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Information sought re: copyright matters for Citizenship Exhibition.

Bernard Kruger, Photographer, Huddersfield, 1908; William Packwood Lovat, Artist Designer, Coventry, 1900; Daniel Osborne, Photographer, Treharris, Mid-Glamorgan, 1901; Thomas Forman & Sons, Nottingham, 1887; Cyril Kenneth Bird, “Fougasse”, Artist; Olive Wharry, Suffragette; Thomas Bushill & Sons, Coventry; Frederick Hardie, Photographer, London, 1899; David Wray, Consulting Surgeon and Physician, Cambridge, 1830; Thomas Harvey, Association of Loyal Britons, 1793, Lambeth; Thomas Taylor, Photographer, Platts Bridge, Wigan, 1893-1900; R Fanstin, Artist, London 1887; Ernest M Starr, formerly Bristol Road, Ipswich; Sam Wood, Mayor of Wigan, 1907-1910, died 1913; John Bunn, Thomas Dilley, Edward Jones, George Ray, Robert Wilson, Beckton Gas Stokers, Strikers; E C Whiniyates, Carlisle, 1841; Samuel Baraclough, Tamworth, Staffordshire, 1854; George Huggett, Lambeth Political Union, circa 1839; J Nisbett, Chartist, 1848; FZS Peregrino, Colored Peoples Vigilance Society, South Africa, 1901; Lady Dorothy Balfour, of Burleigh; Eva M Hubback, died 1949, Educationist, Feminist; Miss B E Gwyer, Leeds Women Citizens’ League, 1918.

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