New Roads and Street Works

The Borough of TamesideNew Roads and Street Works Act 19912001-04-162001-01-16OL66DL-2.09420453.490137OL6 6DLTSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council


Notice is hereby given, in pursuance of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, that it is intended to undertake substantial road works at the locations indicated on the list below. Works will commence on or after Monday, 16th April 2001. Carriageway surfacing Ashton-under-Lyne Witham Street (Full length) Rose Hill Close (Full length) Carlton Road (Full length) Minto Street (Cranbrook Street to Cranbourne Road) Fraser Street (Full length) Warwick Road (Smallshaw Lane to Hall Road) Turner Lane (Wellington Road to Rail Bridge) Audenshaw Merlewood Avenue (Full length) Hallworth Avenue (Full length) Acresfield Avenue (Full length) Laburnum Avenue (Full length) Granville Road (Full length) Lansdowne Avenue (Full length) Ringwood Avenue (Full length) Corporation Road (Full length) Denton Barnfield Street/Forshaw Street (Full length) Vaudrey Lane (Full length) York Road (Full length) Booth Street (Full length) Windmill Lane (Orbital way to L/c No. 21) Luxor Grove (Full length) Cordova Avenue (Full length) Dane Road (Full length) Droylsden High Street (Argyle Street to Greenside Lane) Park Street (Full length) Lytton Road (Full length) Browning Avenue (Full length) Market Street (No. 335 to Marina Road) Market Street (Ashton Road to Greenside Lane) Sunnyside Road (Shrewsbury Road to Greenside Lane) Moorside Street (Holyoak Street to Jack Lane) Kershaw Street (Clegg Street to John Street) Keston Avenue (Full length) Dukinfield Pickford Lane (Russell Street Lakes Road) Globe Square (Area of mini roundabout) Church Street (Clarendon Street to Astley Street) Cheetham Hill Road (Birch Lane to Yew Tree Lane) Hadfield Street (Astley Street to end of canal) Robert Street (Underwood Street to No. 6) Yew Tree Lane (Side of shops to Cheetham Hill Road) Hyde Fleet Street (Full length) Repton Avenue (Clarendon Road to No. 36) Mottram Shaw Street (Full length) Woodlands Close (Full length) Mossley Cheshire Street (Full length) Waterton Lane (Stamford Street to Arundel Street) Dyson Street (Full length) Cemetery Road (Full length) Stalybridge Chamberlain Road (Completion of scheme, wearing course only) Sidebottom Street (Full length) Hamilton Street (Stamford Street to Harrison Street) Groby Street (Taylor Street to Grey Street) Huddersfield Road (Parkfields to Grove Street-Ditchcroft) Springs Lane (Ladysmith Road to Arlies Lane) Moorlands Drive (Full length) Huddersfield Road (School Lane to Buckton Vale Road) Huddersfeld Road (School Lane to Moorfield Terrace) Carriageway Surface Dressing Ashton-under-Lyne Anglesey Road (Full length) Everest Avenue (Full length) Richmond Street (Manchester Road to Cotton Street West) Talbot Street (Full length) Platt Avenue (Full length) Broadhurst Grove (Full length) Smallshaw Lane (Hegginbottom Corner to Henrietta Street) Sunnyside Grove (Full length) Ennerdale Grove (Full length) Audenshaw Sidmouth Street (Audenshaw Road to Kelboro Avenue) Sidmouth Street (Lumb Lane to Winton Avenue) Winton Avenue (Full length) Kelboro Avenue (Full length) Spring Bank Avenue (Full length) Seal Avenue (Full length) Linden Avenue (Full length) Ash Street (Full length) Edward Street (Full length) Booth Road (Manchester Road to Train Station) Denton Cemetery Road (Full length) Ruskin Avenue (Full length) Auburn Road (Full length) Regent Drive (Full length) Kingsley Close (Full length) Brierly Close (Full length) Moorfield Avenue (Full length) Droylsden Jack Lane (Moorside Street to Richmond Street) Trent Walk (Full length) Ellen Street (Full length) Cryer Street (Full length) Herbert Street (Full length) John Street (Full length) Sunnybank Road (Full length) Water Lane (Sunnybank Road to Davenport Street) Barrington Avenue (Full length) Windsor Road (Buckingham Road to Manor Road) Nelson Drive (Full length) York Road (Full length) Eastwood Avenue (Full length) Ash Road (Full length) Dukinfield Salisbury Drive (No. 74 to Greenside Close) Wyatt Street (Full adopted length) Bates Street (Town Lane to Russell Street) Johnson Brook Road (Birch Lane to Markham Street) Church Street (Astley Street West Street) Fir Tree Crescent (Fir Tree Lane to Sunbury Close) Lodge Close (Full length) Lodge Green (Full length) Yew Tree Lane (Side of shops to Water Grove Road) Richmond Road (Full length) Oak Tree Drive (Full length) Willow Close (Full length) Westmorland Avenue (Full length) Cumberland Avenue (Full length) St. Johns Street (Westmorland Avenue to No. 20) Hyde Shaw Hall Avenue (Full length) Farm Lane (Full length) Corona Avenue (Full length) Bedford Avenue (Full length) Rufford Avenue (Full length) Berkeley Crescent (Grosvener Road to No. 42) Hopkin Street (Full length) Lawton Street (Full length) Bradley Green Road (Talbot Road to School) Princess Street (Full length) Richmond Street (Full length) Boston Street (Full length) Matley Lane (Matley Close to Early Bank Road) Primrose Avenue (Full length) Primrose Crescent (Full length) Mottram Manley Grove (Full length) John Kennedy Garden (Full length) Gray Close (Full length) Mill Hill Brow(Full length) Garnet Road (Full length) Garnet Close (Full length) Winterbottom Grove (Full length) Stringer Avenue (Full length) Stringer Close (Full length) Mossley Cote Lane (Full length) Dale Avenue (Full length) Meadow Close (Full length) Roaches Way (Full length) Alphin Close (Full length) Wharmton View (Full length) Dysarts Close (Full length) Shadworth Close (Full length) Delamere Close (Full length) Grizedale Close (Full length) Queensway (Full length) Barngate Drive (Full length) Stablefold (Full length) Stalybridge Moorgate Road (Buckton Vale Road to O/S School) Moorgate Drive (Full length) Astley Street (Kenworthy Street to Hough Hill Road) Kay Street (Forester Drive to Astley Street) Kenworthy Street (Forester Drive to Astley Street) Vaudrey Street (Forester Drive to Astley Street) Ambleside (Full length) Windermere Road (Full length) Springs Lane (114 to 148) The Close (Springs Lane to No. 30) The Close (School Crescent to No. 19) Bardsley Gate Avenue (Full length) The Mall (Full length) Hill View (Full length) Kinder Fold (Full length) MatleyPark Lane (Full length) Grenville Street (Huddersfield Road to Fitzroy Street) Fitzroy Street (Full length) Chapelfield Close (Full length) Besom Lane (Huddersfield Road to No. 59) Glent View (Full length) The above works will comprise of reconstruction of the carriageways within the limits described above. Footway Refurbishment Ashton-under-Lyne Booth Street (Wellington Street to Old Street Red stripe paving) Fraser Street (Full length) Vicarage Road (Tensing Avenue to Cranbourne Road) Cumberland Grove (38 Lordsfield Avenue to Bend) Ney Street (Angelsey Road to No. 57 one side only) Beverley Close (Full length) Rose Hill Close (Full length) Dysart Street (Full length) Bright Street (Full length) Grafton Street (Full length) Warwick Road (Smallshaw Lane to Hall Road) Audenshaw Stamford Road (Hawthorn Street to Redwood Drive) Hazel Street (Full length) Hawthorn Street (Full length) Lumb Lane (Kestrel Avenue to cul de sac end) Lumb Lane (Manchester Road to Aldwyn Park Road) Parkdale Avenue (Full length) Heather Grove (Full length) Ruskin Avenue (Full length) Linden Avenue (Full length) Winton Avenue (Full length) Denton Ashbrook Avenue (Palmerston Road to Hulme Road) Leaford Avenue (No. 20 to cul de sac end) Moorfield Avenue (No. 15 to Two Trees Lane) Mill Lane* (Northstead Avenue to River Tame) Ashbrook Avenue (Palmerston Road to Delamere Road) Cambridge Drive (Full length) Windmill Lane (Orbital Way to Motorway Bridge) Sherwood Road (Full length) Cordova Avenue (Full length) Charnwood Avenue (Full length) Luxor Grove (Full length) Droylsden Kershaw Street (Mellor Street to John Street) Lytton Road (Full length) Keston Avenue (Full length) Lewis Road (Manor Road to Buckingham Road) Somerset Road (Full length) Greenside Crescent (Full length) Heather Avenue (Full length) Edge Lane (Bristowe Street to Chatsworth Road) Taylor Street (Full length) Sunnyside Road (Shrewsbury Road to Greenside Lane) Greenside Lane (Parts from Manor Road to Clockhouse Mews) Market Street (Edward Street to Fairfield Road) Field Street (Full length) Hart Street (Full length) Davids Road (Full length) Northway (Full length) Dukinfield Pickford Lane (Russell Street to Lakes Road) Oxford Road (Birch Lane to Lodge Lane) Gorse Hall Road* (Full length) Pickford Lane (King Street to Lakes Road) Cheetham Hill Road (Birch Lane to Yew Tree Lane) Lodge Close (Full length) Plough Street (Even No. side only) Clayton Street (Full length) Norwich Close (Full length) Tennyson AVenue (Full length) Macauley Close (Full length) Masfield Close (Full length) Milton Close (Full length) Keats Fold (Full length) Shelley Rise (Full length) Dryden Close (Full length) Arnold Close (Full length) Chaucer Rise (Full length) Laycock Drive (Full length) Burns Fold (Full length) Hadfield Street (Astley Street to Canal) Hyde Lodge Lane (No. 121 to Ashton Road. Continuation from 2000-01) Mallory Road (No. 4 to No. 14) Newman Street (Opposite Fleet Street to Commercial Brow) Gower Road (No. 10 to No. 34) High Street (Full length) Throstle Bank Street (Furnace Street to No. 54) Talbot Road* (Bluebell Close to St. Mary’s Road, even No. side) Mottram Arundale Close (Full length) Day Grove (Full length) Green Lane (Full length) Abbey Gardens (Full length) Abbey Grove (Full length) Costobadie Close (Full length) Mossley Brunswick Street (Derby Street to Crown Hill) Derby Street (Full length) Tabley Street (Full length) Denbigh Street (Crown Hill to Derby Street Even No. side only) Moorland Drive (Wharmton View to Roaches Way) Alphin Close (Full length) Stalybridge Buckton Vale Road (Oakfield Avenue to South View) Longridge Avenue (Hazlehurst Road to Arlies Lane) Blundering Lane (Woodend Lane to Matley Lane) Hanover Street (No. 50 to No. 86) Hamilton Street (No. 48 to No. 86) Stamford Grove (Astley Road to Norman Road) Ridge Hill Lane (158 to 196 one side only) Springs Lane (Eskdale to Keswick Close) Hartley Street (Full length) Montague Way (Full length) The above works will comprise of reconstruction of the footways within the limits described above. Street works as defined in section 48(3) of the NRASWA 1991 shall be restricted on the above-mentioned schemes (except as mentioned in section 58(5) of the Act). D. W. Smalley, Head of Services—Engineering Council Offices, Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6DL