Appointment of Trustees

Insolvency Act 1986The Borough of PooleThe City of Leeds2003-03-132003-04-282003-06-302003-03-052003-03-21-1.98392950.734668BH15 3EQ-1.55650853.802180LS2 9NFTSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

In the Bournemouth County Court  No 16 of 2003 ANDREW MOSS A Technical Consultant, of Flat 4, 51 Preston Road, Oakdale, Poole, Dorset BH15 3EQ, and lately residing at 100 Scarf Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, previously residing at 28 Churchill Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, and previously residing at 7 Lyme Close, Poole, Dorset. I, Gerald Maurice Krasner, of Bartfields (UK) Limited, Burley House, 12 Clarendon Road, Leeds LS2 9NF, give notice that I have been duly appointed as the Trustee of the Estate of the above-mentioned Bankrupt by the Creditors Meeting on 5 March 2003. All persons having in their possession any of the effects of the Bankrupt must deliver them to me, and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to me. Creditors who have not proved their debt must forward their proofs of debt to me by 30 June 2003. Under section 301 of the Insolvency Act 1986, I am required to give notice that it is my intention to call a Meeting of Creditors on 28 April 2003, at 11.00 am, at this office, for the purposes of establishing a Creditors Committee and approving the Resolution that the Trustee’s fees may be drawn on the basis of time spent by the Trustee and staff in attending to matters which may arise during the administration of the Bankruptcy. Should any Creditor wish to be represented on the Committee they should send me written confirmation. G M Krasner, Trustee 13 March 2003.