Using company profiles to grow a new business

libraryGill Dean, information and learning services officer at Buckinghamshire Libraries, offers an example of how company profiles have helped a new business.

Libraries are a useful source of information in our communities, and people often make it a priority to visit one before embarking on a project.

This was certainly the case with a recent visitor to to Aylesbury Library. The customer had her own HR consultancy and was looking to grow the business. 

After a short discussion, I suggested that the new business profiles, a recent addition to The Gazette website, would be worth a look – targeting small enterprises between two and four years old, these could potentially be the ones looking for her services.

Using the desired location and dates, we soon came up with a workable list that could then be saved by using the option to create a free account. The customer was really pleased to learn about the business profiles platform, and said that she will be making good use of it and adding it to her favourites.

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