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Town and Country Planning Act 1990TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 19901992-04-301998-06-021999-03-12TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Welsh Office


The Secretary of State for Wales hereby gives notice that he has made an Order under section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, to authorise the stopping-up of the section of highway described in Schedule 1 to this notice. The stopping-up is authorised only in order to enable the development described in Schedule 2 to this notice to be carried out in accordance with planning permission granted by the County Council of the City and County of Cardiff, on 2nd June 1998, under Ref. 97/02272/C and on 30th April 1992, under Ref. 91/1939/R. The Order shall cease to have effect upon the cessation of the planning permission. The Order will require the provision of new highway which will be highway maintainable at the public expense, for which the County Council of the City and County of Cardiff shall be the Highway Authority. Copies of the Order and the deposited plan may be inspected, free of charge, during normal opening hours at the offices of Cardiff County Council, County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff, or may be obtained, free of charge, from the Welsh Office Highways Directorate, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF1 3NQ (quoting Ref. ZC 510-5-71-20). If any person desires to question the validity of the Order or of any of the provisions contained therein, on the grounds: (a) that it is not within the powers of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990; or (b) that their interests have been substantially prejudiced by a failure to comply with any of the requirements of the Act; he may, within 6 weeks of 12th March 1999, apply to the High Court for the suspension or quashing of the Order or of any provision contained therein. R. D. Chaffey, Roads Administration Division, Welsh Office

Schedule 1

(All measurements are approximate) Description of the highway to be stopped up under this Order The highway to be stopped up is in Butetown in Cardiff, and comprises an irregular-shaped area of highway known as Maritime Road, commencing from a point 33.8 metres from the south-east corner of the old Post Office Building at Bute Place, running in an easterly direction for a distance of 145.8 metres including the southern spur and has an area of 4,250 square metres. Description of the new highway to be provided The new highway to be provided is at Butetown in Cardiff, and replaces the existing Maritime Road link from the junction of James Street, Collingdon Road and Maritime Road to the junction of Maritime Road and Pierhead Street in a generally eastward direction and will include footways, bus laybys and pedestrian crossings.

Schedule 2

Road infrastructure, footways, landscaped open spaces comprising Bute Avenue development in Cardiff.