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AES Barry Operations Ltd.

Regulations 3(2) and 4(2) Schedule 2 Part I Form of Application for a Private Electricity Supply Licence or Extension (Where, for any question, insufficient room has been provided, the answer should be continued on a separate sheet.) 1. Full name of the applicant(s): AES BARRY OPERATIONS LTD. 2. Address of the applicant(s) or, in the case of a body corporate, the registered or principal office: AES Barry Power Station, Sully Moors Road, Sully, Vale of Glamorgan CF64 5YU. 3. Where the applicant is a company, the full names of the current Directors and the Company’s registered number: Peter Norgeot, Keith Moss. Registered Number: 3210172. 4. Where a holding of 20 per cent or more of the shares (see Note 1) of an applicant is held by a body corporate or partnership or an unincorporated association carrying on a trade or business with or without a view to profit, the name(s) and address(es) of the holder(s) of such shares shall be provided: AES Electric Ltd., 18 Parkshot, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2RG. 5. Desired date from which the licence is to take effect: 1st June 1999. 6. A sufficient description adequately specifying (see Note 2) the nature and situation of the premises intended to be supplied, separately identifying premises within the power bands specified in and to the extent provided by paragraph 7 below: Blagden Chemicals Ltd., Sully, South Glamorgan CF64 5YU. Power supply requirement: 11 kv 10 mva. 7. (a) Subject to sub-paragraph (b) indicate the total number of premises intended to be supplied in each power band as shown in the table below, together with the aggregate energy forecast to be supplied and the aggregate estimated maximum demand (see Note 3) for each power band. (b) If the date in paragraph 5 above is on or after 1st April 1994 then only Power Band A shall be completed and if the said date is on or after 1st April 1998 then this paragraph shall cease to have effect.

Power Band Number of premises Aggregate maximum demand Energy (GWh) to be supplied
(A) Not exceeding 0.1 MW n/a n/a n/a
(B) Exceeding 0.1 MW but not exceeding 1.0 MW n/a n/a n/a
8. A description of the system of electric lines and electrical plant by means of which the applicant intends to supply electricity, indicating which plant and lines are to be constructed and which are existing plant and lines, and further identifying any parts of that system which will not be owned by or otherwise in the possession or control of the applicant: A 10 MVA interconnector cable has been laid in the ground between the AES Barry Power Station and switchgear room E202 at the Blagden site (see map). The 11 kv 10 mva supply is fed from a third winding on the power station houseload transformer via a circuit breaker. The connection at E202 is via a breaker/tie breaker arrangement allowing the switchgear to be supplied from other sources. An interlocking arrangement prevents the power sources being connected together. AES Barry operations own the 3 breakers, and Blagden Chemicals will operate the 2 breakers on their site. 9. A statement of the extent (if any) to which the applicant considers it necessary for powers under Schedule 3 (compulsory acquisition of land etc.) and under Schedule 4 (other powers etc.) to the Act to be given through the licence for which he is applying: n/a. 10. Details of any licences held, applied for or being applied for by the applicant in respect of the generation, transmission or supply of electricity: Generation Licence Class 1 Trading Site. Note 1. Reference to shares: (a) in relation to an applicant with a share capital, are to allotted shares; (b) in relation to an applicant with capital but no share capital, are to rights to share in the capital of the applicant; (c) in relation to an applicant without capital, are to interests— (i) conferring any right to share in the profits or liability to contribute to the losses of the applicant; or (ii) giving rise to an obligation to contribute to the debts or expenses of the applicant in the event of a winding-up. Note 2. The description should enable the areas, location or premises concerned to be adequately and readily identified, by map if the applicant so desires or by any other convenient means. The following examples of descriptions that might be used are not exhaustive and are by way of illustration only: the area or premises might be identified by the name of the customers and/or postal address of the premises to be supplied; described by reference to a named street or road, town, city, village, parish, county or other accepted boundary, such as Local Authority Area; or described by reference to certain other characteristics such as the type of premises or the maximum electrical demand to be met at those premises. Note 3. (a) For premises already receiving electricity for a period in excess of 12 months, whether from the applicant or anyone else, maximum demand shall be calculated as the average of the three highest monthly maximum demands in the preceding 12 months; or (b) For premises not already so receiving electricity, maximum demand shall be calculated as the average of the 3 highest monthly maximum demands which might reasonably be expected by the applicant to be supplied in the first 12 months of supply.