Companies Removed from Register

2003-03-21Companies Act 1985TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,
Companies Act 1985

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 652A of The Companies Act 1985, that at the end of three months from the date of the publication of this notice, the names of the companies in the list below will, unless cause is shown to the contrary, be struck off the register and the companies will be dissolved.

These companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

   A & R Business Equipment Limited

   Aberfair Limited

   AE (March) Limited

   Aerotek Consultants Limited

   A.K.P. (Engineering Consultants) Limited

   Alistair Lennox and the Thistle Dubh Ceilidh Band, The Thistle Dubh Ceilidh Band, Thistle Dubh Ceilidh Band

   Allbert Medical Services Ltd

   Alpha Phoenix Limited

   Anvil Enterprises (Netherley) Ltd

   ASAP Data Services

   Asheden Limited

   Ashens International Management Limited

   Assist UK

   Atlantic Management Consultancy Ltd

   BAAC Systems Limited

   Blue Sky Computing Limited

   Brightman Engineering Limited

   Business & Consultancy Services Ltd

   B Woodrow Ltd

   Cafe Pacific Ltd

   Caledonia Coaching Limited

   Campbell & Campbell (Scotland) Limited

   Careers Central Limited

   Carmichael Structural Design Limited

   Cash Exchangers Limited

   C Hassard Domestic Sewing Machines Ltd

   CKC Properties Ltd

   The Clark Consultancy Limited

   Claytronics Ltd

   Coldside Freezing Co. Limited

   Data Prospects Limited

   Deans Blinds Limited

   Deans Films (UK) Limited

   Deemg Ltd

   D F Marketing Services Ltd

   D.S.S. Project &.technical Services Limited

   Duncan Jackson Limited

   Dunwilco (980) Limited

   Durst Compression Technologies Ltd

   Eager Clean Limited

   ERC Consulting Ltd

   Erob Lan Solutions Limited

   EV Select Limited

   Forbes Warren Ltd

   Forthquest Limited

   Freelance Euro (Echo) Limited

   Glenvale Homes (Scotland) Limited

   Greenspace Limited

   Greenspace Energy Limited

   The Greenspace Group of Companies Limited

   Highland Workspace

   HR Computing Ltd

   Ice Making Equipment Sales (UK) Limited

   I.M. Upholstery Limited

   Inglis Allen (Scotland) Limited

   Innovation Scotland Limited

   Inverclyde Morton Limited

   Jildin Limited

   JLR Aircraft Maintenance Ltd

   John Lilburne Ltd

   KADJ Limited

   Key Call Services Limited

   Kristal (Scotland) Limited

   Loch Lomond Spring Water Limited

   Logieview Limited

   Macdes Limited

   Macsim Internet Limited

   Magenta (UK) Limited

   Marine Services Offshore Limited

   Matheson Smith Investments Limited

   The Mcm Corporation Limited

   Millar & Bryce ESOP Trustee Limited

   Mira Building Products (Scotland) Ltd

   Mitreshelf 519 Limited

   Mottram Inns Limited

   MVT Engineering Limited

   Newmains Light Industries Limited

   Oakwooddale Developments Limited

   One More Byte Limited

   Onslow (Outdoor) Limited

   Owner Information Ltd

   Paterson Travel & Tours Limited

   Pattison & Co. (Grummets) Limited

   Peniwok Limited

   Pet Management Consultants Limited

   Philip Swindells Limited

   Phoenix Semiconductor Sales Ltd

   P. McG. (Pipework) Ltd

   Prime Leisure Holiday Direct Limited

   Quay Promotions Limited

   Resolute Fishing Company Limited

   Robsland Services Limited

   Ross Integrated Security Systems Ltd

   Ryvoan Homes Limited

   Safety Inspection Services Limited

   Saje Environmental Ltd

   S. and L. Wines Limited

   Savemore Energy Ltd

   Scotia Truck & Van Limited

   The Scottish Greenspace Company Limited

   S.E.D. Limited

   SJC Engineering Services Limited

   Skillstore UK Limited

   Sports Events Scotland Limited

   Sprint Computer Maintenance Ltd

   St. Andrews Golf International Limited

   Stargate Retailing Ltd

   Stonehaven Motors Limited

   Summer Moon Retail Limited

   Take-a-Way Disposable Supplies Limited

   The Technical Partnership Ltd

   Third Limited

   Timos Limited

   T.P. Developments Limited

   Treeton 2 Limited

   TR Services (North Sea) Limited

   Tydpine Limited

   Uist 2000

   Utilidata Limited

   Vernals Limited

   V1 Consultancy Limited

   VRA (Licensees) Limited

   Whitelaw & Palmer Limited

   Williams Underwood (Design) Limited

   Witton Original Limited

   Yearlaser Limited

   Zaragon Limited

Companies House  Jim Henderson

37 Castle Terrace Registrar of Companies

Edinburgh EH1 2EB

21st March 2003