'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign launched for UK businesses

The UK government has launched its ‘largest ever public information campaign’, urging the public and business owners to ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ on 31 October 2019.

Get Ready for Brexit camapign launch

What is the ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign?

‘Get Ready for Brexit’ is a campaign launched by the UK government to get business owners and the public prepared for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. The campaign will run across television, social media, billboards and other platforms over the next two months.

It comes after government research showed that only 50 per cent of the population think it’s likely the UK will leave the EU on 31 October.

The same research also showed that 42 per cent of small-to-medium sized businesses are unsure of how they can get ready and just 31 per cent of the British public have looked for information on how to prepare for Brexit.

The campaign will set out what all members of the public and business owners might need to do, if anything, to get ready to leave the EU on 31 October.

What advice does ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ give to companies?

The campaign will offer businesses specific information depending on their industry. Some of the key actions companies may need to take include:

  • acquire an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number to export to the EU
  • businesses that are VAT registered will automatically be issued an EORI number, but micro businesses still need to register themselves
  • obtain the correct documents to transport goods at the border
  • apply for the vital support packages available for businesses, such as grants

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove said: “Ensuring an orderly Brexit is not only a matter of national importance, but a shared responsibility. This campaign will encourage the country to come together to Get Ready for Brexit on 31 October.”

How can UK businesses prepare for Brexit?

On a new section on the government website, new checker tools have been created so audiences can identify what they need to do to get ready for Brexit quickly.

As well as a tool for individuals who live, work or travel to countries in the European Union, there is also a tool for business owners to find out:

  • what your business or organisation may need to do to prepare for Brexit
  • what’s changing in your industry
  • information on specific rules and regulations

There will also be ‘how to’ videos and step by step guides on the actions you need to take to prepare for leaving the EU.

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