2004-12-192005-02-142005-04-29PO64STThe City of Portsmouth-1.09278250.844011PO6 4STTSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211, customer.services@tso.co.uk83357558833Eileen MERRITT

Details of the deceased

Claim expires:
29 April 2005
First name:
Date of death:
19 December 2004

Last address of the deceased

Person address details:
15 Blackberry Close, Clanfield, Waterlooville, Hampshire. Gas Showroom Manager (Retired).

Details of the Executor/Administrator

Executor/Personal Representative:
Blake Lapthorn Linnell Solicitors, Harbour Court, Compass Road, North Harbour, Portsmouth PO6 4ST. (Paul Richard Main and Susan Jennifer Main.)

Legal information