European Economic Interest Grouping

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Notice is hereby given, pursuant to regulation 15(1)(a) of the European Economic Interest Grouping Regulations 1989, that the following European Economic Interest Grouping, whose official address is in Great Britain, has been formed.

Name of Grouping: ALBATROSTAR EEIG

Registration Number of Grouping: GE246

Date of Registration of Grouping: 18 December 2009.

Place of Registration of Grouping: Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Official Address of Grouping: 138 Greenidge Court, Marshall Square, Southampton SO15 2PT.

Objects for which the Grouping is formed:

The EEIG will be non-profit making and will exist only to facilitate and develop the economic activities of its members to enable them to achieve their aims. It will play an auxiliary role in that its own activities will be directed toward promoting the activities of its members and will not be a substitute for these.

The EEIG will:

  • 1 promote the development of training programmes;
  • 2 co-ordinate the activities of its members to enable them to compete for EC finances programmes in training, research, technical assistance and services to industry and commerce;
  • 3 develop training packages for management and technical staff which for their realisation require transnational collaboration.
Details of Members: Members Name Business Name Legal Form Permanent Address of Registered Office Registered Number Place of Registration
Maria Vettori Natural Person 103 Via Della Farnesina, Rome, 00135, Italy
Albatrostar Assets Ltd Legal Person 5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire RG7 8NN 07097573 England

Duration of Grouping: Indefinite.

G Jones, Chief Executive and Registrar for England and Wales, Cardiff.