New guidance on reporting misconduct released

Detailed information about how to complain to the Insolvency Service about misconduct by companies, directors and bankrupts, and what will be done about it, has been released.

The Insolvency Service has powers given to it by law to consider complaints about:

  • people who are bankrupt or have a debt relief order
  • individuals subject to bankruptcy or debt relief restrictions
  • live companies where we’ve received reports of serious corporate abuse such as significant misconduct, fraud, scams or sharp practice in the way the company operates
  • the conduct of directors of companies that have entered into formal insolvency proceedings (administration, administrative receivership, creditors’ voluntary and compulsory liquidation)
  • a disqualified director/ bankrupt or somebody who has a debt relief order acting as a company director whilst disqualified or otherwise breaching their restrictions
  • the reuse of prohibited company names

If appropriate, the Insolvency Service will forward the complaint to an independent team within the Insolvency Service to consider whether a criminal offence has been committed.

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