Notice of Disclaimer

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Notice of Disclaimer of Bona Vacantia

Companies Act 2006

WHEREAS DISCOVERY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (formerly known as Telford Property Company Limited), a company incorporated under the Companies Acts under Company number SC083720 was dissolved on 29 October 1996; AND WHEREAS in terms of section 654 of the Companies Act 1985 all property and rights whatsoever vested in or held on trust for a dissolved company immediately before its dissolution are deemed to be bona vacantia; AND WHEREAS immediately before its dissolution the said Discovery Developments Limited formerly Telford Property Company Limited was heritably vest in parts and portions of ALL and WHOLE the subjects known as Lawside Dye Works, Milton Street in the City of Dundee and County of Angus described in and, under exceptions therein mentioned, disponed by the Disposition by Lawton Investments Limited in favour of the said Telford Property Company Limited recorded in the Division of the General Register of Sasines for the County of Angus on 4 August 1987; AND WHEREAS the dissolution of the said Discovery Developments Limited came to my notice on 14 July 2010: Now THEREFORE I, CATHERINE PATRICIA DYER, the Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer, in pursuance of section 1013 of the Companies Act 2006, do by this Notice disclaim the Crown’s whole right and title in and to the parts and portions of the said heritable property in which the said Discovery Developments Limited was heritably vest immediately before its dissolution under exception of that area of ground at Byron Street, Dundee with the chimney stack and other erections thereon described in, disponed by and shown outlined in black and shaded red on the plan annexed and executed as relative to the Disposition by me in favour of Drivegarden Limited registered in the Land Register of Scotland under Title Number ANG59175.

Catherine Patricia Dyer, Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer

25 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LA

19 April 2012.