Water Resources

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Environment Agency


Take notice that Well Well Well (UK) Ltd of Telford House, Hamilton Close, Basingstoke is applying to the Environment Agency to vary licence serial no 34/247 (Licence No 11/42/18.1/574) abstracting water from a chalk borehole at National Grid Ref. SU 543 492 Well Well Well (UK) Ltd, Ashe Park, Steventon, Hampshire. Using the Environment Agency and government approved principal of “licence trading”, the application is to cover the transfer of a summer period total of 22,000 square metres from another licence wholly within the upper Test catchment (in the name of GB Foot Ltd, No 11/42/18.1/547). The transfer from high loss spray irrigation use to only 75 per cent consumptive use, will result in an effective net gain to the Test catchment water balance of 5,550 square metres. The licence will be simplified to “all year” volume limits instead of separate winter and summer period limits. The annual total will increase from 54,700 square metres (of which 23, 956 metres is winter and 30,744 metres is summer) to 76,700 metres (all year). The daily volume will increase from 280 metres (winter) and 200 metres (summer) to 375 metres (all year). The hourly volume will increase from17 square metres per hour to 24 squares metres per hour. Purpose of abstraction will be unchanged and in the same proportions: 75 per cent for consumptive “bottling” (57,525 squares metres per year) and 25 per cent for non-consumptive “bottle washing” (19,175 square metres per year). Non-consumptive use is returned direct to the ground via soakaway. A copy of the application and map to be submitted with the application may be inspected, free of charge, from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (Monday to Friday) at Ashe Park bottling plant between 21 March 2003 and 21 April 2003. Any person wishing to make representations about the application should write to: The Area Resources Manager, Environment Agency, Colvedene Court, Wessex Way, Colden Common, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1WP, before the end of the said period. P H Easton, on behalf of Well Well Well (UK) Ltd. 18 March 2003.