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Highways Act 1980, Section 116
Notice of Intention to apply for Order for Stopping-up and Diverting the Highway

Notice is hereby given that the application will be made to the Magistrates’ Court sitting at the Colchester Magistrates’ Court, Stanwell House, Stanwell Street, Colchester, Essex, on Tuesday, 17th March 1998, at 2 p.m., for an Order that the highway in the district of Colchester, in the county of Essex, on the north-east side of Winstree Road and Peartree Road, Stanway, the situation of which is indicated on a plan represented by the part coloured red and blue, shall be diverted and in part stopped-up in the following manner:   An area of public maintainable highway adjoining number 168 Winstree Road was enclosed by a fence incorporating it within the property as shown coloured red on the plan No. NM/83/3/53/S. The encroachment was recently identified and the owner wishes to regularise the situation by the removal of highway rights from this area of land.   In addition highway rights are to be removed from an area shown coloured blue on the plan No. NM/83/3/53/S.   Both areas of land are on the north-east side of the junction of Winstree Road and Peartree Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex.   The plan is available for public viewing at Colchester Borough Council Reception, Angel Court, High Street, Colchester, at any reasonable hour before 16th March 1998. J. Cobley, Town Clerk and Chief Executive Town Hall,   Colchester CO1 1FR. 6th February 1998.