Companies Removed from Register

Companies Act 19852003-03-14TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,
Companies Act 1985

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 652A(5) of The Companies Act 1985, that the names of the undermentioned companies have been struck off the register. Such companies are accordingly dissolved as from the date of publication of this notice. These companies are being removed from the register at their own request.

The first notice of intended dissolution of these companies was published at least 98 days ago.

   Aberdeen Signs & Promotions Ltd

   Aberlane Designs Limited

   The Actors Directory Ltd

   Alrot Eradication Limited

   A M Identification Systems Limited

   Amro Property Services Limited

   Anzen Limited

   Artizin Limited

   Ashgrove Services Limited

   Autotenna Ltd

   Barony Executive Leasing Limited

   Borders Technology Centre Limited

   Brickworks (Scotland) Limited

   Burbank Engineering Limited

   Burns Enterprises Limited

   Cardow Consultants Limited.

   The Cateran Trail Company Ltd

   Cellular Concrete Limited

   Clune Brae (Boglestone) Ltd

   Craft & Design International Limited

   Davidson Training Limited

   Delphi Software Consulting Limited

   Dividers (Scotland) Ltd

   Divisions (Scotland) Ltd

   Driveline U.K. Limited

   Drumhope Limited

   Dunwilco (967) Limited

   Duvale (Scotland) Ltd

   Ecosse Projects Ltd

   The European Urban Institute

   Fairnilee Project Ltd

   Fenwick Property Co. Limited

   Freelance Euro (Bravo) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Hotel) Limited

   Freelance Euro (India) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Kilo) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Lima) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Mike) Limited

   Freelance Euro (November) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Oscar) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Papa) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Quebec) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Romeo) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Sierra) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Tango) Limited

   Freelance Euro (Uniform) Limited

   Gauldwell Properties Ltd

   G.CK Associates Limited

   G.D. Callum Engineering Services Limited

   The Glenfinnan Whisky Co. Limited

   Greengauge Projects Limited

   H. N. Consultants Limited

   ILH Design (Eng) Limited

   In-Store Shopfitters Limited

   Iwantacom Limited

   Jappy T.L.C. Limited

   Jesse Christman Limited

   Jsmarr Limited

   Kinloch Aviation Limited

   Kinmundy Communications Limited

   L.H.S.G. Associates Limited

   Loch Caroy Salmon Limited

   Lochinvar Conservatories Ltd

   Macruadh Technology Limited

   Maincost Limited

   Makespan Limited

   Matro Construction Company Limited

   McCall Bros. (Transport) Limited

   McCorquodale I.T. Limited

   McGregor Construction Services (Highlands) Limited

   McQueens Machines Limited

   Megrath Taxis Limited

   Midline Mediation Limited

   Minch Shipping and Trading Company Ltd (The)

   Morrison Enterprises Limited

   Morspot Limited

   Mosson Leisure Limited

   Next Generation Networks Ltd

   North East Consultants Limited

   Nova Accessories Limited

   N.S.K. Properties Limited

   O.c.i.c. (Scotland) Ltd

   151 Kings Road Limited

   Peter Stock Enterprises Limited

   Pickton Limited

   Pond Licence (1990) Limited

   Precision Field Services Limited

   Ray Boyd Associates Limited

   Reclam Limited

   Renbra Resources Ltd

   Rephall Limited

   Roland Kennedy Limited

   Ross Recruitment Limited

   Safedrive (UK) Limited

   San Sui (Glasgow) Ltd

   SBS Select Recruitment Limited

   Sevco Systems Limited

   S Freedman (Opticians) Limited

   Sharpdraw Limited

   Sharpworth Limited

   Shyboy Productions Limited

   Souvenir Productions Limited

   Stiacom International Ltd

   Super Express Couriers Limited

   Sureclean (1999) Limited

   Taylor Squared Limited

   Technically Write Ltd

   Technicia Limited

   Terragps Limited

   Third Millennium Communications Limited

   Third Millennium Media Limited

   Thistle Conservatory Systems Limited

   Thomas Coulter Building Services Limited

   Thom Turner Limited

   Trowel Trades Limited

   T.t.a.r.r. (Roofing) Limited

   Tweedhill Fisheries Limited

   Virtual Solutions Limited

   Waterfall Technology Limited

   W.B. Securities Limited

   W.G. Contracts Limited

   W.G. Walker & Company (Properties) Limited

   W.G. Walker (Contracts) Limited

   Wilson Joiners (Dingwall) Limited

Companies House  Jim Henderson

37 Castle Terrace Registrar of Companies

Edinburgh EH1 2EB

14th March 2003