Road Traffic Acts

NW102RNNW103PYNW109PTNW104HLNW25DLNW100BANW26JXHA96BZNW25LRNW108RBNW25DN2005-02-17NW106ABNW105UBNW105UYHA99HXNW101BGNW105AUNW100BGThe London Borough of Brent-0.24096351.551930NW10 1BG-0.23062451.548115NW2 5DL-0.22771851.544213NW10 2RN-0.25954051.561397NW10 0BA-0.26088351.561768NW10 0BG-0.24302151.537834NW10 4HL-0.23642851.530829NW10 6AB-0.23380151.535735NW10 5AU-0.25761851.544130NW10 8RB-0.23155351.550197NW2 5LRRoad Traffic Regulation Act 1984-0.25263951.542725NW10 9PT-0.22741151.561762NW2 6JX-0.22531551.536659NW10 3PY-0.23680051.536113NW10 5UB-0.27397651.566529HA9 9HX-0.28866151.553175HA9 6BZ-0.23426251.533880NW10 5UYLocal Government Act 1985-0.23101851.547995NW2 5DNThe London Borough of Hammersmith and FulhamTSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

London Borough of Brent


1. Notice is hereby given that the Council of the London Borough of Brent propose to make the above-mentioned Order under sections 6 and 124 of, and Part IV of Schedule 9 to, the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by section 8 of, and Part 1 of Schedule 5 to, the Local Government Act 1985. 2. The general effect of the Order would be to: (a) designate parking places in the streets specified in the Schedule to this notice in which vehicles authorised by the Order may be left for any period without charge; (b) provide that the parking places would operate “at any time”; (c) specify, in respect of the parking places, that disabled persons’ vehicles displaying in the relevant position a disabled person’s badge (commonly referred to as “the Blue or Orange Badge”) issued by any local authority under the provisions of the Disabled Persons (Badges for Motor Vehicles) (England) Regulations 2000 may be left therein; and (d) provide that certain vehicles may wait in the parking places in certain circumstances, eg, to allow persons to board or alight (maximum 2 minutes), to load or unload (maximum 20 minutes), etc; and (e) revoke the designation of a parking place outside No 24 Fleetwood Road, London NW10. 3. The general effect of the “Parking Places Amendment” Order would be to reduce in length and redefine existing dual use parking place in association with the provision of a disabled persons parking place in Craven Park Road. 4. A copy of each of the proposed Orders, of relevant Orders of 2001 and 2004 (and of the Orders which have amended those Orders), of the Council’s statement of reasons for proposing to make the Orders and of maps which indicate each length of road to which the Orders relate can be inspected during normal office hours on Mondays to Fridays inclusive until the expiration of a period of 21 days from the date on which this notice is published at: (a) The One Stop Shop, Brent Town Hall, Forty Lane, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 9HX; and (b) The One Stop Shop, Brent House, 349-357 High Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6BZ. 5. Further information may be obtained by telephoning the Transportation Service Unit, on 020 8937 5145. 6. Persons desiring to make representations or to object to either of the proposed Orders should send a statement in writing of their representations or objections and the grounds thereof, to The Director of Transportation, Transportation Service Unit, 2nd Floor (east), Brent House, 349-357 High Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6BZ, quoting Ref TO/03/066/BFM, before the afore-mentioned date. P Rankmore, Director of Transportation (the Officer appointed for this purpose). Schedule Outside : No 38 Alric Avenue, London NW10 8RB No 77 Chambers Lane, Willesden, London NW10 2RN No 94 Chapter Road, London NW2 5LR No 30 Cooper Road, Willesden, London NW10 1BG No 38 Craven Park Road, London NW10 6AB—(Zone H—to replace a dual use bay) No 60 b Gladstone Park Gardens, London NW2 6JX No 43 Huddelstone Road, Willesden, London NW2 5DL No 46 Huddelstone Road, Willesden, London NW2 5DN No 20 a Holland Road, London NW10 5AU No 53 Leighton Gardens, London NW10 3PY No 45 Quainton Street, Neasden, London NW10 0BG No 27 Ridley Road, London NW10 5UB No 26 Sellons Avenue, Harlesden, London NW10 4HL No 68 Verney Street, London NW10 0BA No 23 West Ella Road, London NW10 9PT Lushington Road for No 17 Wrottesley Road, London NW10 5UY 17 February 2005.