The Gazette datafeed service

The Gazette is the primary source for vital data which many banks, creditors, probate consultancy firms, credit reference agencies, and insolvency practitioners require on a day to day basis. Ensuring that information is available to people when and how they need it, The Gazette offers a range of exciting digital services including a series of efficient and easy-to-integrate bespoke datafeeds.

Where in many cases The Gazette is first to obtain primary data across several sectors, including insolvency information, bankruptcy information, winding-up petitions and orders, new appointments, and deceased estates notices, The Gazette datafeeds can be sent to companies on the same day of publication, allowing you to be the first to obtain vital and industry-specific information.

As an essential tool for many companies, The Gazette datafeed service includes the provision of efficient and easy-to-integrate feeds in a variety of formats, giving users immediate access to Gazette data in a way that can be organised and filtered according to specific needs and targets.

For more information about The Gazette datafeed service or the ways in which The Gazette datafeeds may be able to meet your specific requirements, please speak to our customer service team at