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Forfeiture Committee: Statement regarding Cyril Smith following allegations of numerous crimes of a sexual nature.

The Forfeiture Committee considers recommendations to remove honours from individuals where a recipient has brought the honours system into disrepute. The Forfeiture Committee is not an investigative body and is unable to make a determination of guilt or innocence. Orders of Chivalry are living Orders and individuals cease to be a member when they die, therefore honours can not be removed from individuals now deceased.

Cyril Smith was awarded an MBE in 1966. He was knighted in 1988. He died on 3rd September 2010. Greater Manchester Police have since stated that criminal prosecution should have occurred during his lifetime. They added that there was ‘overwhelming evidence’ that he had sexually and physically abused young boys. The Forfeiture Committee can confirm that had Cyril Smith been convicted of the crimes of which he is accused, forfeiture proceedings would have commenced.