Company profiles FAQs

What is a Gazette company profile?

The Gazette company profiles provide an up-to-date, accurate picture of all UK businesses registered with Companies House on an official platform, pulling data from multiple official sources. We create your initial company profile using Gazette data and data from Companies House, but you can customise your profile if you want to.

Can a Gazette profile page help my business?

An organisation’s business history can be crucial for maintaining reputation and confidence. The Gazette is a trusted, reliable and official source of information, accessed by more than 150,000 potential customers every month.

Every UK business registered with Companies House has an official company profile on The Gazette, which receives approximately 17 million page views every year. This means that you can direct potential customers to a web page containing important, verified company information. Our sophisticated search functions  means that potential customers can easily find your profile on The Gazette too. Watch our short video to find out more.

Can I add information to my company profile?

Yes. For a small fee you can add the following information to help your profile stand out:

  • website URL
  • logo
  • social media links
  • phone number
  • an introduction to your company

See how to customise your company profile or watch our short video.

Can I remove information from my company profile?

The information for your initial company profile is taken from The Gazette (and is required by statute to be published in The Gazette, under s.1064 of the Companies Act 2006:, or from Companies House.

If you have concerns about any personal data in your company profile please email our customer services department, detailing your company name and company number.

I think I have found a fraudulent company profile. What should I do?

If you believe there is a fraudulent company profile, you should contact Companies House by emailing