New Roads and Street Works

2005-02-10New Roads and Street Works Act 1991NEW ROADS AND STREET WORKS ACT 1991TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

London Borough of Merton


The London Borough of Merton hereby gives advance notice that it intends to carry out substantial road works in the following streets and that the restrictions imposed by section 58 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 will apply. Except for the exemptions outlined within the Act none of the locations may be excavated for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of completion.

Carriageway Reconstruction and Resurfacing Schemes

Location Extent Start Finish
Aberconway Road B286 whole length Apr-05 Apr-05
Alexandra Road B235 whole length Aug-05 Sep-05
Amity Grove whole length Apr-05 Apr-05
Beech Grove whole length Mar-05 Apr-05
Burlington Road B282 Boro Bdy to A3 Jan-05 Feb-05
Bushey Road A298 Grand Drive to Bushey Court Feb-05 Mar-05
Carshalton Road Croydon Rd to rail station Mar-05 Apr-05
Commonside West The Canons to Croydon Road Mar-05 Apr-05
Cranmer Road A239 whole length Mar-05 Apr-05
Cricket Green A239 whole length Mar-05 Apr-05
Eastfields Rd rbt C203 whole length May-05 Jun-05
Francis Grove roundabout Mar-05 Mar-05
Grand Drive B279 Bushey Road to Approach Rd Feb-05 Mar-05
Grand Drive B279 Bushey Road to Crossway Feb-05 Mar-05
Grove Road C202 whole length Mar-05 Mar-05
Hartfield Road B285 Kingston Road to Sir Cyril Black Way May-05 Jun-05
Leonard Rd rbt C202 whole length Apr-05 May-05
Leonard/Grove Rd C202 o/s 250 to Boro boundary Apr-05 May-05
Locks Lane C203 London Rd to Lansdell Rd May-05 Jun-05
Middleton Rd C192 St Helier Ave to boro boundary Apr-05 Apr-05
Middleton Road C192 Canterbury Rbt to St Helier Ave Apr-05 Apr-05
Northborough Road whole length Jun-05 Jun-05
Plough Lane Bridge to Borough boundary Apr-05 May-05
Queens Road C182 whole length Jul-05 Aug-05
Stanford Road C207 Stanford Way to Boro Bdy May-05 Jun-05
Stanford Way whole length Jun-05 Jun-05
Tamworth Lane C203 Grove Road to Cedars Ave May-05 May-05
Worple Road Mews whole length Mar-05 Jun-05

Carriageway Patching

Location Extent Start Finish
Wandle Road C190 whole length Apr-05 Apr-05
Cedars Ave C202 Comm’side E to Croydon Rd Apr-05 Apr-05
Comm’side East C205 Cedars Ave to Manor Road Apr-05 Apr-05
Stanford Way C207 Rowan Rd to Stanford Road Apr-05 Apr-05

Footway Reconstruction and Surfacing Schemes

Location Extent Start Finish
Approach Road SW20 New library frontage Feb-05 Mar-05
Ashley Ave whole length Apr-05 May-05
Beech Grove whole length Mar-05 Apr-05
Bishopsford Rd A217 whole length Feb-05 Mar-05
Bushey Road between A3 and slip road Mar-05 Apr-05
Commonside East whole length Feb-05 Mar-05
Caithness Road whole length Apr-05 May-05
Central Road A239 Farm Rd to Bristol Rd Apr-05 May-05
Commonside West A236 Madiera Rd to Commonside East Jan-05 Feb-05
Cranmer Road A239 whole length Jan-05 Feb-05
Cricket Green A239 whole length Jan-05 Feb-05
Croydon Road A236 Watneys Rd to Boro Boundry May-05 Jun-05
Dahlia Gardens whole length Mar-05 Apr-05
De’arn Gdns whole length started Feb-05
Gap Road B235 Alexandra Rd to Ashcombe Road May-05 May-05
Grand Drive at Westway Feb-05 Mar-05
Hadley Road whole length May-05 Jun-05
Hawkes Road whole length started Feb-05
High St Wimbledon A219 outside Dog and Fox Feb-05 Mar-05
Middleton Road 176 to 202 May-05 Jun-05
Ormerod Gdns whole length Mar-05 Mar-05
Prince Georges Road Greenlea Pk to College Fields Business Centre started Feb-05
PRW 63 whole length Apr-05 May-05
Queens Rd SW19 C182 whole length Mar-05 May-05
Sandy Lane whole length Mar-05 Mar-05
St Marks Road Armfield Cr to Lammas Ave May-05 Jun-05
Station Road SW19 whole length Apr-05 May-05
Tamworth Lane C203 roundabout at Grove Road Jan-05 Mar-05
Tudor Drive B279 whole length Feb-05 Apr-05
Upper Green E rbt A236 around roundabout Jan-05 Feb-05
Welford Place whole length started Feb-05

Highway Improvement Schemes

Location Scheme Start Finish
Bishopsford Road Cyclepath on footway at Seddon Road Mar-05 Apr-05
Streatham Road anti skid and coloured surfacing whole length Apr-05 May-05
London Rd Mitcham Refuges bus lane alterations and cyclelane Victoria Rd to Gorringe Park Ave Feb-05 Mar-05
Coombe Lne/Copse Hill new ped crossing and junction improvement Feb-05 Apr-05
Chalgrove Ave/London Rd Gated closure Feb-05 Mar-05
Tudor Drive anti skid, coloured surfacing and kerb build outs Mar-05 Apr-05
Worple Road/Crescent Road provision of pelican crossing ducts Mar-05 Apr-05
Bushey Road provision of footway at slip rd Mar-05 Apr-05
Leopold Rd/Kenilworth Rd provision of mini roundabouts Mar-05 Apr-05
Hartfield Road/Graham Rd junction entry treatment Feb-05 Mar-05
Hartfield Road/Herbert Rd junction entry treatment Feb-05 Mar-05
Haydons Rd/South Park Rd pedestrian refuges Feb-05 Mar-05
London Road Mitcham o/s Tescos Bus accessibility Feb-05 Mar-05
London Rd/Morden Rd Mitcham Bus lane and accessibility started Mar-05
A Broom, Head of Street Management
10 February 2005.