Road Traffic Acts

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London Borough of Hillingdon


Hillingdon Council gives notice that it intends to make this Order, which will provide loading bays operational at times and in locations set out in the Schedule to this notice to be used by goods vehicles only for a maximum stay of 20 minutes.
A copy of the proposed Order together with a plan and the Council’s statement of reasons for the proposal can be seen at Ickenham, Eastcote and Manor Farm Libraries and at Level 3 Reception, Civic Centre, Uxbridge, during normal office hours for 21 days following the date on which this notice is published.
Further information can be obtained by telephoning Environment and Consumer Protection Group on 01895 277014.
If you wish to comment on, or object to the proposals please write within 21 days, stating grounds for objection to Traffic Services, Environment and Consumer Protection Group, Civic Centre, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1UW, quoting Ref 4W/05.
P Bach, Director of Environment and Consumer Protection
Operational between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Saturday

High Road, Eastcote, the south-east side of the service road which lies on the south-east side of High Road, Eastcote, fronting Black Horse Parade, between a point 3.3 metres north-east of the common boundary of Nos 2 and 3 Black Horse Parade and a point 3.3 metres south-west of said common boundary.

Operational between 7.30 am and 12.00 pm (noon), Monday to Saturday

Bury Street, Ruislip, the north-east side, between a point 12.5 metres south-east of a point opposite the common boundary of Nos 19 and 21 Bury Street and a point 20.5 metres south-east of said common boundary.

Operational between 7.00 am and 11.00 pm, every day

Long Lane, Ickenham, the south-east side of the service road which lies on the south-east side of Long Lane, Ickenham, fronting Nos 11 to 19 Long Lane, Ickenham, between a point in line with the common boundary of Nos 13 to 15 Long Lane, Ickenham, and a point 6.6 metres north-eastwards.
12 July 2006.