Leaving money to charity in your will? Nearly half intend to

A survey by The British Heart Foundation conducted in March showed that 43% or respondents (over half of 2,000 people asked) would leave more than £1 to charity as a legacy.

The reasons for leaving money to charities were most likely to be:

  • having a personal link to the cause (52%)
  • feeling good about giving something back to society (28%)
  • that it is an important thing to do (16%)

Only 1 in 10 said that guilt was their main motivation for giving.The most popular gift size as a legacy was between £100 and £499. 

Gayle Brewer, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, said: "Giving back to society and the act of donating time or money to help improve the lives of others will always be key to an overall sense of wellbeing within an individual. These positive feelings can only be extended by writing a will that leaves a gift to charity."

Nearly a third of respondents said that they donate money every month to charity (on average £16.58), with just 10 per cent never donating to charity.