The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

GNUFThe Queen's Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) is the highest award given to UK volunteer groups, being equivalent to the MBE.

The prestigious award recognises exceptional work done by volunteer groups in their communities.

When are the awards announced?

QAVS awardees are announced annually on 2 June, when a special London Gazette supplement, detailing all winning groups according to region, is published.

This national honour was first announced in April 2002 to mark the anniversary of the Queen's coronation, with the first awardees announced in 2003 (Gazette issue 56950).

How are the winners nominated and chosen?

Anyone aware of the group, including people who benefit from the group's activities, may make a nomination. After consideration, local assessment panels send their chosen nominations to a national award committee. 

GNUFWho is eligible?    

  • The group should be made up of two or more people.    
  • The group's work must have been operating for a minimum of three years.
  • More than half the people who work in the group must be volunteers.
  • More than half the group's volunteers must have the right of residence in the UK.
  • The group must have the appropriate insurance(s) required for it's work.
  • The group must satisfy requirements to safeguard children and vulnerable adults, if appropriate.

How can I nominate a group?

Nominations must be online and before a specified date in September to be considered for the following year's awards - read the guidance notes and find out how to register for more information.  

winners standing in a groupThe Gazette QAVS supplements

The annual awards for outstanding work in the local community are published in The Gazette, and can be found according to year below:

2003: The London Gazette, issue 56950

2004: The London Gazette, issue 57305

2005: The London Gazette, issue 57656

2006: The London Gazette, issue 57998

2007: The London Gazette, issue 58343

2008: The London Gazette, issue 58714

2009: The London Gazette, issue 59086

2010: The London Gazette, issue 59435

2011: The London Gazette, issue 59799awardees to

2012: The London Gazette, issue 60161

2013: The London Gazette, issue 60522

2014: The London Gazette, issue 60882

2015: The London Gazette, issue 61244

2016: The London Gazette, issue 61599 

2017: The London Gazette, issue 61945 

2018: The London Gazette, issue 62303 

2019: The London Gazette, issue 62658

Find out more at and The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service website 

Images (from top), 2017 awardees: 

  • The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, an inclusive, inspiring weekend of arts and music in Huddersfield, 'events to connect, inspire and promote the very best in all of us', © James Millar
  • Loughborough Students' Action, '25,000 hours of volunteering annually; helping all ages; improving social support, education and the environment'.
  • Thames Valley Kings Wheelchair Basketball Club, 'providing those with and without physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in wheelchair basketball'.