Road Traffic Acts

The London Borough of Lewisham2001-01-17SE137BQ-0.01532551.461324SE13 7BQRoad Traffic Act 1991TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

London Borough of Lewisham


Notice is hereby given that Lewisham Council intend to make these two Orders in accordance with the provisions of sections 6 and 45 to 47 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, and sections 66 to 74 ot the Road Traffic Act 1991. The general effects of the two Orders will respectively be to install: (1) A controlled parking zone operating from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., on Mondays to Fridays inclusive: (a) Designating parking places in: Breakspears Road (between the red route side road measures adjacent to Lewisham Way and a point approximately 20 metres south of the junction with Beverley Court) and Tressillian Road (between the red route side road measures adjacent to Lewisham Way and the junction with Darling Road); (b) Designated parking places will be: (i) Residents’ parking places: (approximate totals) in Breakspears Road, 235 metres west side and 145 metres east side; in Tressillian Road, 140 metres west side and 155 metres east side; (ii) “Pay-and-Display” parking places: (approximate totals) in Breakspears Road 68 metres east side outside Lewisham College; in Tressillian Road, 6 metres west side outside college’s Tressillian Building and 21 metres east side opposite Tressillian Building; (iii) Free time-limited short-term parking places: 20 minutes maximum stay, no return within 2 hours: in Breakspears Road, 54 metres east side outside Lewisham College; (c) Residents in the lengths of road listed at (a) above, and at Beverley Court, Hadrian Court, Tack Mews and Tremaine Close, are eligible to apply to Lewisham Council for parking permits. (2) Supporting waiting restrictions: “No waiting 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mondays to Fridays”, through the controlled zone with additional “No waiting, no loading or unloading at any time” restrictions within approximately 10 to 20 metres of junctions, by amendment to the Lewisham (Waiting and Loading Restriction) Order 1990. Charges will be: (a) Parking charges at designated resident’s parking places: (i) Resident’s parking permit: £25 per year; (ii) Concessionary resident’s permit (senior citizens, i.e. of state pensionable age, and solo motorcycle users); 50 per cent of the charge above, i.e. £12.50 per year; (iii) Visitor’s parking permit (for visitors’ use of residents’ parking places): £1 per half day (up to 5 hours); £2 per day; £5 per week; (iv) Resident’s carer’s permit (for carers’ use of residents’ parking places): £25 per year; (v) Resident drivers holding disabled person’s badge must apply for a resident’s permit to be issued, free of charge, for use of residents’ parking places; (b) “Pay-and-Display” charges: 20 pence minimum charge for up to 20 minutes, then pro rata at 10 pence per 10 minutes to a maximum of £2.40 for 4 hours; (c) Additional parking charges for contravention of parking controls (charges current in the borough will apply): (i) Penalty charge: £80 for contravention (e.g.: no valid permit correctly displayed in resident parking space, no valid “pay-and-display” ticket correctly displayed in “pay-and-display” parking place, incorrectly parked in a parking place, contraventions of waiting and loading restrictions, etc.), to be paid within 28 days, discounted by 50 per cent to £40 if paid within 14 days; (ii) Fee for release of vehicle from wheelclamp: £45 plus penalty charge; (iii) Fee for release of removed vehicle from car pound: £125 plus penalty charge; (iv) Fee for storage of removed vehicle: £15 per day from midnight day after removal; (v) Fee for disposal of removed vehicle not reclaimed: £60. Exemptions from the restrictions include: loading and unloading up to 20 minutes at designated parking places; up to 2 minutes picking-up and setting-down passengers; Council and statutory undertakers’ vehicles engaged on various statutory duties; stopping to avoid an accident; police, fire brigade and ambulance service vehicles in an emergency, and anything done with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in uniform. Copies of documents giving more detailed particulars of the two proposed Orders and measures can be inspected at Lewisham Library (information desk and reference library), 366 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, London S.E.13; and Crofton Park Library, 375 Brockley Road, Crofton Park, London S.E.4. For any enquiries about the Scheme please telephone 020 8692 3325, extn. 128 (K. Gasson, Lewisham Highways Design). Any objection or other representation relating to either proposed Order must be made in writing and any objection must specify the grounds on which it is made. Any such objection or representation must be sent quoting Ref. “P. Sear/BrockleyCPZ” to Lewisham Highways Development, Silver Road Service Centre, Silver Road, London SE13 7BQ, to arrive not later than 21 days from the date of publication of this notice. Any objection may be communicated to other persons who may be affected. C. Chick, Head of Transport and Engineering Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London S.E.6. 17th January 2001.