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ELIZABETH THE SECOND, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Our other Realms and Territories QUEEN, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, to Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved Counsellors: John, Baron Wakeham; Gerald Bernard Kaufman; Brenda McDowall, Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde; Douglas Richard, Baron Hurd of Westwell, Member of Our Order of the Companions of Honour, Commander of Our Most Excellent Order of the British Empire; Our Right Trusty and Well-Beloved: Frederick Edward Robin, Baron Butler of Brockwell, Knight Grand Cross of Our Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Commander of Our Royal Victorian Order; Richard Douglas Harries, by Divine Permission Lord Bishop of Oxford; Our Trusty and Well-beloved: Sir Michael Addison John Wheeler-Booth, Knight Commander of Our Most Honourable Order of the Bath; Kenneth Munro; Anthony Stephen King; Ann Beynon; William Morris; Dawn Oliver; Greeting! WHEREAS we have deemed it expedient that a Commission on the reform of the House of Lords should forthwith issue, having regard to the need to maintain the position of the House of Commons as the pre-eminent chamber of Parliament and taking particular account of the present nature of the constitutional settlement, including the newly devolved institutions, the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 and developing relations with the European Union: to consider and make recommendations on the role and functions of the second chamber; to make recommendations on the method or combination of methods of composition required to constitute a second chamber fit for that role and those functions; to report by 31st December 1999. NOW KNOW YE that We, reposing great trust and confidence in your knowledge and ability, have authorised and appointed, and do by these Presents authorise and appoint you the said Baron Wakeham (Chairman), Gerald Bernard Kaufman, Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, Baron Hurd of Westwell, Baron Butler of Brockwell, Richard Douglas Harries, Sir Michael Addison John Wheeler-Booth, Kenneth Munro, Anthony Stephen King, Ann Beynon, William Morris and Dawn Oliver to be our Commissioners for the purpose of the said inquiry: AND for the better effecting the purposes of this Our Commission We do by these Presents give and grant unto you, or any three or more of you, full power to call before you such persons as you shall judge likely to afford you any information upon the subject of this our Commission; to call for information in writing; and also to call for, have access to and examine all books, documents, registers and records as may afford you the fullest information on the subject and to inquire of and concerning the premises by all other lawful ways and means whatsoever: AND We do by these Presents will and ordain that this Our Commission shall continue in full force and virtue, and that you, Our said Commissioners, or any three or more of you may from time to time proceed in the execution thereof, and of every matter and thing therein contained, although the same be not continued from time to time by adjournment: AND We do further ordain that you, or any three or more of you, have liberty to report your proceedings under this Our Commission from time to time if you shall judge it expedient so to do: AND Our further Will and Pleasure is that you do, by is that you do, by 31st December 1999, report to Us your opinion upon the matters herein submitted for your consideration. Given at Our Court at Saint James’s the eighteenth day of February 1999; In the Forty-eighth Year of Our Reign. By Her Majesty’s Command.