Road Traffic Acts

Road Traffic Regulation Act 19842003-03-07WC1H8EQ2003-04-012003-04-072003-04-222003-04-142003-05-122003-06-092003-06-022003-05-272003-05-192003-05-06-0.12448851.529434WC1H 8EQThe London Borough of CamdenTSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

London Borough of Camden


Notice is hereby given that the Council, on 7 March 2003, made the above-mentioned Orders under sections 46A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
The Orders will come into force on 1 April 2003. The general nature and effect of the Orders will be to increase the charge for an annual Residents’ permit throughout the borough, to the sum shown in column 3 of the table 1, and to increase the corresponding rate for people using electrically propelled vehicles as shown in column 4 in table 1 below.

Table 1:

Type of Permit: Controlled Parking Zones B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R and S Existing Permit charge
per annum
New Permit charge per annum Permit charge for “electric vehicles” per annum
1 2 3 4
Resident: vehicle  £86  £90 £22.50
  motorcycle  £43  £45 n/a
Business (B): vehicle £180 £180 £45

The Orders will also increase the hourly tariff at all (pay and display) and (meter) parking places throughout the borough as shown in table 2 below.

Table 2:

Existing Tariff for (Pay and Display or Meter) parking per hour New Tariff per hour Minimum Charge
£1.20p £1.60p 20p for 7.5 minutes
£1.60p £2.00p 20p for 6 minutes
£2.00p £2.40p 20p for 5 minutes
£3.00p £3.60p 30p for 5 minutes
£4.00p £4.80p 40p for 5 minutes

The (pay and display) ticket parking meter parking places will be converted to the new charge in a phased implementation. Working systematically from the south to the north of the Borough. The Orders for these parking places will come into force as shown in table 3 below.

Table 3:

Controlled Parking Zones Operational and In Force Date for new metered parking tariffs
Zones (CA-C) and (CA-D) 7 April 2003
Zone (CA-E) 14 April 2003
Zone (CA-F) 22 April 2003
Zone (CA-G) 6 May 2003
Zone (CA-B) 12 May 2003
Zone (CA-H) 19 May 2003
Zones (CA-J); (CA-K) and (CA-L) 27 May 2003
Zones (CA-M); (CA-N) and (CA-P) 2 June 2003
Zone (CA-Q) No change
Zones (CA-R) and (CA-S) 9 June 2003

The roads and the metered parking places within them affected by the increase to £1.60 per hour will include: Abbey Road, Adamson Road, Adelaide Road, Agar Grove, Aldenham Street, Alvanley Gardens, Augustus Street, Barnby Street, Bartholomew Road, Bartholomew Villas, Baynes Street, Belmont Street, Belsize Lane, Belsize Park Gardens, Belsize Road, Belsize Terrace, Birchington Road, Blackburn Road, Boundary Road, Brecknock Road, Broadhurst Gardens, Burghley Road, Camden Park Road, Camden Square, Camden Street, Canfield Gardens, Castlehaven Road, Castle Road, Castle Street, Caversham Road, Chalcot Road, Chalk Farm Road, Chalton Street, Charrington Street, Church Row, Cliff Road, Constantine Road, Cranleigh Street, Crogsland Road, Daleham Gardens, Dennington Park Road, Downshire Hill, Dumpton Place, Elsworthy Terrace, Englands Lane, Erskine Road, Eton Avenue, Eton Road, Fairfax Road, Fairhazel Gardens, Falkland Road, Farrier Street, Fawley Road, Fellows Road, Ferdinand Street, Fitzjohn’s Avenue, Fleet Road, Frideswide Place, Frognal, Gaisford Street, Georgiana Street, Glenloch Road, Gloucester Avenue, Goldhurst Terrace, Goldington Street, Grafton Road, Granby Terrace, Greenwood Place, Greville Road, Hampstead Grove, Harmood Street, Hartland Road, Haverstock Hill, Hawley Street, Holford Road, Holmes Road, Inglewood Road, Islip Street, Ivor Street, Jeffreys Street, Kentish Town Road, Kidderpore Avenue, Kilburn Priory, Kingsgate Road, Lady Margaret Road, Lambolle Place, Lawn Road, Lewis Street, Loudoun Road, Lower Merton Rise, Lymington Road, Lyme Street, Lyndhurst Gardens, Malden Road, Mansfield Road, Malden Crescent, Maresfield Gardens, Menelik Road, Murray Street, Netherhall Gardens, New End, Nutley Terrace, Oakhill Avenue, Ospringe Road, Ossulston Street, Park Village East, Park Village West, Parkhill Road, Phoenix Road, Pilgrims Lane, Plender Street, Polygon Road, Pratt Street, Primrose Hill Road, Princess Road, Provost Road, Prince of Wales Road, Purchese Street, Queens Crescent, Quex Road, Randolph Street, Raveley Street, Redhill Street, Regents Park Road, Robert Street, Rochester Mews, Rochester Place, Rochester Road, Rochester Terrace, Royal College Street, St Pancras Way, Sandall Road, Sandwell Crescent, Sharpleshall Street, Southampton Road, South Hill Park, Spring Place, Stanhope Street, Steeles Road, Sumatra Road, Torriano Avenue, Thurlow Road, Vale of Health, Varndell Street, Vicars Road, Weedington Road, Well Road, Well Walk, Werrington Street, Westbere Road, West End Lane, West Heath Road, Willes Road, Wilmot Place, Winchester Road.

The roads and the metered parking places within them affected by the increase to £2.00 per hour will include: Chalton Street, Doric Way, Drummond Crescent, Lancing Street, Midland Road, Ossulston Street.

The roads and the metered parking places within them affected by the increase to £2.40 per hour will include: Albert Street, Ampton Place Ampton Street, Argyle Street, Argyle Square, Arlington Road, Bayham Street, Bedford Way, Belgrove Street, Bernard Street, Bidborough Street, Birkenhead Street, Bonny Street, Britannia Street, Buck Street, Burton Street, Cardington Street, Cartwright Gardens, Church Row, Coram Street, Crestfield Street, Cromer Street, Downshire Hill, Drummond Street, Endsleigh Gardens, Endsleigh Place, Endsleigh Street, Euston Street, Eversholt Street, Fitzjohns Avenue, Flaxman Terrace, Frederick Street, Gayton Road, Gordon Square, Gordon Street, Gower Place, Greenhill, Greenland Place, Greenland Road, Greenland Street, Grenville Street, Hampstead High Street, Hampstead Road, Harrington Square, Harrison Street, Hastings Street, Hawley Crescent, Heathcote Street, Heath Street, Herbrand Street, Jamestown Road, Kentish Town Road, Leigh Street, Leybourne Road, Longford Street, Mabledon Place, Marchmont Street, Mecklenburgh Street, Mornington Crescent, Mornington Place, Mornington Street, Mornington Terrace, North Gower Street, Oakley Square, Osnaburgh Street, Oval Road, Pakenham Street, Parkway, Plender Street, Pratt Street, Prince Arthur Road, Regent Square, Rosslyn Hill, St Chad Street, Sandwich Street, Sidmouth Street, South End Road, Stanhope Street, Starcross Street, Stephenson Way, Swinton Street, Tavistock Square, Taviton Street, Thanet Street, Tonbridge Street, Upper Woburn Place, Wakefield Street, Wicklow Street, William Road, Willoughby Road, Wren Street.

The roads and the metered parking places within them affected by the increase to £3.60 per hour will include: Back Hill, Bedford Place, Bedford Row, Boswell Street, Byng Place, Catton Street, Clerkenwell Road, Coley Street, Dombey Street, Doughty Street, Eagle Street, Elm Street, Fisher Street, Gough Street, Grays Inn Road, Great James Street, Great Ormond Street, Greville Street, Guildford Street, Harpur Street, Hatton Garden, Hatton Wall, Jockey’s Field, Johns Mews, John Street, Keppel Street, Kirby Street, Lambs Conduit Street, Malet Street, Millman Street, Montague Place, Montague Street, Mount Pleasant, New North Street, Northington Street, Old Gloucester Street, Orde Hall Street, Portpool Lane, Princeton Street, Queen Square, Red Lion Square, Red Lion Street, Roger Street, Rosebery Avenue, Russell Square, Saffron Hill, St Cross Street, Sandland Street, Tavistock Place, Verulam Street, Warner Street.

The roads and the metered parking places within them affected by the increase to £4.80 per hour will include: Alfred Place, Bainbridge Street, Barter Street, Bedford Avenue, Bedford Square, Bloomsbury Place, Bucknall Street, Bury Place, Carey Street, Charlotte Street, Chenies Street, Chitty Street, Cleveland Street, Conway Street, Denmark Street, Drury Lane, Dyott Street, Earlham Street, Earnshaw Street, Endell Street, Fitzroy Street, Flitcroft Street, Goodge Place, Grafton Mews, Grafton Way, Grape Street, Great Queen Street, Great Russell Street, High Holborn, Huntley Street, Keeley Street, Kemble Street, Lincolns Inn Fields, Little Russell Street, Mercer Street (North and South), Mortimer Market, Morwell Street, Museum Street, New Compton Street, Newmans Row, New Oxford Street, Newton Street, Percy Mews, Percy Street, Ridgemount Gardens, Ridgemount Street, Sardinia Street, Scala Street, Serle Street, Southampton Place, Streatham Street, Stephen Mews, Shaftesbury Avenue, South Crescent, Stephen Street, Store Street, Tottenham Court Road, Tottenham Street, Tower Street, University Street, Warren Street, Whitfield Street, Whetstone Park.

A copy of the Orders and a Schedule of all the “Parking Equipment” details, which will come into force on either 1 April 2003 for residents permits or as stated in Table 3, for the tariff changes and of the Orders which have previously amended or applied those Orders and the Council’s statement of reasons for making the Orders, may be inspected during normal office hours on Mondays to Fridays inclusive at the Environment Reception, 5th Floor, Camden Town Hall, Argyle Street Entrance, London WC1H 8EQ.
Anyone wishing to question the validity of the Orders or of any provision contained therein, on the grounds that it is not within the relevant powers of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or that any of the requirements thereof, or of any relevant regulations made thereunder have not been complied with in relation to the Orders may, within 6 weeks of the date on which the Orders were made, make application for the purpose to the High Court.
P Bishop, Director, Environment Department