Coronavirus - Temporary continuity directions etc: education, training and childcare

Coronavirus Act 20202021-03-112021-04-012021-04-082021-04-09TSO (The Stationery Office),


On 1 April, Scottish Ministers have, in accordance with the obligations under section 38(2) and paragraph 13(4) of schedule 17 (Temporary Continuity Directions etc: Education, Training and Childcare: Scotland) of the Coronavirus Act 2020, reviewed Educational Continuity (No.10) Direction, which was given on 11 March 2021. After having regard to the advice relating to coronavirus from the Chief Medical Officer of the Scottish Administration, the Scottish Ministers are satisfied that the Direction remains a necessary and proportionate action for or in connection with the continuity of the provision of education for the remainder of the period during which it has effect.

1 April 2021