Does your business display the HSE health and safety law poster?

HSE law posterIf you employ anyone, you must display the HSE health and safety law poster, or provide each worker with a pocket card or leaflet. This is to make sure that staff members are well-informed about health and safety laws.

The poster outlines the obligations of employers and employees, as well as next steps if anyone has concerns about health and safety in the workplace.

You can also add details of any employee safety representatives or health and safety contacts.

The poster needs to be placed in a prominent position, or you must provide each worker with a copy of the equivalent leaflet or pocket card (as a download or hard copy).

Publications sourced directly from HSE Books will be genuine.

And if you’ve ever been asked about staff work break entitlement, or what the maximum or minimum temperature at work must be, you may also be interested in the FAQs area of the HSE website.