Company insolvency statistics - Q3 2019

The July to September 2019 (Q3) company insolvency stats in England and Wales have been published by The Insolvency Service, together with related figures for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Company Insolvency Statistics Q3 2019

Company insolvency statistics for England and Wales - Q3 2019

  • total underlying company insolvencies increased in Q3 2019 compared with Q2 2019
  • this was driven by an increase in administrations and creditors voluntary liquidations
  • administrations have reached their highest quarterly level since Q1 2014
  • compulsory liquidations have fallen to their lowest level since Q4 2017

The seasonally adjusted figures show that there were 4,355 total underlying company insolvencies in Q2 2019 - a 0.4 per cent increase from Q2 2019. When compared to the same quarter last year, this was an increase of 1.6 per cent and the highest underlying level of insolvencies in any quarter since Q1 2014.

Administration and liquidation statistics for England and Wales - Q3 2019

  • there were 484 administrations in total
  • this is 20% higher than Q2 2019 and the highest quarterly level since Q1 2014
  • the liquidation rate remains low, with 1 in every 239 companies liquidated in the 12 months ending Q3 2019
  • this was slightly down from 1 in 237 companies in Q2 2019

Unlike the absolute number of liquidations over a period, the liquidation rate indicates the probability of a company entering liquidation in the previous four quarters. In general, periods of economic growth result in liquidation rates decreasing.

Industry sector insolvency findings for England and Wales - Q3 2019

  • the construction industry had the highest number of new underlying company insolvencies with 3,106
  • the accommodation and food services industry group saw the largest increase in underlying insolvency volumes with 39 extra cases (a 1.7% increase)

The administrative and support services grouping saw 2,585 underlying company insolvencies in Q3 2019, however the group also saw the largest decrease in volumes with 50 fewer cases compared with Q2 2019 (a 1.9 per cent decrease). The wholesale and retail trade, repair of vehicles industrial grouping also saw a significant number of cases, with a total of 2,409 underlying company insolvencies. 

Scotland company insolvency statistics - Q3 2019

  • company insolvencies in Scotland increased
  • there were 253 company insolvencies in Q3 2019
  • this was an increase 8.16% compared to the same quarter of the previous year

Due to administrative differences, most company liquidations in Scotland are compulsory liquidations. This contrasts with England and Wales where creditors voluntary liquidations (CVLs) account for most company liquidations. Figures in Scotland are also not seasonally adjusted.

Northern Ireland company insolvency statistics - Q3 2019

  • total insolvencies decreased in Northern Ireland
  • there were 79 company insolvencies in Q3 2019
  • this was a decrease of 21.5% compared with the same quarter of the previous year

Please note, the figures for Northern Ireland are not seasonally-adjusted.

Next insolvency statistics release

Figures for Q4 2019 will be released on 30 January 2020 at 9.30am.

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