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Darlington Borough Council


Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Borough of Darlington, as the highway authority, intend on 17 April 2003 to apply to the Magistrates’ Court of the County of Durham sitting at Parkgate, Darlington at 12.00 noon for an Order under the provisions of section 116 of the Highways Act 1980, that the part of the highway situate at Heighington mentioned in the Schedule hereto be authorised to be stopped up on the grounds that it is unnecessary. A plan showing the location and extent of the part of the highway to be stopped up has been deposited at the offices of the Director of Corporate Services, Darlington Borough Council, Town Hall, Darlington DL1 5QT and may be inspected there, free of charge, between the hours of 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday inclusive. P H Kearsley, Borough Solicitor Town Hall, Darlington DL1 5QT Schedule Part of the highway on the eastern side of Millbank, Heighington measuring 54 metres in length and tapering in width from 2.5 metres (north) to 1.8 metres (south), adjacent to the boundaries of the houses known as Holmlea, The Copse and 15 and 17 Millbank. 12 March 2003.