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Town and Country Planning Act 1990TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990-3.18267951.488786CF10 3NQThe City and County of Cardiff2011-08-312008-03-062012-06-28CF103NQTSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Welsh Government



Notice is hereby given that the Welsh Ministers propose to make an Order under Legislation section: section 247 of the Legislation: Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to authorise the stopping up of the area of highway described in Schedule 1 to this Notice and to provide for the new areas of highway described in Schedule 2 to this Notice.

If the Order is made, the stopping up will be authorised only in order to enable the development described in Schedule 3 of this Notice to be carried out. The Order will cease to have effect if the planning permission expires or is revoked.

During the 28 days from 28 June 2012, copies of the Order and the deposited plan may be inspected free of charge at the Newtown Area Library Park Lane, Newtown, Powys or may be obtained free of charge from the address below.

Within the above mentioned period of 28 days, any person may, by notice to the Welsh Government, Transport, Orders Branch, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ, object to the making of the Order. Should you wish to object, support or make representations, we may need to consult with people and organisations outside of the Welsh Government. As part of the process of consulting with others, the information you have given us and your personal data will be passed to the applicant/developer and on occasion the local highway authority to enable them to respond to you. We will however, only disclose your personal details where it is necessary to do so to enable us to deal with issues you have brought to our attention. Where a stopping up Order becomes the subject of a Public Inquiry (PI), all correspondence is copied to the inspector of the Inquiry and is kept in PI Library when it is publicly available.

A copy of the Order and Notice can be viewed at the Welsh Government’s website at (Select Legislation/Subordinate Legislation/Draft Legislation/Draft Non-Statutory Instruments/Town and Country Planning Act Stopping Up Orders.)

M D Burnell, Transport


Schedule 1

(All measurements are approximate)

Description of the area of highway to be stopped up under this Order

An irregularly shaped area of the unclassified highway U2544 from a point between Barn number 1 and Barn number 2 in a north easterly direction to a point 48.5 metres from its junction with the C2176. The area has a length of 297 metres, a maximum width of 3.5 metres and a total area of 1,001 square metres. The area extends from point A to point B on the deposited plan.

Schedule 2

Description of the new areas of highway to be provided under this Order

i. An irregularly shaped area of highway being a turning head situated 37.8 metres from the junction with the C2176 with a length of 11 metres, a maximum width of 5 metres and a total area of 66 square metres. The area has a reference point C on the deposited plan

ii. An irregularly shaped area of highway running from the C2176 to the stopped up area of the U2554, with a length of 146 metres, a maximum width of 5.5 metres, and a total area of 504 square metres. The area extends from point D to point E on the deposited plan

Schedule 3

Proposed Development

The conversion of 3 agricultural buildings to form 3 dwellings, formation of vehicular access, installation of a septic tank and associated works at Rhos Yr Haidd, Carno, Caersws, Powys in accordance with planning permission granted under Part III of the Act of 1990 by the Council on 6 March 2008 under reference M/2007/0954 as varied by the Council on 31 August 2011 under reference P/2011/0816.