Notice to creditors (2446)

What is this notice?

  • Notice to the insolvent company's creditors that it is the director's intention to continue to head a company that is known by a prohibited name as it complies with an exception set out in Insolvency Act 1985 (S.216 (3)) for the purposes of, the carrying on of the whole or substantially the whole of the business of the insolvent company.
  • Notice from the administrator/liquidator that invites the creditors to prove their debts before declaring a dividend.

What legislation does it relate to?

  • The Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2007 (Rule 3 (2)(2)(b))
  • The Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2009 (Rule 12 (a)(3)(a))

Who places this notice?

  • A person (a director, or shadow director, of an insolvent company that has gone into insolvent liquidation)
  • The administrator/liquidator

Where can I find these notices on The Gazette website?

Notice 2446

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