Road Traffic Acts

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984Road Traffic Act 19912006-07-242006-07-172006-07-19Local Government Act 1985TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

London Borough of Newham


1. Notice is hereby given that the Council of the London Borough of Newham on 17 July 2006 made the above-mentioned Order under sections 6 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Local Government Act 1985 and the Road Traffic Act 1991.
2. The general effect of the Order will be to designate parking places outside the locations specified in the Schedule to this Order in which only vehicles displaying in the relevant position a disabled person’s badge (the “Blue Badge”) may be left therein. Certain other vehicles may wait in the parking places in certain circumstances, e.g. to load or unload.
3. A copy of the Order, which will come into force on 24 July 2006, and of documents giving more detailed particulars of the Order are available for inspection during normal office hours until 6 weeks from the date on which the Order is made on Mondays to Fridays inclusive at the offices of the Head of Public Realm, 25 Nelson Street, East Ham, London E6 6EH. Copies of the Order may be obtained from this address.
4. If any person wishes to question the validity of the Order or of any of its provisions on the grounds that it or they are not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or that any requirement of the Act or any instrument made under the Act has not been complied with, that person may, within 6 weeks from the date on which the Order was made, apply for the purpose to the High Court.
S Clark, Head of Public Realm (the Officer appointed for this purpose)
Nos 14-16 Addington Road E16; No 72 Alexandra Road E6; Nos 61-63 Alnwick Road E16; Nos 31-33 Amity Road E15; No 512 Barking Road E13; No 42 Beverley Road E6; No 49 Birchdale Road E7; Nos 58-60 Bisson Road E15; Bothwell Close E16, the north-east to south-west arm, the south-east side, (to the rear of the Trinity Centre); Nos 19-20 Bray Drive E16; No 3 Brede Close E6; No 7 Bridge Road E6; No 44 Capel Road E7; No 133 Chandos Road E15; No 18 Charlemont Road E6; No 40 Chesterford Road E12; No 49 Chesterford Road E12; No 137 Chobham Road E15; No 12 Churchill Road E16; No 53 Colegrave Road E15; Nos 31-33 Coolfin Road E16; No 31 Dacre Road E13; No 26 Disraeli Road E7; No 1 Dukes Road E6; No 49 Dunbar Road E7; Nos 9-11 Durham Road E16; No 2 Elm Road E7; Essex Street E7 (adjacent to the flank wall of No 25 Station Road); No 8 Exning Road E16; Nos 51-53 Fairland Road E15; Fawn Road E13 (adjacent to the flank wall of No 8 Ravenhill Road); Fendt Close E16, the eastern north to south arm, (adjacent to the northern boundary of No 11 Bowman Avenue); No 64 First Avenue E12; No 5 Frank Street E13; No 65 Geere Road E15; No 5 Gower Road E7; Nos 25-27 Gresham Road E6; No 43 Halley Road E7; No 186 Halley Road E7; Nos 45 to 53 Harcourt Avenue E12; Nos 43-45 Hockley Avenue E6; No 6 Hollington Road E6; Nos 68-70 Hollybush Street E13; No 11 Inniskilling Road E13; No 96 Jedburgh Road E13; Nos 137-139 Kildare Road E16; No 6 Latimer Road E7; Nos 13-15 Leggatt Road E15; Liddon Road E13, the north-east side, from a point 5.2 metres north-west of a point opposite the north-western wall of No 35 Liddon Road, north-westward for a distance of 11 metres (2 bays); Nos 76-78 Loxford Avenue E6; Nos 141-143 Market Street E6; No 6 Meanley Road E12; No 85 Meanley Road E12; No 76 Meath Road E15; Nos 81-83 Monega Road E7; No 86 Monega Road E7; No 376 Monega Road E12; Nos 41 to 55 Mountfield Road E6; Moxon Close E13 (to the rear of Nos 1 to 12 Tibbenham Walk); No 21 Navarre Road E6; Nos 15-17 Nine Acres Close E12; No 30 Northfield Road E6; No 150 Odessa Road E7; No 112 Olive Road E13; No 149 Osborne Road E7; No 11a Park Avenue E6; Nos 50-52 Patrick Road E13; No 149 Plaistow Road E15; Nos 38 to 64 Radland Road E16; No 28 Rancliffe Road E6; Nos 64-66 Ravenscroft Road E16; No 17 Reynolds Avenue E12; Nos 42-44 Ridley Road E7; Nos 58-60 Ripley Road E16; No 5 Rokeby Street E15; No 104 Roman Road E6; No 287 Roman Road E6; No 4 Rosedale Road E7; No 91 St. Antony’s Road E7; No 26 Salisbury Road E7; No 45 Selsdon Road E13; Nos 95-97 Sherrard Road E7; Nos 109-111 Sherrard Road E7; No 361 Sherrard Road E12; No 376 Sherrard Road E12; No 55 Sidney Road E7; Nos 7-9 Sixth Avenue E12; No 16 Skelton Road E7; No 31 Southend Road E6; No 210 South Esk Road E7; Nos 7 to 9 Torun House, Sprowston Road E7; Nos 72-74 Stafford Road E7; No 76 Stafford Road E7; No 8-10 Stamford Road E6; Nos 36-38 Stamford Road E6; Nos 35-37 Stirling Road E13; Nos 47-49 Strone Road E7; No 100 Strone Road E7; Nos 111-113 Strone Road E7; Nos 7-9 Thackeray Road E6; No 40 Tilbury Road E6; Upper Road E13 (opposite No 14); Vandome Close E16, opposite Nos 110 to 120 (2 bays); No 242 Victoria Dock Road E16; No 123 Wakefield Street E6; Nos 8-9 Wakelin Road E15; Nos 7-9 Warwick Road E15; No 11 Warwick Road E15; No 67 Warwick Road E15; Nos 10-12 Watford Road E16; No 27 West Road E15; Nos 9 to 14 Whitelegg Road E13; Nos 7-9 Whyteville Road E7; Nos 20-22 Winter Avenue E6; No 3 York Road E7.
19 July 2006.