Commonwealth New Year and Birthday Honours lists (1981-2021)

Gazette supplements that detail New Year and Birthday Honours for UK overseas territories and dependencies are published on behalf of the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood. They include military, civilian and diplomatic awards other than for gallantry, such as:

  • Companion of Honour
  • Knight or Dame
  • Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)
  • Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
  • Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
  • British Empire Medal (BEM)
  • Overseas Territories Police and Fire Services Medals
  • Royal Victorian Order (RVO)

Citizens of all 15 commonwealth realms may receive honours through the UK honours system. They include:

  • Antigua
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • Cook Islands
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Solomon Islands
  • St Christopher and Nevis
  • St Lucia
  • St Vincent
  • Tuvalu

Commonwealth New Year and Birthday Honours by year


63219 Bahamas New Year honours

63220 Grenada New Year honours

63221 Solomon Islands New Year honours

63222 Belize New Year honours

63223 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours

63224 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours

63378 Cook Islands Birthday honours

63379 Bahamas Birthday honours

63380 Grenada Birthday honours

63381 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

63382 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

63383 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


62867 Barbados New Year honours 

62868 Bahamas New Year honours 

62869 Grenada New Year honours 

62870 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

62871 Belize New Year honours 

62872 Antigua & Barbuda New Year honours 

62873 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

63136 Cook Islands Birthday honours

63137 Bahamas Birthday honours

63138 Grenada Birthday honours

63139 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

63140 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

63141 Saint Lucia Birthday honours


62508 Barbados New Year honours 

62509 Bahamas New Year honours 

62510 Grenada New Year honours 

62511 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

62512 Tuvalu New Year honours 

62513 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

62514 St. Vincent and the Grenadines New Year honours

62515 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

62667 Cook Islands Birthday honours

62668 Barbados Birthday honours

62669 Bahamas Birthday honours

62670 Grenada Birthday honours

62671 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

62672 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

62673 St Lucia Birthday honours

62674 Belize Birthday honours

62675 Antigua & Barbuda Birthday honours

62676 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


62151 Barbados New Year honours

62152 Bahamas New Year honours

62153 Grenada New Year honours

62154 Solomon Islands New Year honours

62155 Belize New Year honours

62156 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours

62157 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours

62311 Cook Islands Birthday honours

62312 Bahamas Birthday honours

62313 Grenada Birthday honours

62314 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

62315 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

62316 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

62317 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


61804 Grenada New Year honours

61805 Soloman Islands New Year honours

61806 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours

61807 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours

61963 Cook Islands Birthday honours

61964 Grenada Birthday honours

61965 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

61966 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

61967 Tuvalu Birthday honours

61968 Saint Lucia Birthday honours


61451 Barbados New Year honours

61452 Bahamas New Year honours

61453 Grenada New Year honours

61454 Solomon Islands New Year honours

61455 Tuvalu New Year honours

61456 Belize New Year honours

61457 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours

61458 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours

61609 Cook Islands Birthday honours

61610 Grenada Birthday honours

61611 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

61612 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

61613 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

61614 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


61093 Barbados New Year honours 

61094 Grenada New Year honours 

61095 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

61096 Tuvalu New Year honours 

61097 Belize New Year honours 

61098 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

61099 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

61257 Cook Islands Birthday honours

61258 Bahamas Birthday honours

61259 Grenada Birthday honours

61260 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

61261 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

61262 Tuvalu Birthday honours

61263 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

61264 Belize Birthday honours


60729 Cook Islands New Year honours

60730 Barbados New Year honours 

60731 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

60732 Tuvalu New Year honours 

60733 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

60734 St Vincent New Year honours 

60735 Belize New Year honours 

60736 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

60737 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

60896 Barbados Birthday honours 

60897 Grenada Birthday honours 

60898 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

60899 Solomon Islands Birthday honours 

60900 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

60901 Belize Birthday honours 


60368 Cook Islands New Year honours 

60369 Barbados New Year honours 

60370 Grenada New Year honours 

60371 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

60372 St Vincent New Year honours 

60373 Belize New Year honours 

60374 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

60375 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

60535 Grenada Birthday honours 

60536 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

60537 Solomon Birthday honours 

60538 Tuvalu Birthday honours 

60539 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

60540 Belize Birthday honours 


60010 Cooks Islands New Year honours 

60011 Grenada New Year honours 

60012 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

60013 St Vincent New Year honours 

60014 Belize New Year honours 

60015 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

60016 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

60174 Cooks Islands Birthday honours 

60175 Barbados Birthday honours 

60176 Grenada Birthday honours 

60177 Solomon Birthday honours 

60178 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

60179 Belize Birthday honours 

60180 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours 

60207 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 


59648 Cook Islands New Year honours 

59649 Grenada New Year honours 

59650 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

59651 Tuvalu New Year honours 

59652 St Vincent New Year honours 

59653 Belize New Year honours 

59654 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

59655 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

59809 Barbados Birthday honours 

59810 Grenada Birthday honours 

59811 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

59812 Solomon Birthday honours 

59813 Tuvalu Birthday honours 

59814 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

59815 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours 


59283 Cook Islands New Year honours 

59284 Barbados New Year honours 

59285 Grenada New Year honours 

59286 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

59287 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

59288 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

59289 Belize New Year honours 

59290 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

59291 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

59447 Bahamas Birthday honours 

59448 Grenada Birthday honours 

59449 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

59450 Solomon Birthday honours 

59451 Tuvalu Birthday honours 

59452 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

59453 St Vincent Birthday honours 

59454 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours 


58930 Cook Islands New Year honours 

58931 Barbados New Year honours 

58932 Grenada New Year honours 

58933 St Vincent New Year honours 

58934 Belize New Year honours 

58935 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

58936 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

59091 Bahamas Birthday honours 

59092 Grenada Birthday honours 

59093 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

59094 Solomon Islands Birthday honours 

59095 Tuvalu Birthday honours 

59096 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

59097 Belize Birthday honours 

59098 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours 


58558 Cook Islands New Year honours 

58559 Barbados New Year honours 

58560 Grenada New Year honours 

58561 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

58562 Tuvalu New Year honours 

58563 St Vincent New Year honours 

58564 Belize New Year honours 

58565 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

58566 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

58730 Barbados Birthday honours 

58731 Bahamas Birthday honours 

58732 Grenada Birthday honours 

58733 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

58734 Solomon Islands Birthday honours 

58735 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

58736 Belize Birthday honours 


58197 Cook Islands New Year honours 2007

58198 Bahamas New Year honours 2007

58199 Grenada New Year honours 2007

58200 Solomon Islands New Year honours 2007

58201 Tuvalu New Year honours 2007

58202 St Vincent New Year honours 2007

58203 Belize New Year honours 2007

58204 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 2007

58205 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 2007

58359 Cook Islands Birthday honours 2007

58360 Barbados Birthday honours 2007

58361 Grenada Birthday honours 2007

58362 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 2007

58363 Solomon Birthday honours 2007

58364 Tuvalu Birthday honours 2007

58365 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 2007

58366 Belize Birthday honours 2007

58367 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours 


57856 Grenada New Year honours 

57857 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

57858 Tuvalu New Year honours 

57859 St Vincent New Year honours 

57860 Belize New Year honours 

57861 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

58015 Cook Islands Birthday honours 

58016 Grenada Birthday honours 

58017 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

58018 Solomon Islands Birthday honours 

58019 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 

58020 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours 


57510 Barbados New Year honours 

57511 Grenada New Year honours 

57512 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

57513 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

57514 Tuvalu New Year honours 

57515 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

57516 St Vincent New Year honours 

57517 Belize New Year honours 

57518 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

57666 Cook Islands Birthday honours 

57667 Bahamas Birthday honours 

57668 Grenada Birthday honours 

57669 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

57670 Solomon Birthday honours 

57671 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 


57156 Barbados New Year honours 

57157 Bahamas New Year honours 

57158 Grenada New Year honours 

57159 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

57160 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

57161 Tuvalu New Year honours 

57162 St Vincent New Year honours 

57163 Belize New Year honours 

57164 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 


56798 Barbados New Year honours 

56799 Bahamas New Year honours 

56800 Grenada New Year honours 

56801 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

56802 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

56803 Tuvalu New Year honours 

56804 St Vincent New Year honours 

56805 Belize New Year honours 

56806 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

56964 Cook Islands Birthday honours

56965 Grenada Birthday honours

56966 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

56967 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

56968 Saint Lucia Birthday honours


56431 Barbados New Year honours 

56432 Bahamas New Year honours 

56433 Grenada New Year honours 

56434 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

56435 Tuvalu New Year honours 

56436 St Vincent New Year honours 

56437 Belize New Year honours 

56438 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

56596 Cook Islands Birthday honours

56597 Barbados Birthday honours

56598 Grenada Birthday honours

56599 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

56600 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

56601 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

56602 St Vincent Birthday honours

56603 Belize Birthday honours

56604 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

56605 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


56071 Cook Islands New Year honours 

56072 Barbados New Year honours 

56073 Grenada New Year honours 

56074 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

56075 St Vincent New Year honours 

56076 Belize New Year honours 

56077 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

56237 Barbados Birthday honours

56238 Barbados Birthday honours

56239 Bahamas Birthday honours

56240 Grenada Birthday honours

56241 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

56242 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

56243 Tuvalu Birthday honours

56244 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

56245 St Vincent Birthday honours

56246 Belize Birthday honours

56247 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


55712 Cook Islands New Year honours 

55713 Barbados New Year honours 

55714 Bahamas New Year honours 

55715  Grenada New Year honours 

55716 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

55717 St Vincent New Year honours 

55718 Belize New Year honours 

55719 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

55720 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

55880 Barbados Birthday honours

55881 Bahamas Birthday honours

55882 Grenada Birthday honours

55883 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

55884 Tuvalu Birthday honours

55885 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

56003 Solomon Islands Birthday honours


55355 Cook Islands New Year honours 

55356 Grenada New Year honours 

55357 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

55358 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

55359 St Vincent New Year honours 

55360 Belize New Year honours 

55361 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

55362 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

55514 Bahamas Birthday honours

55515 Grenada Birthday honours

55516 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

55517 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

55518 Tuvalu Birthday honours

55519 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

55520 St Vincent Birthday honours

55521 Belize Birthday honours


54994 Barbados New Year honours 

54995 Grenada New Year honours 

54996 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

54997 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

54998 Tuvalu New Year honours 

54999 St Vincent New Year honours 

55000 Belize New Year honours 

55001 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

55002 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

55156 Cook Islands Birthday honours

55157 Barbados Birthday honours

55158 Bahamas Birthday honours

55159 Grenada Birthday honours

55160 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

55161 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

55162 Tuvalu Birthday honours

55163 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

55164 St Vincent Birthday honours

55165 Belize Birthday honours

55166 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


54626 Cook Islands New Year honours 

54628 Grenada New Year honours 

54629 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

54630 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

54631 Tuvalu New Year honours 

54632 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

54633 St Vincent New Year honours 

54634 Belize New Year honours 

54635 Antigua and Barbuda  New Year honours 

54636 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

54797 Cook Islands Birthday honours

54798 Bahamas Birthday honours

54799 Grenada Birthday honours

54800 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

54801 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

54802 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

54803 St Vincent Birthday honours

54804 Belize Birthday honours

54805 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


54256 New Zealand New Year honours 1996

54257 Bahamas New Year honours 1996

54258 Grenada New Year honours 1996

54259 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 1996

54260 Solomon Islands New Year honours 1996

54261 Tuvalu New Year honours 

54262 St Vincent New Year honours 

54263 Belize New Year honours 

54264 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

54428 Barbados Birthday honours

54429 Bahamas Birthday honours

54430 Grenada Birthday honours

54432 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

54433 Tuvalu Birthday honours

54434 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

54435 St Vincent Birthday honours

54436 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


53894 New Zealand New Year honours 

53895 Bahamas New Year honours 

53896 Grenada New Year honours 

53897 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

53898 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

53899 Tuvalu New Year honours 

53900 St Vincent New Year honours 

53901 Belize New Year honours 

54067 New Zealand Birthday honours

54068 Barbados Birthday honours

54069 Grenada Birthday honours

54070 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

54071 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

54072 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

54073 Belize Birthday honours

54074 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

54075  St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


53528 New Zealand New Year honours 

53529 Bahamas New Year honours 

53530 Grenada New Year honours 

53531 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

53532 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

53533 St Vincent New Year honours 

53534 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

53535 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

53697 New Zealand Birthday honours

53698 Grenada Birthday honours

53699 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

53700 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

53701 Tuvalu Birthday honours

53702 Belize Birthday honours


53154 New Zealand New Year honours 

53155 Bahamas New Year honours 

53156 Grenada New Year honours 

53157 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

53158 Tuvalu New Year honours 

53159 St Vincent New Year honours 

53160 Belize New Year honours 

52953 New Zealand New Year honours 

52954 Grenada New Year honours 

52955 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

52956 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

52957 St Vincent New Year honours 

52958 Belize New Year honours 

52959 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

52960 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

53334 New Zealand Birthday honours 

53335 Barbados Birthday honours 

53336 Bahamas Birthday honours 

53337 Grenada Birthday honours 

53338 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours 

53340 Saint Lucia Birthday honours 


52778 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

52777 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

52776 Belize New Year honours 

52775 St Vincent New Year honours 

52774 Tuvalu New Year honours 

52773 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

52772 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

52771 Grenada New Year honours 

52770 Bahamas New Year honours 

52769 Mauritius New Year honours 

52768 New Zealand New Year honours 


52383 New Zealand New Year honours 

52384 Mauritius New Year honours 

52385 Bahamas New Year honours 

52386 Grenada New Year honours 

52387 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

52388 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

52389 Tuvalu New Year honours 

52390 St Vincent New Year honours 

52391 Belize New Year honours 

52392 Antigua New Year honours 

52393 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

52564 New Zealand Birthday honours

52565 Mauritius Birthday honours

52566 Bahamas Birthday honours

52567 Grenada Birthday honours

52568 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

52569 Tuvalu Birthday honours

52570 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

52571 St Vincent Birthday honours

52572 Belize Birthday honours

52573 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


51982 New Zealand New Year honours 

51983 Barbados New Year honours 

51984 Mauritius New Year honours 

51985 Grenada New Year honours 

51986 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

51987 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

51988 St Vincent New Year honours 

51989 Belize New Year honours 

51990 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

51991 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

51783 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

51782 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

51781 St Vincent New Year honours 

51780 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

51779 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

51778 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

51777 Grenada New Year honours 

51776 Bahamas New Year honours 

51775 Mauritius New Year honours 

51774 New Zealand New Year honours 

51773 Australia New Year honours 

52174 New Zealand Birthday honours

52175 Mauritius Birthday honours

52176 Bahamas Birthday honours

52177 Grenada Birthday honours

52178 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

52179 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

52180 Tuvalu Birthday honours

52181 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

52182 St Vincent Birthday honours

52183 Belize Birthday honours

52184 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


51579 Australia New Year honours 

51580 New Zealand New Year honours 

51581 Mauritius New Year honours 

51582 Bahamas New Year honours 

51583 Grenada New Year honours 

51584 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

51585 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

51586 St Vincent New Year honours 

51587 Belize New Year honours 

51588 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

51589 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 


51182 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

51181 Belize New Year honours 

51180 St Vincent New Year honours 

51179 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

51178 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

51177 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

51176 Grenada New Year honours 

51175 Bahamas New Year honours 

51174 Mauritius New Year honours 

51173 New Zealand New Year honours 

51172 Australia New Year honours 

51366 Australia Birthday honours

51367 New Zealand Birthday honours

51368 Mauritius Birthday honours

51369 Bahamas Birthday honours

51370 Grenada Birthday honours

51371 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

51372 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

51373 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

51374 St Vincent Birthday honours

51375 Belize Birthday honours

51376 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

51377 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


50765 Australia New Year honours 

50766 New Zealand New Year honours

50767 Barbados New Year honours 

50768 Mauritius New Year honours 

50769 Fiji New Year honours 

50770 Grenada New Year honours 

50771 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

50772 Tuvalu New Year honours 

50773 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

50774 St Vincent New Year honours 

50775 Belize New Year honours 

50776 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

50777 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

50949 Australia Birthday honours

50950 New Zealand Birthday honours

50951 Barbados Birthday honours

50952 Mauritius Birthday honours

50953 Fiji Birthday honours

50954 Bahamas Birthday honours

50955 Grenada Birthday honours

50956 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

50957 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

50958 Tuvalu Birthday honours

50959 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

50960 St Vincent Birthday honours

50961 Belize Birthday honours

50962 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

50963 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


50362 New Zealand New Year honours 

50363 Mauritius New Year honours 

50364 Fiji New Year honours 

50365 Bahamas New Year honours 

50366 Grenada New Year honours 

50367 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

50368 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

50369 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

50370 St Vincent New Year honours 

50371 Belize New Year honours 

50372 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

50373 St Christopher and Nevis New Year honours 

50552 Australia Birthday honours

50553 New Zealand Birthday honours

50554 Mauritius Birthday honours

50555 Fiji Birthday honours

50556 Bahamas Birthday honours

50557 Grenada Birthday honours

50558 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

50559 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

50560 Tuvalu Birthday honours

50561 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

50562 St Vincent Birthday honours

50563 Belize Birthday honours

50564 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

50565 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


50155 New Zealand Birthday honours

50156 Mauritius Birthday honours

50157 Fiji Birthday honours

50158 Grenada Birthday honours

50159 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

50161 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

50162 St Vincent Birthday honours

50163 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours


49584 New Zealand New Year honours 

49585 Fiji New Year honours 

49586 Bahamas New Year honours 

49587 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

49588 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

49589 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

49590 St Vincent New Year honours 

49591 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours

49970 New Zealand Birthday honours

49971 Barbados Birthday honours

49972 Mauritius Birthday honours

49973 Fiji Birthday honours

49974 Bahamas Birthday honours

49975 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

49976 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

49977 Tuvalu Birthday honours

49978 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

49979 St Vincent Birthday honours

49980 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

49981 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours

49769 New Zealand Birthday honours

49770 Mauritius Birthday honours

49771 Fiji Birthday honours

49772 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

49773 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

49774 Tuvalu Birthday honours

49775 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

49776 Belize Birthday honours

49777 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

49778 St Christopher and Nevis Birthday honours


49214 New Zealand New Year honours 

49215 Bahamas New Year honours 

49216 Fiji New Year honours 

49218 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

49219 Tuvalu New Year honours 

49220 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

49221 St Vincent New Year honours 

49222 Antigua and Barbuda New Year honours 

49213 Australia New Year honours 

49383 Antigua and Barbuda Birthday honours

49382 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

49381 Tuvalu Birthday honours

49380 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

49379 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

49378 Fiji Birthday honours

49377 Barbados Birthday honours

49376 New Zealand Birthday honours


48838 Australia New Year honours

48839 New Zealand New Year honours

48840 Mauritius New Year honours

48841 Fiji New Year honours

48842 Papua New Guinea New Year honours

48843 Solomon Islands New Year honours

48844 Tuvalu New Year honours

48845 Saint Lucia New Year honours

49009 Australia Birthday honours

49010 New Zealand Birthday honours

49011 Barbados Birthday honours

49012 Mauritius Birthday honours

49013 Fiji Birthday honours

49014 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

49015 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

49016 Tuvalu Birthday honours


48468 Australia New Year honours 

48469 New Zealand New Year honours 

48470 Mauritius New Year honours 

48471 Fiji New Year honours 

48472 Bahamas New Year honours 

48473 Papua New Guinea New Year honours 

48474 Solomon Islands New Year honours 

48475 Tuvalu New Year honours 

48476 Saint Lucia New Year honours 

48477 St Vincent New Year honours

48640 Australia Birthday honours

48641 New Zealand Birthday honours

48642 Mauritius Birthday honours

48643 Fiji Birthday honours

48644 Bahamas Birthday honours

48645 Papua New Guinea Birthday honours

48646 Solomon Islands Birthday honours

48647 Tuvalu Birthday honours

48648 Saint Lucia Birthday honours

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