP and who died at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Morningside Place, Edinburgh EH10 5HF on 16/04/2006 (£2856.68) QLTR Ref: UH/102/06

WILLIAM EDWARD CAMPBELL THOMSON, D.O.B. 13/07/1942, who resided at 14 Ettrick Road, Edinburgh EH10 5BJ and who died there on 02/03/2005 (£11115.96) QLTR Ref: UH/103/06

JESSIE MCLAGGAN ADAM (formerly MOYES), D.O.B. 26/08/1911, who resided at Mountview Nursing Home, Bracklinn Road, Callander FK17 8EH and who died there on 17/07/2003 (£2746.06) QLTR Ref: UH/110/06

MARGARET NORA RITCHIE, D.O.B. 30/12/1922, who resided at 39/14 Drum Court, Gilmerton Dykes Road, Edinburgh EH17 8QE and who died there on 26/11/2005 (£10698.13) QLTR Ref: UH/13/06

JAMES WILLIAM ANDERSON MENZIES HETHERINGTON, D.O.B. 29/12/1953, who resided at 15 Prospecthill Court, Greenock PA15 4ER and who died at Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Greenock PA16 0XN on 26/05/2005 (£11409.51) QLTR Ref: UH/175/05

ROBERT FISHER, D.O.B. 02/09/1934, who resided at 79 Beauly Avenue, Dundee DD3 0EX and who died there on 15/01/2006 (£9992.00) QLTR Ref: UH/188/05

WILLIAM RODGER, D.O.B. 19/10/1939, who resided at 26 Sandy Road, Glasgow G11 6HE and who died at Gartnavel General Hospital, Glasgow G12 0YN on 16/03/2005 (£5213.33) QLTR Ref: UH/24/06

JAMES WHYTE, D.O.B. 08/03/1920, who resided at 3/2 76 Carlisle Street, Springburn, Glasgow G21 1EF and who died at Royal Infirmary, Glasgow G4 0SF on 05/01/2006 (£16546.67) QLTR Ref: UH/34/06

ARTHUR (formerly RODMAN) GREENE, D.O.B. 30/04/1919, who resided at Flat 19A, 120 Wyndford Road, Maryhill, Glasgow G20 8HE and who died at Stobhill General Hospital, Glasgow G21 3UW on 05/02/2006 (£2423.01) QLTR Ref: UH/46/06

ROBERT WESTWOOD OGILVIE, D.O.B. 23/01/1946, who resided at Flat 0/2, 40 Ulva Street, Govan, Glasgow G52 1DL and who died there on 19/01/2006 (£3259.70) QLTR Ref: UH/49/06

IAN LESLIE, D.O.B. 30/07/1939, who resided at 11 Harrismith Place, Edinburgh EH7 5PE and who died there on 26/02/2006 (£3315.46) QLTR Ref: UH/73/06

MAY HOWIE BAILLIE (formerly STEWART), D.O.B. 10/05/1911, who resided at Stanley Park Residential Home, 35A Stanley Road, Paisley PA2 6HG and who died there on 26/04/2002 (£4378.46) QLTR Ref: UH/76/06

CHARLES REILLY, D.O.B. 03/04/1914, who resided at Greencross Care Home, 2 Tabernacle Street, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 8JN and who died there on 26/11/2005 (£6671.60) QLTR Ref: UH/81/06

WILLIAM SHILLINGLAW, D.O.B. 21/10/1923, who resided at Craigbank Nursing Home, 80 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5AD and who died there on 11/06/2006 (£8193.62) QLTR Ref: UH/87/06

JANET FREIL MARTINS, D.O.B. 23/12/1935, who resided at 203 Danes Drive, Scotstoun, Glasgow G14 9AQ and who died there on 10/12/2004 (£96755.31) QLTR Ref: UH/9/05

JEAN RANKIN WALL, D.O.B. 03/12/1921, who resided at 1/4 4 Princes Place, Glasgow G12 9HN and who died there on 29/11/2005 (£19539.73) QLTR Ref: UH/9/06

JOHN MILLER HOUSTON, D.O.B. 12/05/1950, who resided at 26 Sandy Road, Glasgow G11 6HE and who died there on 10/05/2006 (£9386.61) QLTR Ref: UH/90/06

JESSIE FISHER (formerly SMITH), D.O.B. 30/06/1909, who resided at Springburn Home, 62 Broomfield Road, Glasgow G21 3UB and who died at Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow G21 3UW on 25/07/2006 (£6575.35) QLTR Ref: UH/97/06

JOSEF PACEWICZ, D.O.B. 31/01/1928, who resided at Ashley Court Nursing Home, 26A St John’s Road, Edinburgh EH12 6NZ and who died there on 29/11/2005 (£28576.22) QLTR Ref: UH/98/06

WILLIAM CLARK GRAY, D.O.B. 21/02/1926, who resided at Deanfield Nursing Home, 40 Deanfield Quadrant, Glasgow G52 4ES and who died there on 15/03/2004 (£4057.43) QLTR Ref: UH/35/04

GERTRUDE LEITCH, D.O.B. 07/01/1904, who resided at Victoria Royal Infirmary, Langside Road, Glasgow G42 9TY and who died there on 22/11/2002 (£2442.37) QLTR Ref: UH/194/04

ANNIE KINLOCH WILSON NICOL (otherwise ANNE) WATSON, D.O.B. 12/09/1937, who resided at 96 Warriston Crescent, Carntyne, Glasgow G53 2JW and who died there on 26/04/2004 (£45908.68) QLTR Ref: UH/249/04