Road Traffic Acts

Road Traffic Regulation Act 19842009-04-062009-03-12TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

London Borough of Barnet



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Barnet has made the above-mentioned Orders under Sections 6, 45, 46, 49, 51, 124 and Part IV of Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and all other enabling powers.

The general effect of the Orders is to change the operating hours of the West Hendon WH3 Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Algernon Road, Montagu Road, Vicarage Road, and Bertram Road and Dartmouth Road between their junctions with Montagu Road and Vicarage Road, which currently operates on Monday to Friday 10am to 11am. The Council will be increasing these hours to Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm, during which hours motorists would need to display a valid WH3 permit or visitor voucher to park in the permit parking places. There are also single yellow line waiting restrictions which operate during the CPZ hours, and the increase in operating hours would also apply to these restrictions. The above roads would still remain part of the WH3 CPZ and permit holders would still have a WH3 or WHZ permit. Resident permits are limited to three per household, and cost £40 per year for the first permit and £70 per year each for the second and third permits. Visitor vouchers cost £10 per book of ten vouchers. Business permits cost £300 per year, and businesses are limited to three per business.

In order to improve parking opportunity in the West Hendon WH2 and WH3 CPZs, the Council is also converting the free parking places in Audley Road, Montagu Road, Vicarage Road, Bertram Road and Dartmouth Road in the WH3 CPZ, and in Woolmead Avenue NW4 in the WH2 CPZ to resident permit parking places to allow resident permit and visitor voucher use.

The orders will come into operation on Monday 6th April 2009. Copies of the Orders, plans of the relevant areas and the Council’s Statements of Reasons for making the Orders can be inspected between 9am and 5pm on Mondays to Fridays (Bank Holidays and Public Holidays excepted) inclusive for a period of 4 weeks from the date on which this notice is published by contacting:

  • a the Design Team, 2nd Floor, Building 4, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP;
  • b Hendon Library (Information Desk 1st Floor), The Burroughs, London NW4 4BQ.

Any person wishing to question the validity of the Orders or any of their provisions on the grounds that it is not within the relevant powers of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or that any of the relevant requirements thereof or of any regulation made there-under have not been complied with in relation to the Orders may within six weeks of the date on which the orders were made, make application for the purpose to the High Court.

Dated 12 March 2009

Dorne Kanareck

Acting Director of Environment and Transport