Road Traffic Acts

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984-0.09657251.491161SE17 1RYThe London Borough of Southwark2005-11-102005-11-022005-11-04SE171RYLocal Government Act 1985Road Traffic Act 1991TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

London Borough of Southwark


1. Notice is hereby given that the Council of the London Borough of Southwark on 2 November 2005 made the above-mentioned Order under sections 6, 45, 46, 49 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Local Government Act 1985 and the Road Traffic Act 1991. The Order will come into force on 10 November 2005. 2. The general nature and effect of the Order is to make permanent the provisions of the London Borough of Southwark (Waiting Restrictions and Parking Places) (CPZ ‘M2’) Experimental Traffic Order 2004/008, so as to continue indefinitely the South-East Walworth Controlled Parking Zone which comprises the roads and parts of roads specified in the Schedule to this Notice. There will be no change to the way that the controlled parking zone currently operates. 3. The principal objective of the Order is to implement the Council’s commitment to enhance the local environment and to improve safety and amenity for all road users in the locality. 4. A copy of the Order and of other documents giving more detailed particulars of the Order are available for inspection at Southwark Environment and Leisure Department, Council Offices, 151-153 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RY, during normal office hours on Mondays to Fridays inclusive until the last day of a period of 6 weeks beginning with the date on which the Order is made, 5. Any person wishing to question the validity of the Order or of any of its provisions on the grounds that it or they are not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or that any requirement of that Act or of any instrument made under that Act has not been complied with, that person may, within 6 weeks from the date on which the Order is made, apply for the purpose to the High Court. N Costin, Business Unit Manger, Parking, CCTV and Street Metal Works Services. Schedule Albany Mews, Albany Road, Arnside Street, Asolando Drive, Aylesbury Road, Beaconsfield Road, Blackwood Street, Boundary Lane, Boyson Road, Bradenham Close, Brandon Street, Brettell Street, Bronti Close, Browning Street—South side of the road, Burton Grove, Cadiz Street, Canal Street, Chumleigh Street, Date Street, Dawes Street—North of East Street, Dawes Street—South of East Street, Deans Buildings, East Street—West of Thurlow Street, Flint Street—East side of the road, between Rodney Street and Thurlow Street, Hopwood Road, Horsley Street, Inville Road, Inville Walk, King and Queen Street, Liverpool Grove, Lytham Street, Merrow Street—East of Portland Street, Merrow Street—West of Portland Street, Merrow Walk, Morcambe Street, Nursery Row, Orb Street, Phelp Street, Portland Street, Portland Walk, Queens Row, Red Lion Close, Red Lion Row, Rodney Road—East side of the road, between Stead Street and Flint Street, Roland Way, Sandford Row, Sondes Street, Stead Street, Thurlow Street, Townley Street - off Brandon Street, Townley Street—off East Street, Trafalgar Street, Villa Street, Villa Walk, Walworth Place, Walworth Road—East side of the road, between Browning Street and Albany Road, Westmoreland Road, Westmoreland Walk, Wooler Street and York Avenue. 4 November 2005.